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message 1: by Moet (new)

Moet | 3 comments My book is Beaten by Suzanna Weyn, about a girl named Paige who is the head cheerleader and starts dating the head running back and captain of their school football team Ty. The genre of this book is realistic fiction: family, abuse, school. Ergo the tittle Beaten.

They both go to Southside High school. First off they appear to be the perfect couple. Ty's dad was a drunk so Paige felt it was her responsibility to keep Ty happy. It all turned bad when they had their first fight and Ty screamed at Paige. She was cared but he made it all better when he apologized.

After a losing a game Ty goes crazy and hits Paige. He beat her until somebody called the police. Ty went to jail and after he got they meet up again. Paige finally realized that's he was never going to change. Paige realized that she would rather be alone then scared. Paige finally got over Ty and went on with her life. Ty moved on o his next girl and did the exact same thing over and over .

This book is very good and it teaches girls to not let anybody beat them and stand up for their selves no matter how much it hurts. I recommend this to teenagers that are just getting into relationships so they know what signs to look for in a abuser.

message 2: by Kaylon (new)

Kaylon Kirkwood | 3 comments I like the book it shows how you shouldn't let anyone walk over you and hurt you so she did the right thing too walk away from him abusing her but for him he needs too just hurting girls go too therapy and get some help but I never read a book like this its one of a kind

message 3: by Brian (new)

Brian | 3 comments From what I've read, the book sounds like a good read. For some, it could be relate-able to because we're all in high school - the same stage that Paige is in. What were some specific things that you liked in the book? Some specific things that you didn't like? I would most definitely read this book when I get the chance.

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