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Kaylon Kirkwood | 3 comments Kaylon Kirkwood
Refugee Cove
Lesley’s choice
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In the book this kid name Greg father inspire him but he recently pass away and his mother had them move too Toronto Ontario to deep cove, new found land. Greg loves to sail and they both plan to live a quit life on his first trip out, however Greg runs into an iceberg capsizes to death and nearly freezes to death. When he is rescued by Harold an old man who loves the ocean and lives in deep cove, Harold teaches Greg the life of the coast and sailing in the ocean on his next trip out Greg assumes the role of a life saver when he finds a family of refugees from southeast Asia trying to reach the shore with his help they make it to land where the people of deep cove adopt the family as they help them adjust to life in Canada. Ask students to locate Toronto and the coast of new found land on a map of Canada. Then ask them too investigate the climate the economy and the culture of the economy and the culture of the small towns along the coast. But considering this is a teen novel that is refuge cove is also an exciting adventure. I wander what happens after they get too Canada? You got to get the other books for you to see what happen and see what secrets and mysteries will appear.

message 2: by Brianna Hull (new)

Brianna Hull | 3 comments I really liked your review. It was good and very detailed. I enjoyed the plot. This is a book I would definitely read. It seems to have a very simple plot. But you did make the plot seem so much better than what it actually was. I have one question though, who would you recommend reads this book?

message 3: by Crystal (last edited Apr 23, 2015 07:10AM) (new)

Crystal | 3 comments This review makes me wonder what happens after the family is saved and has to adjust to life in Canada. I am curious to know how his father died. Did he die in a sailing accident? or had he passed away randomly? Those thoughts are making me think very hard. I wonder how Greg could move on from his fathers death and still go on with life. It must have been tough. This book is something I would definitely read in the future. It is about travel and that is something I love.

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