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message 1: by Bruce (new)

Bruce Porter (BruceReedPorter) | 1 comments TITLE: 9/11 Target: A Ground Zero Responder Speaks Out

WORD COUNT: Approximately 85,000 words

GENRE: Non-fiction

SUBGENRE: A Journey into Ground Zero in New York City and America's History

RATING: PG-13 for graphic descriptions of Ground Zero. No profanity.

SYNOPSIS: (From Foreword) “Within these pages, I will attempt to describe some of my personal experiences as a volunteer firefighter and Chaplain who served for several weeks at the ruins of the World Trade Center in New York City beginning six days after the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11. My time in New York City was an eye-opening experience that has forever changed my life. As I began to write down some of my experiences however, another, much larger story began to emerge in my mind, and it took on a life of its own. Writing this book was cathartic for me, and only now, after some years of reflection, can I begin to grasp the larger issues that resulted from that attack. In some ways, this has been like awakening from a nightmare only to discover that somehow I'd stepped into an even worse nightmare, only this time I wasn't sleeping.

In an effort to make sense of what I was learning, I found myself being drawn into a study of America's history and a forensic examination of its earliest foundations. The 9/11 attack began to look more and more like a “triggering event” that set in motion even more ominous after-effects. As terrible as the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Towers were—with so many thousands of lives destroyed—something terrible seemed to be emerging from the smoking rubble like some kind of mythical dragon. In the decade-plus time-span since 9/11, our nation has come under an evil, dark shadow.”

DESIRED CRITIQUE: I'm interested to know how an average reader would experience this book and the stories I tell based on personal experiences. Also, I'd appreciate feedback on how the chapter and subject arrangements follow a logical flow, especially as to how they build upon one another. I'm aware that some re-arrangement of chapters might be needed and need some help in that area.

Also, I need feedback about whether or not I've engaged in TMI or “too much information” or if some issues are unnecessary to the overall story.

TIMELINE/DEADLINE: The book has been professionally edited and should be fairly free of typos, grammar mistakes, etc. (That doesn't mean there aren't any left to catch though, and any “catches” that could be discovered would be greatly appreciated!) I'm eager to have the book published and available before the upcoming 9/11 anniversary date. It will be available as an e-book and audio book. I also plan to release a POD print version, and will happily send a signed copy (when available) to anyone who helps me out with a serious beta-read with an equally serious critique. ;-)

A sample of the book containing the Foreword, Chapter one, and a Table of Contents can be seen on my blog site at:

Thank you for your kind consideration with this project!

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Umbaugh | 379 comments Hi Bruce,

I just send you a PM.


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