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Kiss of Broken Glass by Madeleine Kuderick

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Brianna Hull | 3 comments Kiss of Broken Glass
Madeleine Kuderick

In the book Kiss of Broken Glass, Kenna is caught cutting herself in the school bathroom. She is sent to a psych ward for at least 72 hours. In the psych ward she has nothing to do. They take everything away from her. She goes through the constant evaluations. She meets a few people who relate to her. A couple of girls, Skylar and Donya. And she meets a guy who feels that he is above all and knows exactly why he is there, his name is Jag. As Kenna goes through her three day evaluation she starts to realize that she really is messed up and she admits that she needs help. Within her three day stay they have several group meetings. But one group meeting was more significant to the others. In that meeting they come up with thousands of alternatives to cutting when depressed. With using the methods and many evaluations later she is proved to be healthy and stable enough to move out to the real world again. After a short family meeting Kenna goes through one last evaluation and is released and sent back to the world she knows.

This book is a very deep and dark book. It is something that will really hurt some people if they read it. But reading it is honestly an amazing book. I would recommend it to majority of teenagers. However I do not recommend that adults read it. I say this because in today’s society for a child to self-harm is frowned upon. I want teenagers to read this. Especially those who do cut themselves. I feel that it will help with those who help. And make them realize the consequences of their actions. This book is beautiful. It has so much deeper meaning than what the words actually mean. Reading this book just gave me chills. It had me a little teary-eyed in some parts. But in all I would recommend that most teenagers read this book. It will truly be an experience that you would not forget.

message 2: by Paulina (new)

Paulina Castaneda | 4 comments I love your review! it is very detailed and very explicit. I like your personal opinion of the book and your emotion towards it. I think that I would really enjoy this book despite it's sadness. I think that honestly a lot of teenagers could relate to this even if they didn't got through depression or cutting. I agree with the fact that you don't recommend this book to adults. I agree because yeah they loom down on teenagers who do self harm. But maybe if they read it they would know what it feels like to be in depression and doing self-harm.

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