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message 1: by Jj (new)

Jj | 1 comments Hey guys,

I have been working on my novel for quite some time now and I am in dire need of some fresh eye balls to give me an outside perspective. Seriously, all feedback and comments would be truly appreciated. If at any point you get bored or I loose you (hoping that this won't be the case) let me know when and why that happened and then feel free to stop reading at any time. Below is a synopsis:

All Aaron wanted to do was to deliver a Christmas gift to the kid of his drug addicted neighbors. Now, he finds himself stuck on a fire escape, dressed in a Santa costume with a hairy old man pointing a revolver at his head. The old man fires and Aaron is suddenly trapped in his own head, reliving his past as the outside world, including the bullet, seem to freeze. He tries to change his past by altering the memories that are flashing by, hoping that this will somehow influence his future. This doesn’t work. He tries bargaining with god, the devil and whatever else might be floating around up there. This doesn’t work either. Aaron ends up going through the five stages of grief as his memories pass by, all the while searching for ways to escape his fast approaching death.

In summary (Elevator pitch); A mentally unstable New Yorker has his entire life play out before him as he tries to escape his imminent death from a revolver held to his head by an intoxicated junkie.


message 2: by Silvia (new)

Silvia (drumgenie) | 157 comments Jj,
Your novel sounds really interesting and would be something I would definitely want to hear more about! Check out my website and if you are interested, please fill out a form submission and we can talk further.
Best of luck!

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