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Morgan | 1554 comments Hellooooo =D

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Myrtle  | 338 comments You're fast :D hiya
Any ideas?

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Morgan | 1554 comments I just currently have nothing to reply too XP well I do... But it's getting late and I'm lazy
Well we're doing MxM so cute stuff ^^ I saw a good idea earlier though that I could post here. Or if you have anything I'll probably be up for it.

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Myrtle  | 338 comments I would love to see it, personally I'm flat tonight on ideas.

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Morgan | 1554 comments On their way to lunch, Muse A makes a quick stop at the bank to withdraw some cash. Muse A figures that they’ll use the ATM to get in and out with minimal fuss but both machines are out of order, so they must get in line to see a teller. Muse B is line ahead of Muse A. Caught up in their own thoughts, they don’t notice each other, nor the suspicious activity of the person ahead of them who’s just stepped up to the teller window and demanded a large sum of cash. When the teller instinctively reaches for the alarm button behind the counter, the robber draws a weapon and threatens to use it if the police come. Muse A and Muse B, along with everyone else but the teller is commanded to get down on the ground unless they want to be harmed. Realizing that they’ve walked in on a bank robbery, Muse A’s fear overtakes them and they start to break down. Muse B notices Muse A cowering on the floor nearby and it tugs at their heart strings. Despite the danger, Muse B crawls over to Muse A and takes their hand. Muse B puts on a brave face and tells Muse A whatever they can to reassure them. After a few tense minutes, that feel like hours, the robber grabs as much cash as they can and flees the bank without hurting anyone. The police are called as soon as the robber’s gone and little by little (after being questioned) people are allowed to trickle out of the bank. Once they’re free to go, Muse A finds Muse B and thanks them for being so comforting. Muse B offers to make sure that Muse A gets home okay and Muse A accepts. Sitting on the front porch of Muse A’s home, still shaken up, the pair share a long talk about what happened and how lucky they are to be alive. Muse B promises to check in on Muse A every once in a while, if they want, to which Muse A agrees.

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Morgan | 1554 comments Or he's a few basic ideas::
NursexTerminally Ill Patient
Florist x Rock Star
Student x Teacher (view spoiler)
Single Dad X Nanny
Play Writer X Actor

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Myrtle  | 338 comments That is a super cute idea♥ I'm just afraid it won't carry too long. That being said, I'm kind of curious about the nurse x terminally ill patient idea. I would love to see the patient being the dominant figure in the story with the hots for his nurse.

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Morgan | 1554 comments True kinda why it's open ended I guess =P
Hmm well that was just a basic idea of two characters >.< really didn't have anything planned for it specifically. But that would be interesting to have the patient being the more dominate one.

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Myrtle  | 338 comments Well I'm down for either idea so I'll let you decide :D

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Morgan | 1554 comments I've really been wanting to do the Nurse and Terminally Ill patient if that works ^^ btw what should the guy who's ill have cancer or something similar? Maybe the two could have a shared past as well?

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Myrtle  | 338 comments That works:D
Maybe something similar (cancer is a little too close to home for me)) maybe Heart disease or something?

I like the idea of a shared past.

message 12: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Aww, that's understandable :/ , I just couldn't think of anything at the moment. Heart Disease works? Yeah... don't know that many terminal diseases.

Mmk, but how ^^

message 13: by Myrtle (new)

Myrtle  | 338 comments I just googled it and Heart disease was easiest.

Hmm, maybe an unexpressed crush back in school? Or even just friends back then?

message 14: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Okay cool, google always has most answers.

Hmm maybe they could've had a fling or something. I don't know Dx

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Myrtle  | 338 comments A fling would work :D

message 16: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Okie, maybe both of them panicked when they realized they actually felt something for each other before ending it.

And who would you like. The nurse or the patient?

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Myrtle  | 338 comments Oooh I like that! Make for a cute but tragic reunion.

Um, personally I'm not picky so whichever role you want I'll take the other :D

message 18: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Haha okie ^^

Personally for this one I don't have a prefrence 'cause they both are pretty good, an I wouldn't mind playing either, and right now I'm going to be indescive so choseeee xP

message 19: by Myrtle (new)

Myrtle  | 338 comments XP So, you're going to force my hand huh? Haha, okay I will play the dying guy.

message 20: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments lol the patient has become the dying guy. (view spoiler)

message 21: by Myrtle (new)

Myrtle  | 338 comments Haha I know Of it but never watched it.

message 22: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Ahaha, okie ^^ it's pretty dramatic and it seems never ending i think it's on its tenth season or something.

anyways characters? Usually I just do the basics like Name, Age, Appearance whatnot.

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Myrtle  | 338 comments Now is McDreamy really the name of a doctor in this show?
I read something online about a recent episode and titled yada yada McDreamy yada yada.

Yes Characters.

Name: Travis Haden

Age: 27


Personality: Promiscuous, stubborn, sarcastic, laid back, fun loving.

message 24: by Morgan (last edited Apr 24, 2015 12:36PM) (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments {Thristhan Cole}
Nickname(s): Tris

{Age} 27
D.O.B. September 6th

{Gender} Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: As Single as One Can Be
Crush: N/A


message 25: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments McDreamy is "Derek Shepards" nickname in the show.

message 26: by Myrtle (new)

Myrtle  | 338 comments Okay, I was wondering. That seemed like a rather ridiculous name for a physician. XD

Alright! I think we're ready.

message 27: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Haha yes I believe all the staff above the interns had names.

Okie, where shall we start?

message 28: by Myrtle (new)

Myrtle  | 338 comments Good question. Maybe have McDying there for a short while already. Enough time to kind of digest his situation, his usual nurse gets a transfer so they transfer in Tris in the other's place which makes for an awkward and sad reunion?

message 29: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Okie ^^ maybe his nurse was out for the week so Tris replaced him, but then after that week thyve developed a nice dialouge so Travis personally requests him =P

message 30: by Myrtle (new)

Myrtle  | 338 comments I like it :D

message 31: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments Alrighty can you start us off?

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Myrtle  | 338 comments It was the usual routine, on the clock Miss Avery was pushing her cart down the white 409 bleached halls with the occasional serenity inspiring art work on the wall. Everyday a brightly color scrub adorned with either flowers or iconic cartoon characters. Honestly she belonged in the pediatric ward whether she realized out not because she would be better appreciated. Not surrounded by those with a nearing expiration date.

She paused at the next door, going down her lines of cups before she found the one marked Haden. " She knocked on the cracked door " Travis, I have your afternoon meds. Are you decent?" Silence.
She raised a brow and knocked again " Honey?" She pushed it open to find an empty bed and even emptier restroom. With an exasperated sigh she hit the button on his bed for the nurses desk. " What can I get you. Mr. Hade-"
"Marsha, It's Deedee, I would like yo put rope on the request form, maybe some handcuffs." She said irritably.
"Is he gone again? I'll send someone."

" So then I said," he paused with the cigarette between his lips as his new best friend, a complete stranger and undoubtly just another poor soul's visitor, lit the cigarette he so kindly provided. Once lit, Travis sat back, taking a long drag and blowing the smoke off in the opposite direction. "I wasn't the guy, but hey since you went through the trouble.... Boom!" He made a mock strike at the air where his supposed assailant was. They shared in a laugh as continued to strike the air. He paused, hearing a code over the comline then returned a smile at the stranger. " That for you?" He inquired, worried now for giving the cancer stick. " Nah, that's for some poor sap on his way out. So where was I?"
Even as he poked at his own fate light heartedly, it still dropped a heavy rock in the bottom of his gut. He wad already a little less of his former glory. Bluish rings under his eyes from the lacking sleep was an unsightly indicator. It had been a month and a half since he was informed of the date stamped on the bottom of his foot. Lung cancer? Thankfully not, just heart disease. Tie a little red ribbon around his finger, he was another statistic, but hey, it wasn't AIDs. Take that Dad, you senile old dog.

"Travis Collin Haden!" Miss Avery gasped. Both mean flinched and looked at the brightly colored woman as if they were both caught in the cookie jar. Ouch, a near forgotten middle name used. He was in for it now. "A-ah, Miss A, I was just saying what a lovely--" She snagged the cigarette from him smashed it in a nearby ashbin. " Can it, Mr. Haden. Come along, back to your bed. Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to find when I come back." She took him by the arm and dragged him to his feet, he looked to the man and gave him a thank you nod and a wink. The wink leaving the man uncomfortable as Travis was tugged along to be returned to his bed. He remembered now, his usual babysitter was leaving him for an entire week. Goody.

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Myrtle  | 338 comments ((Hope that works))

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Morgan | 1554 comments (view spoiler)

"One large coffee, no sugars, no creams." The women behind the desk said in a nasally voice. Thristhan pushed his way to the front nodding his head as he slid the ten dollar bill over the counter with a standard smile on his face. It would be an expression he would have to practice due to his new position in the Terminally Ill ward in the hospital. If it had been his choice that's the last place he'd want to be. But his resident had claimed he needed it, said he was too much of a hot-shot nurse and needed to get some life-lessons while at work. But he figured the only thing he'd get while working there was depression and headaches.
With the coffee gripped firmly in his hands he took a quick sip before making a face. Why did he always do that? Take a sip when he knew already that it was burning hot? Nonetheless at least it would manage to wake him up by the time he got to floor seven. Floor seven was the very last floor in the entire hospital, which explained their system. They wanted to keep the healthy, more likely to live patients, with hope in their hearts for a tomorrow, while many people on the top floor knew there likely wasn't going to be a tomorrow. Thristhan was assigned there for the next month, though, and he still wasn't taking it too well.
Spotting the long line at the elevator he rolled his eyes before capping the coffee and making his way towards the stairs. It would get him there faster, but also give him time to think without being squeezed into a six by eight foot elevator with a bunch of the employees he worked with. After Med School he'd gotten into one of the most prestigious hospitals in the state, but then he was later reassigned here. Though the area wasn't that great, surprisingly the pay was better, so maybe he couldn't really complain.
Once at the top floor he turned on his heels making his way towards the nurses desk.
"Here you are Tris. He's a runner so you'll have fun with that one." The lady, Marg, told him behind the desk with a smile. Great he thought to himself while she recited the room number. Thristhan didn't bother looking at the file that was handed to him though. The man in that room would simply be nothing more than a number and a ticking time bomb. He took a pause near the door, looking around for a moment when he saw that it was empty. Did that mean he would have to go looking for the man after he'd just got here? Shrugging he walked into the room. No one had told him to do so, so for now he'd just stay here and drink his coffee. Setting the file down on the desk he stopped at the window looking out at the view of the courtyard below while taking small sips from his caffeine infused drink. That must've put the icing on the cake. Not only were these people terminally ill, but they got to watch happy and healthy doctors, nurses, and even patients eating their lunches while they got to do nothing more than breath in the same stale air each morning and night.

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Myrtle  | 338 comments "I don't want a get a call, ending my short break because you go through eight nurses, you hear?" Her voice bouncing off the hallway walls even as she teied to keep it to a quiet but firm whisper. "Sneaking out, bumming smokes off the visitors downstairs. Honestly! Don't you know those are bad for your--" Miss Avery paused , catching her mistake in words. Travis wasn't about to let the slip go, letting out a short burst of laughter. " My health?" He finished. You're right, no need to shorten my longevity with a taste of normality and happiness. She grabbed his arm and continued to herd him back to his room, startled at first by the silhouette infront of the window. A visitor? No. Not unless they were in the wrong room because Travid seldom received visitors. She squinted, entering the room first before she smiled. " Ah, you must be the nurse here to take care of my rambunctious friend while I'm gone." She greeted, giving Travis a good hard stare as he trailed in behind her.

Lazily Travis followed her gaze towards his new glorified babysitter. Starting at the soles of his feet and working up the line if his pants, concluding a definite male. Bad choice on their part, he was probably straight or closeted with a rock hard agenda to keep it that way which made him easier than shit to scare off. He skimmed up the middrift before ending at his face and that's when he froze midstep in the doorway. His eyes flickered recognition and it didn't take long for his mind to sort through his past to put a name and a full recollection to the face. Oh world, you will never cease to amaze him on how many creative 'fuck you's you could send his way. His jaw went slack before his mind snapped it tight like a rubber band. "You can probably smell the smoke off him from there, if he goes missing more times than not Mr. Haden will be pestering guest jn the designated smoking areas." Miss Avery sighed, straightening the covers then turning back to Travis. " C'mon Travis. I'm not chasing you again--" but he wasn't listening, just staring at the man there which made her pause before she shrugged it off. " My shift is over, I will see you in a week." She excused, trotting off and brushing elbows with Travis as she left.

((Thanks. Sorry to hear you're nor feeling well. Hope you get better soon. Your post was perfect and to be honest, my posts won't nearly be this long all the time. I'm a 1-2 paragraph writer most of the time))

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Morgan | 1554 comments By the time he heard someone at the door Thristhan had managed to finish the majority of his coffee. He turned on his heels at the voices before setting the cup down on one of the few tables in the room. For a hospital room it wasn't all that small, but it also didn't have that cozy feeling that most rooms seemed to have, with flowers and pictures adorning the windowsills and whatever other surface one can find in a room. Crossing his arms over his chest he looked at the nurse for a moment, not at all finding a name to match the face, this must've been her permenant floor or something, plus she was likely to work the night shifts or something since he'd just gotten here. He walked forwards to shake her hand. "Yeah, yeah, Thristhan Cole. People call me Tris but..." He trailed off with a wave of his hand before she mentioned the patient to her side. His eyes flickered over towards him only for a brief second before he paused. The mans eyes were already on his but he wasn't a stranger to eye contact, and this wouldn't be the first time he'd looked into them.
This was all too strange. As the woman continued to talk he pieced the name together even though he had already known it, how could he forget anyways? It had been the summer between his junior and senior year in college that's when he initially met Travis. They'd hook up here and there occasionally go on what they refused to call dates, but they refused to call what they were doing anything more than a fling. So when he started developping feelings he was more assured they were nothing more than one sided and he ditched. Blocked him in his contacts and stopped going to the places they were always likely to run into each other. Besides he didn't want any relationships then, and he was still perfectly happy and in the closet with his family then too. Now here the man was again and all he could do was awkwardly turn his gaze back towards the nurse before she was suddenly leaving and he was left alone in the room with him. How bad could a week be though? Seeing someone standing behind Travis he shuffled over towards the side.
"Here's the restraints that were requested for the patient?" The woman began with more of a question than anything else.
"Ah, okay." He'd dealt with crazy patients before, but not runners. "Thanks." Taking them from her he set them over on the table before glancing back over at the said patient. "Have you taken your meds for the day? Eaten anything?" Thristhan went through the standard questions, trying not to act as if though he remembered anything, it would simply be embarrassing to say something and have the man look at him as if he was an idiot.

((I'm feeling a bit better :/ have to go back to school tomorrow so lots of fun missed work to make up yay. Cool I usually do the 1-2 as well))

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Myrtle  | 338 comments The formality was disheartening and cold enough for him to break eye contact with a grunt. It was enough to make him to doubt his familiarity, no he could definitely place the name. Hell he even recalled poking fun by calling him Trish or Trisha instead of Tris. Nothing like reminiscing to bring on that aggravating need for that cigarette. Lazing over to the standard issued bed he had familiarized himself with, he fumbled for the panel to adjust the bed's height. He turned and sat the corner, planting his elbow in his knee and resting his chin on the heel of his palm. " Uh, let's see. I had a quarter of Marlboro and choked on the horse pill of Miss Avery's lecturing." He said going so far as counting off the answers on his fingers.

Now what could have possibly happened to bring this on? He had a hard time racking his brain for what may have went on before in definite radio silence between them. Undoubtly he could thank the rainbow of pills for hid failing memory which is why as of lately he had been hiding his daily dosages. Maybe the guy was doing him a favor, spare them both the soap opera situation by refusing to acknowledge they had once shared good times together. Yeah, that's it.
Somehow, in his deluted train of thought he failed to notice the restraints delivered. His features hardened as he honed in on the shit they probably borrowed from the Happy Farm. He swept his attention to Tris, raising his brows that spoke clearly 'Really?' Damn, he must have really drove Miss Avery over the deep end this time.

((That's good. Sorry, I didn't see this notification, is there a way to quiet all the notifications but the one pertaining go me?))

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Morgan | 1554 comments Thristhan fumbled around with the file for a moment, seeing that the man needed absolutely no help getting into bed. Maybe he wasn't so far gone yet, that would make this more so unbearable. But when he made no comment about their shared past he felt a sense of relief travel through him. Somewhere along with that he felt a bit bitter. Could he really be that forgettable? Really he had half the nurses pining for him, men and women. He shook his head at his thoughts. It didn't matter. Travis didn't remember him or care to and that was fine. Biting his lower lip he closed the file having processed absolutely none of it; having been absolutely lost in his own head. "Sounds like a completely nutritious breakfast. You're sure to get better in no time Mr..." He made a show of looking at the file for real this time. "Haden." Tris told him in a sarcastic manner. Perhaps he wasn't cut out for working on this floor, clearly he wasn't a very sympathetic person. He could put on a face, but for some reason with Travis he couldn't.
Absentmindedly he nodded his head about the pills. That would mean he'd only have to stop by for meals and afternoon and night pills. Also whatever the patient would need In-between then. Seeing the look he gave the restraints he laughed softly. "Looks like you pushed all the wrong buttons on your nurse." He walked forwards first tying it to around the bed before shaking his finger warningly. "I won't put it on. But if you try to run I will, I don't have time to be chasing around after you."I just want to go back to the floor one- emergency room. It was awesome being a nurse there. The doctors were still the heroes and all, but the nurses got more recognition for skills and acted as high interns. Letting the restraint fall from his hands he tapped the side of the bed. "Do you need anything?"

((Ah yes. To get rid of notifications on a specific thread. Under the comments box go to the second box and click edit next to the description and press None))

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Myrtle  | 338 comments His jaw set tight and while determined to ignore the bit of looking for his name on his file like the doctors that didn't give two shits, he couldn't help but scowl.
Low blow but instead of commenting, he pushed hiked one leg into bed then the next and buried his feet beneath the thin cotton, mustard colored blanket.
He cracked him a crooked smirk and leaned back, the bed elevated so he was still half sitting but slanted to relax. " I guess ladies just aren't my thing." He muttered, exchanged a glance with the restraints then folded his arms behind his head. This was some other kind of fucked up, denying knowledge of eachofher while regarding one another with venom responses like bitter ex's. "You know I never was into the kinky shit
" He forgot to put the pause, so instead of it coming off as a 'hey, did you know' it was more 'you know me'.
"Yeah, actually. I could use a drink. Trish."

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Morgan | 1554 comments "Is that so?" Thristhan couldn't help but to ask as he walked towards the end of the bed to fix the bunched up blankets, only looking for something to do with his hands. While doing so their past was acknowledged and he cursed himself silently. Why couldn't the man just let it slide? Biting his lower lip he simply gave a small nod of his head.
"Oh, anything for you Travie." He replied with a barely there smile. The nickname had always managed to get on his nerves, but for some reason it offered him a bit of comfort while in this place. Patting the blankets he grabbed one of the cups on the stand next to the man's bed before going to fill it in the bathroom. Soon he returned to him, handing over the cup before speaking. "So, looks like you haven't been up to much good in the past four or so years." He told him with a small look, despite whatever life altering illness he had Travis still managed to look good.

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Myrtle  | 338 comments That was the back breaking straw, one nickname and sudden it was out. He made a face as if chewing on the name or on the new life in what was a passive-aggressive conversation between them. " When you put it that way, I much prefer Mr.Haden." He said amusingly though gave him perplexed look when he was given the cup of water and from the restroom no less. Hell, he wouldn't be half surprised if the man turned on the faucet and instead dunked the cup into toilet. " I was thinking more along the lines of Rum and Coke but alright." He set the fup aside after looking at the water inside critically. Travis pressed a smile to his features " you know me, beautiful. Causing trouble, bumming smokes and pissingnoff ladies. Unlike you, no longer that stiff med student. Damn has been that long already?" He tried to make it come off friendlier than it actually did.
" Saving lives, one sickie after another and what have you."

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Morgan | 1554 comments "Rum and coke certainly aren't reccomended." Thristhan replied with an eye roll, realizing he should've gotten him something bottled. If he wouldn't dare to drink from the faucets in the hospital he doubted the other man would either. Sure it was filtered, but something about sink water just seemed unpleasant. He tried not to blush as Travis called him beautiful. He'd heard it plenty of times before from plenty of people, but rarely did it make him feel a strange sense of giddiness. This was all too strange for him, but maybe they'd develop a bit of a friendship during his time here which he currently had twenty nine more days and 22 hours to go. "I was never stiff." He objected with a shake of his head. "Eh, that's more the doctors job, I'm just here to make the patient comfortable. Speaking of would you like something else to drink? Something that doesn't have a drop of liquor in it of course."

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Myrtle  | 338 comments He threw his head back against the standard issued pillow behind his head. "Come on, you have to agree that there should be an exception for special circumstance patients." Travis smirked, scratching at the scruff and decided that it needed a cut but the trick was to convince the staff he wasn't suicidal. Just because he wasn't content with being cooped up in a room all day to wait it out. " Comfort huh? Alright." He pushed himself forward, the gesture did make him groan some. "Toss those restraints in the trash and get me off this floor once in a while. Well more or less just turn the other way long enough for me." He shook his head, scratching at the top of his nail. " So what have you been up to?" Since our falling out, he thought.

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Myrtle  | 338 comments .

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Morgan | 1554 comments "If by special circumstances you mean someone who runs off every other minute, then no." Tris replied with an almost playful glare before he returned to the charts at the table and idly looked over them. At the request he had to resist the urge to roll his eyes as his gaze slid over the restraints. "Those are staying just in case you try to leave again. Chasing someone around is not on my list of things to do while I'm at work." He stated blantly. "And maybe I'll let you off the floor every once and a while, but only if your good." He replied wih a small tilt to his lips. When the question of what he'd been up to was directed to him he gave a simple shrug of his shoulders. "Finished nursing school, now I'm here." He didn't want to go much into detail about his life. Since their little summer hook up it seemed like he was more of a commitmentphobe with everything. Not just romantic relationships, but those with his family and friends were becoming a little strained. That wasn't to say they were perfect to begin with, but now the rift seemed to be growing wider and that's why he generally just stayed away from people. The only thing he'd ever be committed to for the time being was his job.

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Morgan | 1554 comments ((We still doing this?))

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Myrtle  | 338 comments ((Yes definitely! Sorry, I lost this rp, thanks for bumping it.)

message 48: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 1554 comments ((It's fine I kind of dissapeared for a while anyways XP))

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Myrtle  | 338 comments "More along the lines of, hey, I didn't sign up to spend the next eight months but probably closer to like three months until I ultimately expired from an asshole heart, locked up in a stuffy room, special type of circumstance." He said with an indifferent tone and shrug. He grew restless, kicking his feet back out of the bed and smirked at the male. Once again reminded of why he pursued him and why it rubbed him wrong when they fell out. "Bet this place pays pretty good, a studious guy like you must be raking it in." Travis chuckled then looked to the restraints again "I'll have to have a talk with Miss Avery."

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Morgan | 1554 comments Tris nodded his head, trying to shy away from the subject of death, his mind already drawing to the inevitable what ifs. Rolling his eyes at himself he drew his attention back to the charts which took a lot of effort on his part. His personal resident had said he'd probably only get a few cases a week, which meant he'd likely be spending a lot of time with Travis or a lot of time chasing him down. Seeing him kick his feet back his gaze traveled upwards just in time to see that smirk on his lips, which made him purse his own in turn. "What makes you think I'm studious? You barely even know me." He couldn't help but to say that as he closed the charts once more, feeling slightly fidgety. "And not exactly, still have to pay off all those college loans too, but in a few years I'll be Raking it in." Tris inwardly winced at his own words, hoping the mention of a few years in his future would do nothing to offend the guy laying across the bed. "About the restraints?" He asked, desperate for a change in subject. "We'll just have to keep them around till you can learn to be a good boy."

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