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Dark song

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Wilson | 3 comments Dark Song
Gail Giles
September 7, 2010
Pages 292

Dark songs written by Gail Giles. A fiction story about how a girl that went from being rich to being poor, from a girl that follows rules to a girl that has a dark side and trust being shattered by lies. Ames is a normal teenage Girl that goes to Private High school. She was born into a family that's rich. She always thought that her dad was a super hero, a super dad and that her mother was a commander that kept everything in check. Everything was going well in her life until one day, she came home and saw her dad home earlier then usual, later on it was time for dinner and usually at dinner they would talk about how their day was, her Father always made cheesy lanes or tried to make his kids smile but this time he was trying to make small talk, avoiding eye contact to the mother. Then the father made announcement that he got laid off and told the kids that everything would be okay but little did they know that her father just Lied to them. Everything went downhill from there, the mother went from being a commander to a Grinch, always mad at the father and the father became An alcoholic and turned into a douchebag. Every single day the mother and father would fight and yell at each other. Ames had enough, she went to her father and asked what was going on but he said the same thing "everything would be okay". Ames got mad and ran to her room; later on her dad walks in and tells her the truth. He told Ames that he didn't get laid off, He got fired because he stole from the clients. Ames got mad, she has been lied too this whole time, the father put his hand into the Air, almost hitting her but stopped. With money going out and not coming the mother got scared, she thought that she would be put in the streets again. Week after the mother and father kept at it, yelling at each other. Ames didn't really felt comfortable at home, she only felt comfortable at school. One day when Ames got home, she saw her Grand mom Robin; she was upset with the family. She let the family vent and told them to have a plan. Later on while the mother was trying to sell the house and some belongings the father wasted all the money on alcohol and gambling. The mother got was super upset, but she still tried her hardest. Now the family was humiliated and had no money, the mother made the father called his parents which he lied to his kids about them being died. They moved to Texas and Ames meets guy name Marc, a mysterious, rebellious, and gun obsessed boy. But he loves her, He won't let anyone hurt her, and he won't let anyone stand in his way where Ames is worried especially for her parents but when was the last time they did anything but hurt, and betray her? Then he gives her a choice. Him or her family.

Thoughts on the story were okay, I guess. The book cover got me like "WOOOW THIS LOOKS SCARY, I WANT TO READ!" but it wasn't really scary. In the beginning of the story it was really slow. I got confused for a second when I was reading because at first I thought that Ames was in grade school but then they said that they had a calculus class and then talked About porn, weeds, beer, so I started to think are they in collage? But then they said that Ames friend me was 15 almost turning 16 which means they’re in high school. My mind was blown away, how this actually was relating to real high school students. At the beginning I thought the family was the stereotypical rich white people but then later on in the story I thought to myself the father is a douchebag and doesn't deserve his wife and the way he lives.

Should you read the book? "Ehhhhh" that's all I have to say. I picked the book because it looked scary and the cover look super cool but then I started to read. I like some Parts in the book but I wanted goose bumps but the story gave me some tears and angry. So what I learned is don't judge the book by its cover. So back to the question, should you read the book? For me "no" for people that like drama in their family then "yes".

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Daviiid Tomas | 2 comments Its has a really good plot from this review.The author has a big concept on what she is talking about. This book is very interesting and i would defiantly read it. This reminds me of this one movie, but i forgot which movie. Good job on describing this book in a whole paragraph. If i could o would read this book, it fascinates me. I like how he described the book so thoroughly and gave me as much detail as he could musture to.

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Tina | 3 comments I find the book interesting because of how the family came from riches to rags. Ames father really was a douchebag, by lying to his family and becoming an alcoholic. He shouldn't lie to his family. Ames father should've told her the truth so that they can try to fix the problem. I think Marc is very possessive but it is also cute how he really loves her. Wow, I didn't know that they were in High School but in this generation, it really isn't that surprising. You cover the book really well and detailed.

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