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message 1: by A, Crazy. (new)

A H | 7672 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

The Buddy Read pairs for May are below. Please make your Buddy Read threads yourself. Any one Buddy can do it, although please check whether your partner has already made the thread or not before yourself making it.

The format of the threads :

BR (No. of your pair) - Name of Buddy Readers; Start date ----> 1st May

Thanks again!


1 - Steff ~ Linda
2 - Brittany ~ Erica
3 - Ceili ~ Amanda
4 - WishOnEyelashes ~ Sam
5 - Phani ~ Rutu
6 - Purvika ~ Sarah
7 - Bliss ~ Janessa
8 - Meera ~ Ipshita
9 - Nupur ~ Pooja
10 - Yannie ~ Ying Ying
11 - Emmmie ~ Tana
12 - Michelle ~ Ananiah
13 - Yogya Hari Prakash ~ Freshy ~ Nurai

Post all queries here

Happy Reading!

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Choueifaty | 332 comments Okay im pair 6 ! Partner send me private message to organize

message 3: by Erica (new)

Erica (_divingunder) Brittany, whenever you see this you can just message me :) I feel that would be the best!

message 4: by Meera (new)

Meera | 4365 comments Hii Ipshita...I got You...so whose goin to make our thread? :-D

message 5: by R (new)

R So I'm new to this and not really sure how or where to make a new thread ?

message 6: by Meera (new)

Meera | 4365 comments Hii Rutu ..make a thread as Ruchi..has said...or u cud msg Phani..

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi Bliss you and I are buddy up message me if you have an ideas for books you would like to read together

message 8: by Glyza (new)

Glyza Go (glyzago) how to have a buddy read? :) i'm new to the group!

message 9: by A, Crazy. (new)

A H | 7672 comments Mod
Glyza wrote: "how to have a buddy read? :) i'm new to the group!"

You can sign up for June's Buddy Read :) May's buddy read pairs are already formed. Sorry!

message 10: by fureshiiness (last edited Apr 29, 2015 12:03AM) (new)

fureshiiness | 194 comments 13 - Yogya Hari Prakash ~ Freshy ~ Nurai

Pls pm me guys if you wanna BR with me!!! it seems there's three of us ^^

message 11: by Linda (new)

Linda Bakker-Zwakhals (lbakkerz) | 701 comments Hi Steff, you and me are buddies for may. Please contact me and let me know what you would like to read:)

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