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Hey hey hey. Okay, guy or girl?

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) um.. I don't mind

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Neither do I.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Hhaahah... Uh. I'll be the guy, but I'm curious how are we going to make this humorous hah

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Same. This could get interesting. Template?

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Um.. Sure

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Name Appearance Age

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Yasss, just simple :)

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:D Okay

Name: Jay Alayna Grisham
Age: 16
Appearance: (view spoiler)

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin)
Name: Logan Joseph Blake

Age: 17


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Okay where should we start?

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Um... When they first meet or something, it should be funny or cute hhaaha idk

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Okay at school.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Maybe, we should have them meet somewhere and then they see each other at school

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Okay, like Starbucks or something?

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Yass! She could accidentally dump it on him or something that sounds humorous hahaha

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Jay sat at a table, waiting for the wifi signal to come up again. She smiled when it did and pulled up her homework.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin)
A young teenager with brown hair swept to the side walked in consisting of a beanie on his head. Black skinny jeans with a white t-shirt, that showed some of his muscle tones against his arms. A faint bell rang as he walked inside to Starbucks, he had his hands in the pocket of his jeans with a black bag slung over his shoulder. He walked up into the line, behind two petite old womens, who were trying to order something. But, it soon led to bickering between the two which drove Logan's patience down a notch. He didn't have the time and energy for this.

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Jay stood, straightening her sky blue skirt as she walked to her guy friend standing fourth in line. She pressed a hand to her already too skinny stomach, laughing at the joke he told, her fingers messing with the soft, black fabric. She moved forward and listened as he muttered, glancing around her. Her eyes fell on a teenager standing a couple people before her. She blushed and whipped her gaze around to the the unhappy woman manning the cash register.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Um.. She would be behind him, since his in front of two old ladies that are trying to figure out what they want, sorry if that wasn't very descriptive)

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Oh sorry.

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin)
(Its okay :3. I do it too!)

Logan ran a hand through his brown hair listening to the people around him. He didn't look behind him as he stepped up in line when the man had left with his order. He looked over the menu, before he settled on a coffee. He opened his mouth to ask, but was cut off as the women started bickering before him. He looked annoyed at them, before he started to tell them his order. He waited patiently, but these crabby old women were so slow and then they finally gave him his coffee. Which wasn't the right thing that he ordered, but left to one of the tables anyway. He wasn't going to deal with that again, his eyes caught a girl with glasses on the brim of her nose with a small smile on her lips. He looked away as he took a sit in one of the booths.

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Jay sighed as she got her order. Lattes were her pick-me-up and that boy met her eyes again. The woman that were in front of her were arguing again. Jay rolled her eyes, scowling at the melting whipped cream. She saw her friend waving and, pulling out her phone, ran over to him. And ran right into the boy.

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((Sorry, wasn't notified.))

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) (Hey man, is it just me or none of the threads are notifying you?)

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((It's not just you! I never got that.))

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Delirious Pool (deliriousrobin) Haha, yeah. I was so fucking lost becauseit wouldn't show the recent notifications at all

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Lilly wrote: "Amen."

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