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Be Very Much Afraid

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Brian | 3 comments Anne Schraff
102 Pgs.

Prior to reading this book, I knew that it was a mystery book. I also knew that it was short and that it was somewhat scary. The book Be Very Much Afraid is categorized as a non-fiction mystery book. The book does an excellent job of keeping the reader in suspense – I kept waiting for what was going to happen next in the story. It also gives off a dark tone, which went well with the mystery aspect of the book.

The story revolves around a mysterious character, Michael Cadden. He lives in a house that is supposedly haunted. Kerry Hoffman, The protagonist, makes an endeavor to find out who he is. A lot of dialogue goes on between Kerry and her grandpa. They talk about Michael and try to find clues about him. To keep from spoiling the story, I won’t go any further in telling the plot of the story.

The book was an easy read which I liked. Another thing that I liked was that the protagonist, Kerry, was easily relatable to; the author puts Kerry at a teenage level. One thing that I didn’t like was that the book was short. I feel that if the book was longer it could have been a better story.

To conclude, the book was short and dense; it was filled with details and grabbed my attention. I would read this book again whenever I have the chance. The book does an excellent job of delivering a scary and mysterious plot. I recommend it to anyone who wants a short read that constantly keeps the reader wondering.

message 2: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 3 comments This book is something I would love to read. I like how it gives the reader something to wonder about each time. Those are my type of books. It sort of reminds me of the series, Goose bumps. Those books had me constantly wondering all the time. I think it's time for me to go to the library and check this book out.

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Kaylon Kirkwood | 3 comments I still will like too read it because of its plot twist at the end and twist during the book it just gets me hype too see what happens next. these book seems like its something that would be told too you when your a kid like a ghost story or such but I never read anything like this before so it has me interested

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