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Carrie by Stephen King

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Tina | 3 comments Tina Truong
1st Hour
21 April 2015
Honors English

Stephen King
April 5th 1974

Carrie by Stephen King consists of blood, screams and more blood. Carrie White was the school’s misfit, between her over religious mother and the cruelty of her classmates. Carrie was tormented, abused, mentally and physically. One prank on senior prom night went wrong, and Carrie left the small town Chamberlain, Maine speechless.

Carrie White was a shy, lonely teenager going through a tough time in Ewen Consolidated High School.
Her mother, Margaret White, was obsessed with religion, she believed that Carrie was born a “Child of Sin.” Whenever Carrie does something sinful, she would be thrown in the prayer closet to pray for forgiveness. Carrie experienced her first menstrual cycle in the girl’s shower with no prior knowledge. She thought she was bleeding to death while Chris Hargensen, Sue Snell and other girls in her class threw sanitary napkins at her. Carrie’s menstrual cycle was the trigger to her telekinetic power. As punishment, Chris Hargensen was banned from prom.

Carrie White gained confidence with herself and her power, and decided to go to prom with Tommy Ross. Chris and her boyfriend, Billy hatched a prank to humiliate Carrie when she wins prom queen. They shower her in pigs blood which made Carrie unleashed her telekinetic power and gave them all a taste of their own medicine.

The ending will leave you speechless. You wouldn’t think that Carrie had the sort of power to do what she did at prom. Carrie was the protagonist and the antagonist in the story. Carrie held a lot of things in, which then she couldn’t take it anymore and exploded, from all the pain and rage. Stephen King uses explicit detailed in the story. I recommend this book to age appropriate people who likes thriller and drama.

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee Vuong | 3 comments I know there was a movie adaption of this book but I've never seen it. I've only read one of Stephen King's books before and I know they're a little wacko (no offense). From the review I can tell it's pretty psycho & crazy lol. I'm not really a horror/thriller fan but to be honest it sounds pretty interesting. I'd invest in reading it but I don't know if I'd buy it.. I'd check it out (if you get the difference lol).

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