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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sci-fi/Fantasy Erotic featuring a woman training male slaves [s]

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Salon Reads | 6 comments Ok so I read the sample of this book and absolutely was interested in the concept. However, I can't seem to find the title of the dang book! So basically it's set in a futuristic setting so I'm thinking the genre was sci-fi/fantasy. Men are used as slaves as the main female is like a domme to a certain extent, but she has to train this new male. That's as far as the sample got but it's basically that she has a rep for making strong men submissive.

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Aerulan | 1227 comments The Breaker's Concubine by Anne Mayburn?

I feel like there's another book I know of with this sort of plotline, if that one's not it I'll see if I can figure out what else might fit.

ETA: maybe check out Kayla Stonor's books Under By Treaty is an example but she's got others too I think that might fit.

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Salon Reads | 6 comments Super fast response is totally appreciated! No, this isn't it but I WILL be buying this book to check it out. So appreciate it.

Basically she's known for being cruel and the leader/her boss is also but she can't help but feel sorry for the captured male

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Aerulan | 1227 comments Do you know if this was a recent release or something that's been around for a while?

You might check listopia, if you haven't already.
Here's one promising looking list that your book would fit on
Best Domme/Fem-Dom

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Salon Reads | 6 comments Damn I wish I did. What I liked was that it wasn't really femdom or at least didn't seem like it at the beginning of the sample. It was like 2am in the morning when I downloaded the sample and can't seem to find it in my library anymore

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Salon Reads | 6 comments THAT'S IT!!!!! breaker's concubine. Omg thank you!!!

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Salon Reads | 6 comments Do you happen to know if it's a series? I'm buying the book right now, you are a saint, thank you!

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Aerulan | 1227 comments I think it's just the one book, I don't see a series listed for it, but Mayburn has written a bunch of other stuff she may have something else with a similar dynamic between the hero and heroine. And Under by Treaty sounds like it's got the same sort of vibe so that one might be worth a try too.

You're very welcome! I'm glad I could help you track it down. :)

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Salon Reads | 6 comments Thank you so much!!!

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