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message 1: by Daviiid (new)

Daviiid Tomas | 2 comments Invasion
By Walter Dean Myers
Published 2013
212 pages
In the book Invasion, an intriguing work of historical fiction by Walter Dean Myers describes what it was like before and during the D-day invasion. This book shows the struggles of soldiers in the invasion and how they acted like during the night in their first city, Vierville. The D-day invasion was the biggest beach side invasion and was the bloodiest of its time period. I’ve read a lot of world war books in my time but this book really moved me and the author did a really good job on describing the D-day invasion.

The main character Wedgewood is the guy that at first was scared of the war but realized about midway through the book that he was supposed to be in this war and he started to fight harder and believe more in himself than he ever did before the war. When he was in this home town Virginia, he was a pretty good artist and went to church; he decided to go to an art school in New York. When the war broke out his mom mailed to him that the 29th were enlisting. So he left the school and went home to enlist for the fight, for his country. He’s not the first of his family to join the army because his grandpa and his dad where both in the army, which could have influenced him to join the army and fight for his country. Wedgewood or “woody” is a quick thinking, smart, fast, and can handle anything that is thrown at him especially in the war, and on the first day on the beech also.

This book is a great book in so many ways; the author did an intriguing job on this story. This author should make more world war stories like this. I would recommend this book to anyone that has a fascination for World War 2 stories, especially this book.

message 2: by Ibraheem (new)

Ibraheem Shuja | 2 comments The book sounds pretty good. I'm not really into the war genre, I don't now why but I guess it's because books tend to relax me, a war themed book would have to much hype. But when you mentioned that the main character was into art, then maybe this book will have some relaxing parts and some exiting parts. Maybe another reason I don't like war books, is because it tends to be sad in the end. I don't really like sad ending, I'm more of a "happy ever after" guy. But this book seems different from the other books of the same genre. I don't really read books, but when I have the chance I might check this one out.

message 3: by Landen (new)

Landen | 3 comments Though I don't read much about World War II, this book does sound intriguing. What parents name their kid Wedgewood? What beach did they storm? What event made Woody decide that the war was where he was meant to be? And being historical fiction, how much of the book is based in fact?

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