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Religions East and West by Larry Kettelkamp

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Landen | 3 comments Larry Kettelkamp
Religions East and West
123 pages

Nonfiction: the thinking man’s genre. Perhaps, but I have some conflicting opinions about this book. Religions East and West is a book by Larry Kettelkamp written in the early seventies. The seventies! Even so, the book remains (for the most part) accurate to this day. The book is split into three sections: Religions of the East, Religions of the West, and New Trends in Faith.

The first two sections describe without bias the religions of “the east”: the ancient Egyptian religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shinto; and the religions of “the west”: Zoroastrianism (called Parsiism by the book), Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two sections. They showed in evocative detail the history of each religion and the influences that they have had on our modern culture. I recommend these first sections to anyone who wants to learn about a specific one of these religions or just wants to know about religions as a whole.

The last section however… Don’t even get me started. I don’t like books that claim to be nonfiction and then during the last four chapters make outrageous claims like people emit strange energies and move things with their mind! If you don’t want to read about Parapsychology and have a good laugh at a “nonfiction” book, then I recommend skipping this last section.

On any scale of one to ten where one is bad, I give Religions East and West a four. If you get this book, only read the first two of the three sections. That being said, it’s probably the best authority on religious beginnings and influences.

message 2: by Wynter (new)

Wynter Rentas | 3 comments I personally do not think this book is for me. It seems to me that from this review that it is very sectioned, dividing the religions. Which I personally don't agree with. It's good to know how each religions came about but listening to what someone else has to say about them I don't believe I would like. Why would you only read one out of three? When you read a book you would want to read the whole thing. I don't believe in starting something and not finishing it. Why did you choose this book as your choice of read. I personally don't like to read nonfiction books because they sometime contain to many opinions.

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Moet | 3 comments I don't really like nonfiction so I don't think this book is for me. So do you like it or not because you say you don't like books that claim to be nonfiction and then aren't in your opinion? Why a book o religion? Is it important to you? Nonfiction books have apt of opinions and I rather have a book that has all facts or is a realist fiction.

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