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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Indie romance in early 2014 / late 2013 ends in cliffhanger; Heroine moved to small southern town, stubborn, let people believe she is slutty snob. Works at strip club, meets mysterious guy, might be artist/photog. She enrolls in college.

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Angie (orangecatlovr) | 19 comments I read this book before I started using tags so I'm at a loss. I read the book in early 2014 and may it have been released even in late 2013.

The heroine moved to a small southern town (Alabama?) from somewhere (maybe to live with grandparents?). She was very stubborn and let people think she was promiscuous and a snob, but it was made very clear how beautiful she was and the burden it was for her.

She would walk miles to work at a diner and then another girl suggested a better job at a strip club where she made a ton of money. I may be mixing this up with another book, but it seems like she got pulled over by a sheriff who then thought it was ok to "more than frisk her."

She meets a mysterious guy who might be an artist/photographer staying the summer in the same town. He's left as a mystery and we never really finds out much about him as they spend time together (at his house and some pond/lake?).

By the end of the summer she decides she needs to be independent and self-sufficient so she breaks up with the guy (a bit older than her) and enrolls in college a few towns over. On her first day of some art/photography class, in walks the guy as her professor. So it ends like that but I'm not sure if the next book was ever released?

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I added plot details to your header Angie since all your threads literally have the same header even though they are apparently different books. Please put descriptive headers in your threads!!

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