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In the stylists room, there are racks upon racks of finished gowns and stacks of jewels and shoes that the stylist and her apprentices use to create the perfect looks for the Royal family and the selected. Some fittings take place here.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste's stomach let out a light grumble, and she wondered what had happened to Bex while she was odd fetching them breakfast. The poor girl probably got wrapped up in ten different things on her way, and it only made Celeste wish she'd gone with Bex. But there was something nagging at her, a look they'd put together the day before had the wrong type of necklace, and Celeste only realized that when she walked into the room an hour ago with her coffee mug in hand, dressed in a strapless black tube top (with a sweetheart neckline of course, as to not look trashy) and a pair of denim high waisted shorts, and looked at it. It didn't need color, it needed glamour. The amethyst necklace they'd paired with the sleek black gown looked out of place, so she was redoing the whole look, for the duchess or a selected or someone, she couldn't quite remember. She held two pieces up next to the gown and tried to see which was better; the Pearl and gold piece, or the choker made of silver...huh. Celeste heard the door open behind her, and she assumed it was Bex that was walking back into the room "Thank god you're back B, I'm starving. Wanna grab me that vintage two tier necklace? The silver on with the diamonds?" She asked her friend, not even bothering to look behind her to check who was there.

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The maid had all but abandoned poor Jack when they hadn't found Zane in the Drawing room, and there was the dowager in there, so he wasn't sticking around in that room no matter the number of pretty girls about. So Jack had gone looking for his best friend on his own, opening and closing random doors, letting his feet take him wherever they would. It wasn't something he'd planned on doing with his day, but there he was, and he was about to just say screw it and give up on the whole search. That was until he opened a fancy looking door and found himself in a very frilly room, it was definitely unlike any other room he'd entered before that, and a girl, wow what a girl, was sitting there with her back to him and calling out orders, apparently thinking him to be someone else. He hoped her face was as pretty as her backside because damn, he could definitely work with that. Jack went to a side table with jewelry, trying to help the girl out, he was kind of out of his element though, and as he fingered the jewelry something stabbed him, "Bloody hell." He muttered as he put his finger to his mouth.

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Celeste stared at the mannequin she was working with, it was frustrating her to no end. But then she heard a muttering that definitely hadn't come from Bex's polite mouth, so she turned around where she stood to see some tanned guy with dark hair literally sucking his thumb and looking her way. "Hmm, you don't look like Bex." She said, her tone not the least bit concerned as he was seemingly in pain. She didn't really care, he shouldn't have been messing with her jewelry, that was for sure. Celeste shooed him away from her necklace table. It wasn't hers, really, but that's how she thought of it. "Who are you, anyway? And what brings you to my little room?" She asked, taking the necklace she'd been referring to before she turned around and leaned herself against the bureau behind her. Celeste let her eyes slide over the boy blatantly, nothing to hide with this girl. He obviously had a good looking face, with deep brown eyes that were looking back at her in the same way she looked at him; interested. And his body, well that seemed adequate, too.

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The girl turned and looked at him, her eyes widening slightly when she realized he wasn't her friend, and withdrew his thumb from his mouth, not wanting to look unmanly or anything. He took a few steps back as he shooed her away from the table, "Oi, you said that you wanted a necklace of some kind, I was just trying to be the gentleman and help you out love." Jack didn't like that she didn't appreciate him doing his best to lend a hand, normally he didn't try to help anyone, so the girl should've counted herself lucky. "I was trying to find my friend Zane, but he has up and disappeared on me, and there was this maid that was trying to help me, but she vanished, so here I am," He rose a brow, she was checking him out, and not hiding it. "Like what you see princess?" He asked her as he folded his arms across his chest. Jack liked that she was forward about her interest and all but it wasn't something he expected, who was this girl? "I'm Jack by the way," He told her, as way of introduction.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste looked at him and chuckled softly when he started to whine at her, oh he was a manly one, she could tell. She reached out a hand to pay his cheek, gold rings littering her hand as she looked him in the eyes and pouted back at him "Oh I know, I'm so sorry I was so mean to you, baby." She teased him, then pushed away from the bureau with the necklace in hand and walked back towards her mannequin, laying both necklaces against its plastic neck and leaving them there, fastened so they wouldn't fall down. "Zane? The prince one? He's a cutie, mm do I love dressing that one..." She muttered to herself, trying to concentrate on the task at hand. She pushed her hand through her hair, which only fell back into place by itself, and then peeked at him in the mirror. Celeste bit down on her lip playfully for a moment, pulling on a strand of her hair "Well yeah you're not too shabby for a boy, but I'm more on the hunt for men these days." She told him in a confident tone, her brown eyes daring him to flirt back with her; she would be so disappointed if he didn't. "Celeste-" she purred out her name and let her eyes wash back to the mannequin.

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So she liked dressing the prince huh? His best friend, prince? Well that was interesting, and something he would keep all to himself considering he was interested in this wild girl that seemed to be as cocky as he was, and maybe a little more flirty, he grinned devilishly her way when she flirted. "Oh love I can be more manly than any other male you'll meet on the planet if you give me the chance," Jack walked forward some, confidence was practically oozing off of him as he met her eyes in the mirror, then she looked away and he couldn't help but want to go to her and turn her around to have her look at him. But he withheld from doing so, no let her make the first move and see where it went from there, or well see what happens at least. Jack wasn't going to step right into it like he usually did, let it play out slowly for once, yeah. He did walk further forward to see what she was working on though, his eyes taking in the dress and jewelry, this was far out of his league, but he could appreciate a put together ensemble. "Looks hot," He commented, not truly meaning to do outloud really, but there it was.

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Celeste saw a bit of something go through Jack's eyes when she mentioned how she liked to dress Prince Zane. She wasn't sure what UR was, but she decided to be proud of herself, since it was obviously a reaction. Jack seemed to be just as interested in her as she was in him, and by the way he was looking at her, they both wanted the same thing, even if that was just a quick fling in his bed, she wouldn't mind one bit. He was flirting back with her right away and grinning at her in the mirror, so Celeste turned towards him and looked right into his eyes "Oh Jack I don't think it's a matter of if, it's more of a when by now..." She told him and winked at him across the space between them. "But, when I give you that chance, how can I be sure that you'll...deliver?" She asked him, widening her eyes a little bit to try and seem innocent as she blinked up at him. But celeste was just as quickly turning away always leave em wanting more, and nodding about the outfit that she was putting together "I know, I just can't decide which necklace to use, and then I need shoes." She murmured, looking at the choker Ana the diamonds. The choker was more youthful for the duchess ((im just saying its Aria)), but the diamonds more regal.

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Whoa, was she full out hitting on him and insinuating they would indeed eventually sleep together? Yes that's exactly what was she was doing, and it left Jack feeling like he might just sweep her up in her arms and take her on top of one her snazzy tables. Of course that was a bit barbaric and out of his reach, because as big an ass as he could be, Jack was a romantic as well. So he would wait until they at least had a sheet to put over the table. (XD) Jack looked between the necklaces as he thought about a good enough response, "I'll deliver as long as you think you can handle it," He whispered in her ear before pointing towards the diamonds, "Diamonds are a girls best friend, right?" He was referring to an old movie reference but he didn't know if she'd catch it or not. Movies weren't seen by everyone, especially the older ones, but working in a palace he was sure she had access to such things, plus she seemed like an educated woman.

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Celeste wasn't shy, and when she saw that Jack seemed surprised by her just coming out and saying that she'd sleep with him, she chuckled softly. She honestly thought he should be used to it, didn't a lot of women want to sleep with him? He was hot and had a sexy attitude that drew her to him, and she was hot, and had a sexy attitude that drew him to her. It was like the match had already been made (cx), and the universe was just waiting for them to crawl into bed together. Jack came close to her and whispered Ito her ear, basically asking if she could handle him. She didn't let him back away when he tried to, though, and instead crooked a finger into the material of his shirt to keep him close "Trust me, I'll enjoy every second..." She whispered into his ear, really just trying to one up him. If Jack thought that he could outdo her, well her couldn't, and this would show him just that. Once she let her lips linger next to his skin for a second or two, Celeste spun on her three-inch heel and looked back at the gown "Oh oui," she giggled in response to his movie reference "I'll have to ask Bex when she gets back though, since really, I can't trust your opinion." Celeste told him, giving him a certain condescending look before she walked straight away from him and towards a cabinet filled with shoes.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Her hand was searing as it went against Jack's chest, he felt the heat through the material of his shirt like it didn't even exist. Her words made Jack's muscles clench slightly in anticipation of the things she was referring to. The breath against his ear was almost more than he could handle, and Jack felt his hands moving towards her waist, without his permission if I may add. Then she was gone, like that, she was away from him and back to work like it was nothing, and he could only stare blankly at the girl in front of him with the curvaceous body. His eyes never left her backside as she sashayed away, swinging those delectable hips, damn if only he could pull her back against him and lay his mouth on that beautiful neck of hers. Things were feeling kind of 'tight' for Jack and he turned as he thought of anything but Celeste, unicorns and butterflies, old hags, ice cold showers. Once he was under control, somewhat, once more he turned back around. "Bex? Who is this Bex, and why do you trust her opinion over mine?" His question seemed innocent enough, his hungry eyes were on her once more.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste glanced between a few pairs of shoes, but she couldn't really concentrate on them. She was more focused on the fact that Jack was standing just a few feet behind her, and he was just as game for skipping ahead as she was. She didn't mind skipping the gooey parts to get something more hardcore, and by the sound of his silence, Celeste could assume that Jack was already feeling pretty hardcore. She took a deep breath though, because she was focusing on shoes. She was bent over to look at the two do them, patent leather or black lace. They would barely be seen under the gown, but when they would be it would either be matte or shiny, and since they were going with shiny jewels, Celeste finally crooked her fingers into the matte pair, turning to look at Jack when we asked about Bex. She would've answered, really would've, if it hadn't been for his goddman eyes. Jack was looking at her like she was something that he'd like to eat, and she felt a breath leave her body as she stood just feet away from him, staring into those brown eyes. She stepped closer, and soon Celeste was flying across the room to Jack. She didn't like stopping up her feelings, especially when the tension between them was that strong that she couldn't even work. Celeste let the shoes fall to the floor with a clatter, and laid her hands against his chest. She pushed her lips to his and didn't waste any time wth soft or silly kisses; no, celeste went straight for making out with Jack, skipping gooey parts already.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Holy hell, she was bending over and it was all Jack could do not to pounce on her, his self-control was wavering and he wondered how much longer he could hold out. The thoughts in his head would surely make any normal girl blush , but for this one, well he didn't think it would faze her, hell she'd probably try to outdo him. She turned, and stared at him a moment before stalking over to him, dropping the shoes in her hands and pouncing on him practically, her lips pressed harshly against his. Jack growled beneath her lips while his arms wrapped around her, pulling her snugly against him so that he could feel every soft curve she had against his harder body. His hands tugged at the fabric of her outfit, itching to get it off her, his mind only on getting g his frustration out, not of where they were or the fact that someone could easily walk in on them.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste heard the growl escape Jack's mouth when she started to kiss him, but it only succeeded to turn her on even more. Her arms circled around his neck, one of her hands scratched up his neck and into his hair just slightly, feeling the dark locks between her fingers. Jack seemed more interested in getting her clothes off of her, but she wasn't helping him along, but she sure as hell wasn't stopping him, either. Celeste curled her hand into his hair, tugging on it slightly, as she walked backwards. She just kept walking until her back hit a wall, and pushed her back against it, making sure her body was flush against the wall, so Jack and she could be closer than before. "Damn..." She whispered and took a break from their kisses, pulling her lips from his and looking up into his brown eyes. Celeste ran her hands lightly down to his shirt and she started to unbutton it slowly, arching her neck to tempt Jack into doing more. She wouldn't mind his lips on her skin, that was for sure.

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Zane had been hopelessly walking around the palace, looking at every door. None of them were calling to him, every one just telling him what was beyond the handle. He continued walking, waving away at any guards and maids that ordered their help. He was glad none were Amaya, as she was the last girl he needed to see with Renesme on his mind. He couldn't believe that all it took was for his older brother to have a selection for him to meet girls he'd actually like. Well, in all truth, he was destined to meet Amaya at some point. it's was Renesme he never thought he'd meet. Zane looked up from the ground, noticing it was the door to the stylists room. Well, he's been meaning to go soon.

Zane walked into the room, his eyes angled at the floor until he shut the door. And even then, he slowly peaked up, and, he was kind of surprised. Celeste, was making out with someone right here. Where anyone could catch her. He watched them for a good second before noticed it wasn't just some random guy--no, it was Jack. Jack, his best friend. Making out with Celeste. At first, he was pretty glad to see Jack, that was until he realized He hadn't even seen Jack today but he was already on the verge of sex. After a deep sigh, Zane walked over to the two, putting his hands between them and pulling them apart. "I see you had no time to say hello, Jack."

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Jack couldn't believe his luck, she was already trying to get his clothes off too, her fingers fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. Jack was tugging at her clothing, itching to get it off, needing that skin to skin contact. They were soon against the wall, or rather Celeste was, and Jack made a happy sound low in his throat as he pressed himself tightly against her, his lips trailing down her delicate jaw to her neck, hell her neck, it was delectable. Jack was in the midst of pushing Celeste's top to the side to get a better angle at her shoulder when hands were grabbing him and pulling him away. What the? Then his vision cleared of the passion he'd been lost in, Zane, Zane was standing between the two of them, Jack's breathing was hot and heavy, his chest rising and falling, "Oh... Hey Zane, been looking for you." He threw Celeste a shrug.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments His lips were on her neck, literally just planted on her neck, and it took everything Celeste had not to just rip off the rest of his clothing in that very second. He was definitely hot, and she couldn't exactly help but want to drag him into the fitting room and pull back the curtain. She didn't even have the capacity to care that someone could walk in at any moment. A soft moan escaped her lips, but then something snapped, and Jacks mouth was gone, and his body wasn't pressed against hers, and celeste eyes fluttered softly open "What?" She whispered, confused as hell. But then she looked up and saw Prince Zane standing there looking fairly disgruntled, and Jack was shrugging, saying how he'd meant to find him. "Really Zane? You cockblock now?" She asked him disbelief. She was still looking at Jack, but stole a glance over at the prince to see him looking displeased "You could've at least let us finish, you know I wouldn't mind you watching..." She trailed off, looking up at him with her almond brown eyes. The royal children already knew that Celeste was fairly wild, it shouldn't be much of a surprise.

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Zane was probably standing there for a second looking upset before he smiled. And then he chuckled a lit, letting go of the two as he looked at them both. It really wasn't that surprising. Jack was always with some girl, and he was either hitting on her or actually hitting her, if you get what I mean. Zane tilted his head to the side, cocking and eyebrow at Jack. "Were you now? Cause honestly, I'm not inside Celeste, so that's a stupid place to look." He told him before rolling his eyes. He then looked over at Celeste. He knew she was wild, everyone did. And if you didn't, just ask her to dress you. Why, Zane figured it out because, someone told him, and she always looked at him kind of weird when she was dressing him. Well, he used to think it was weird, but he understands why now. He caught her almond eyes looking up at him, almost begging for him to just sit and watch them go at it, and Zane actually thought about it for a second before he looked away. "Of course I wouldn't watch, that'd be weird." He stated, getting that out of the way before he looked at her again. Then he looked at Jack. Then he looked back at her. "I honestly don't even know what to say at this point. A part of me just wants to talk normally, but another part of me is wondering why the hell are you just about to go at in the open? Like the door was unlocked and everything, who knows who could have walked in."

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Getting caught by ones best friend isn't the ideal situation, especially when said friend doesn't just walk back out, but actually tears you apart from the girl you're about to get into a ... closet with? He wasn't sure what to call the little room that he assumed Celeste thought they'd use, but yeah. He glanced at her with an annoyed expression on his face for a moment, he didn't want Zane watching them, that was... yeah what Zane said, weird. She was more wild than he thought she was, and all the more interesting and enticing because of it, so he was really finding himself wishing Zane hadn't walked in, he rolled his eyss just before glancing at his best friend. "Well when the tension is there you arent' really thinking of locked doors or anything Zane, you're thinking of ripping someones clothes off and replacing them at a later date," He winked towards Celeste, then cleared his throat, "I would hope you're not in her by the way, I was clearly trying to make that my job." Jack wondered what exactly he'd gotten himself into with this girl, she was feisty, and obviously not shy about what she liked or who she likes.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste started to smirk when she saw that look in Zane's eye. He had just paused, like he actually had thought about watching she and Jack share some very...intimate time together. Zane and Jack started to have some odd banter, but celeste was still frustrated. She wanted to rewind and go back to undressing Jack, the whole interruption thing didn't sit well with her. But she shrugged at Zane, winning his way "I know you'd like it, but I won't make you say it, sweet cheeks." She teased him, basically wanting to see one of the boys get flustered, she didn't really care which, since they'd both look fantastic with tinted cheeks and glints in their eyes. She happened to agree with Jack about the heat of the moment "It's passion, Zane. You're too innocent to understand, but we love that about you. Next time I'll leave a tie on the door, how's that?" She asked him, trying to make him feel inferior. Celeste looked to Jack though, and stuck out her bottom lip in a pout and took another step towards him, leaning her face nice and close to his "Since your mean little friend won't leave us alone, I guess I'll have to come find you later?" She asked him, hoping they could just agree that a bed would be in order at some point within the next...12 hours.

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At first, Zane might've actually left them alone, to do whatever, and told Jack he'd talk to him later, but at this point, he decided he'd just leave, and take Jack with him. Zane understood he was the youngest one out of the three of them, but even then he was clearly uneducated when it came to these things. It was rather obvious really. He ignored what Jack had said, not wanting to comment on that, and instead listened to what Celeste said. She was calling him innocent, and even made a little joke about it. As true as is it was, Zane didn't like it. He figured he had sounded like a child earlier, asking what now seemed like such stupid questions. Zane watched as Celeste leaned over and whispered to Jack, and maybe he would have bothered to listen had his mind not been preoccupied on his previous thoughts. Was he really that innocent? Because, if so, that needed to change. Zane stood there for another second, giving the two a chance at one last "moment" you could call it before he took hold of his friend's ear. "I'm sure Jack'll find you tonight. See you, Celeste." Zane said, already dragging Jack away and towards the exit.

(:P poor baby, questioning himself)

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Jack couldn't take his eyes off of Celeste, she was very mysterious to him and he wanted to know more about her. Which wasn't going to happen right then, obviously, because his best friend was downright determined not to let them finish what they'd started. His ears rang some when she started speaking to Zane, he was more innocent than most the people Jack hung out with, but hey, it was Zane. He kind of liked that about him, though it was going to change soon, he was sure. He'd seen the way Celeste looked at him, Zane was becoming someone all the ladies would be chasing after soon enough. "Owwwwwwwww," He hollered, right when he was about to answer Celeste, because his friend had taken him by the ear and was literally draggin him out of the Stylist room, "I'll get to you later love, I swear it," He managed to call out to Celeste just before the door closed and he was in the hall with his friend. "Ruined a perfectly good booty call," He muttered to Zane as he stood up and straightened his clothing, buttoning some of the buttons back up that Celeste had managed to get undone, he was flustered as hell, but mostly just because he wanted to finish what he'd started.

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As upset as he was, Zane smiled a little when he heard Jack's little holler of pain, proving that he had hurt him even if it was only a little. Zane let go of his ear once the door was shut, thinking about the situation. Sure, maybe Zane just stopped a potential marriage (Jack and Celeste fall in love after they've had their fun, blah blah blah, marriage. Hey, even the least likely situations still have probability) but Jack could have tried at least a little harder to find him. But that wasn't why he was so upset. No, it was because of what had happened only minutes before. The realization of his innocence hit him like a tsunami, only to be soaking wet in the idea he was a child. He glanced over at Jack after a moment, his face unusually serious for the company he had. "Am I really that innocent?"

((this boy needs major help oh my gosh..))

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments The thought of Celeste was still fresh in the young rogues mind, and he doubted that he would be able to shake his thoughts for the rest of the afternoon. He sighed gruffly as the two of them, the prince and himself, walked down the hallway, the question from Zane was enough to make Jack chuckle some and slap poor Zane on the back, a grin on his face, and his eyes lighting up as he thought over how to reply to his friends question, because yes indeed he was very naïve, whether he realized it himself or not.

"You my friend have led a fairly sheltered life, and because of that, yes you are pretty innocent. Not that girls won't go for that, they will," Jack shrugged, "But ya know its good to have some experience under your belt. How many times have you kissed or made out with a girl anyway?" Jack wasn't sure if this was the place to talk about such things, but it didn't look like anyone else was around, and honestly the prince needed to have this talk with someone, why not his best friend? Plus Jack could help him out, maybe get him some experience with some girls in the palace, from what he'd seen they had plenty of girls to pick from, so Zane shouldn't have a problem.

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Zane was pretty confused at first. Why was Jack laughing? Was it funny that he was so innocent? Whatever the reason was, Zane didn't dwell on it for long. Instead he listened to Jack. It was true, Zane really was sheltered off from them rest of the world. Basically all memories took place in this exact palace, and he often had trouble remembering times when he went out and did something fun. Zane awkwardly looked away when Jack asked how many times he has made out with a girl, kind of embarrassed. "Uh..." It hung in the air, the sound sickening to Zane's ears so he finished it up. "I never have..."

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments The things you expect to come out of a person's mouth, and the things that actually come out, well they can be completely different. Jack's jaw went slack when Zane admitted to being pure virgin, not just sexually but kissing wise too, bloody hell. How was that even possible? Did he not see all the girls around him and want to push them against walls and kiss the hell out of them? Or was Jack just a unique individual? There was no telling honestly, but Jack stared at Zane for all of a minute, "We're going to change that," Was all he said, a bit of exasperation in his voice, Zane was going to get educated while Jack visited, that would be the new main goal, he hadn't thought anything could get Celeste off his mind, but he had been wrong, this was a whole new mission for Jack and Zane.

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Silence. That's all he heard for a while, as Jack stared at him in disbelief. Or, whatever the look on his face was. Truthfully, he couldn't tell, but Zane just stared back. There wasn't much to say. Yeah, he's had chances to kiss girls, and he's gotten fairly close—especially when some girls intended on getting further than that—but he never has done anything. He was entirely pure, the close test thing he's ever gotten to something like that was probably with Renesme, and that was on a horse. He got closer on a horse with a girl that was with his brother than a girl interested in him on the ground. How, he had no idea, but he agreed with Jack on the fact that it needed to change. "Not sure how, but I'll take your word for it."

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments The innocence of some, Jack loved that his friend was so naïve, it just meant he got the opportunity to ruin all that for him, which in Jack's opinion was a great idea, and very exciting. Maybe he could hire a bunch of girls for a party or something, or they could throw the Selected a party? No, no Zane's brother wouldn't like that.. hmm... Jack continued on beside Zane, lost in thought, if they'd been in his homeland then he could've perhaps gotten a whole line of girls just begging to teach Zane every trick in the book, but they weren't in his homeland, and he didn't have connections here. "We'll figure it out," He muttered, and then brightened some, "What about a ball thing? Is there a girl you could ask to that? Or you could just show up and start kissing one, and drag her away to do more than kissing, bam no longer a virgin."

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((Thank God they aren't in the homeland))
They walked in some more silence, Zane allowing him to think about, well, whatever he was thinking about, Zane wasn't entirely sure. Jack intended to erase most likely all of his innocence, and fill it in with whatever it was he planned on filling it in. Zane was a bit surprised when Jack mentioned the ball, and thought about it. Oliver and his family had said something about a masquerade ball, but Zane didn't really have anyone to ask. Amaya would most likely be busy, so there was no point in asking, and Renesmd was technically Already with a date. The Prince's cheeks flashed red at the thought of losing everything so quickly--Was that even possible? Just start kissing some girl and steal her away, next thing you know you're already going at It? "Uh, I don't think so..." Zane told him slowly, saying no to both of his statements. Especially the last one.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments ((Haha yeahhhhhhhh and omg Ella and I have plans of helping him and Renesme getting some alone time during the ball, its gonna be great))

So the pup was still too leery of going in for the kill? Well Jack would help him with that before the ball, which wasn't yet anyway, so they had time. Until then Jack would just give him advice and encourage his friend to kiss as many maids as possible beforehand so that he could get some practice. "There has to be some girls around her that you wouldn't mind practicing some smooching with," Jack's voice held a hint of knowing, because surely there was a few girls around that had caught his eye? How could there not be? Jack and Zane were nearing guest quarters and Jack stopped a moment, "Lets talk about this more after dinner, but I want at least two girls names on a piece of paper by that time that you wouldn't mind kissing and maybe doing more with, so you have all afternoon to think it over, now as for me I'm going to go get settled in in my rooms." Jack gave his friend a brief hug before slipping away. (Now he's free :P and you can either rp him with someone else, or him and Renesme could enter the dark room soon? She's with Ivory atm, but she'll break away sometime this afternoon, in rp time)

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((ooo sounds good. I'll probs use him with some else before they can do that, but it'll probably be soon.))

Zane knew for a fact there were definitely some girls he wouldn't mind smooching with, and there were two specifically he wished he had a enough guts to do so with. But hey, maybe he would. Maybe even today, who knows. But, Zane doubted it. He could do some things, like ride a horse or assist in certain political and military matters if they were tiny speckles of dust that his father didn't care of, but that was about it. Kissing a girl? Or just, doing anything but talking to a girl? Ah well, Zane wasn't very skilled in the line of work. Sadly. Zane looked over at Jack as they arrived at his guest room, listening to what he told Zane. Two girls? Well, that wouldn't be too hard. Just tell Jack who he liked. Or... well, whatever he felt for them. Zane returned the head, nodding at Jack to tell him he understood what he had said before Jack slipped away. Zane walked down the hall, silent as usual, thinking about what he had just gotten himself into. But, there wasn't much time to think. He had more selected to meet, so he head off to the Drawing Room.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Adeline let Bex take the lead as the pretty brunette informed them about the outfits and began discussing possible ideas for clothes. Together the three girls made their way through the halls, continuing their idle chatter about the prince and exactly what Adeline ought to wear. In truth Addie was a bundle of tightly coiled nerves, every mention of Oliver sparked that flicker of butterflies in her stomach and made her mouth go dry. So this is what it feels like to really like someone, Adeline mused, following Bex into a pleasant boutique style room. Addie was still considering everything that Ivory had been saying as they'd walked, "Oh I do hope he doesn't want to dance," she murmured, "I'm terrible, I can barely put one foot in front of the other." Adeline laughed slightly and took one of the seats in the room, gesturing for Ivory to take the seat next to her. Oliver had said she'd need to be prepared for swimming, a bikini perhaps. She still wasn't all that sure what they were going to be doing, maybe a day at the beach or a boat trip. Adeline's brown eyes flickered about the room as she considered her date with Oliver, she really was looking forward to it. "See he mentioned something about a swimsuit...but I still don't know what I'm going to be doing, I just want something pretty but not too fancy you know?" Adeline said, simply speaking out loud for both the girls to hear.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Bex tried to stay quiet, letting the two Selected girls discuss Oliver, and the outfits, she was only the stylist, not their friend. Though one of the girls had taken it upon herself to think she was Bex's friend, and it had been awkward for the young stylist, Renesme? Was that her name? She believed so, spirited little thing that didn't stay quiet and had even hugged Bex, which wasn't something she was anywhere near comfortable with. Celeste hugging her was okay, complete stranger? No, not okay, at least not in Bex's book. The trio stepped foot into the immaculate, well decorated, style room. Bex went to get some outfits, she would show them to the girls, see what they thought, where was Celeste? She was supposed to have some for the girls to pick from as well, hopefully. Bex heard Adeline, swimsuit, clothing, not too fancy, she could work with that, Bex stepped out of a dressing room with a couple outfits in her hands, "Either of these appeal to you Ms. Adeline?" Bex laid each one out for them to see, and give their opinions on.
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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste was in the back room, anger seething from her as she rummaged through the closets to put together an outfit for the best selected girl. At least, she must be a good one, because Oliver had picked her to be his first date. But the anger wasn't about Adele or Adeline or Ade- whatever her name was. No it was about Jack. That stupid, terribly hot man that had come in and made her want him, only to leave five minutes later with his friend. And usually, that would be bearable, because the two would just meet up later and finish their business. But no, he had to go two steps out her door and call her a booty call. That was laughable to Celeste, since she figured that she was much better than any booty call. So he wouldn't be getting anything from her later on, not if her mind was the one deciding. Celeste let out a sigh when she heard Bex come in with a girl. She had one outfit finished, since Jack had distracted her so terribly. "I'll be right there," she called out, throwing together a second outfit based on the one thing she'd heard about the girl; tall and curvy. Once she was finished with the outfits she brought them into the main room and smiled at Bex, and of course, the two girls. But mostly bex. These were just two of the 30 something girls she'd be meeting, and she could really use a good vent session "We made these as well. If there's anything you don't like we can switch it out or change it all completely, it's up to you." She chirped, trying to maintain politeness for her job.
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Ivory was sort of surprised when they came up to a frilly door, none of the others in the palace that she'd seen were like that. And when they stepped through the door, well Ivory felt even more like she was being written into some beautiful fairytale, and maybe she wasn't the main character, maybe it was Adeline or Kris's fairytale that she was the guest in; but either way, she was absolutely in love with the place. Ivory looked over at Adeline and laughed "That doesn't matter! He's a prince he's had all that dance training and things, I'm sure he'd be adorable if you needed help. But anyway, people don't usually dance on boats, so I think you'll be okay." She teased, nudging the dark haired girl with her elbow. Her eyes skimmed over the outfits the girls had put together for Adeline, and her eyes widened "Ohhhh they're all so pretty!! What do you think Adeline?" She asked, her blue eyes focusing on Adeline's face. She wished Renesme was still there to help too, but she was just happy to be in the process of it all.

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Adeline's eyes flickered over the four outfits she had to choose from. All of them gorgeous, perfectly coordinated and hinting at expensive origins. She absently tapped her index finger against her lip as she looked between them. Two stood out to her in particular, the black and white combo chosen by Bex and the floral ensemble that Celeste had pieced together. Both had elements that she liked, the lacey detail on the black shorts and then the cut of the floral bikini. She chewed her lip and turned to looked at Ivory who had already expressed her opinion on them, "They're all gorgeous, umm..ah this is so difficult," Adeline laughed, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Okay so I'm sort of between the black and white outfit and the floral one. I don't know, what do you guys think?" Adeline asked. At this point her nerves had all but vanished, she was starting to feel excited and the possibility of slipping into one of these outfits was only the beginning of what would be an amazing afternoon. Addie chewed her lip and studied the artful combinations. The black and white ensemble, while pretty and suited to her taste, came with a bandeau bikini. And Adeline had never been particularly 'gifted' with assets that would keep a bikini like that up. She could see it now, jumping into the water and losing the bikini top waves. Her cheeks threatened to glow red just thinking about it, how would Oliver respond to that!? "Would I be able to try the floral one on?" she asked, hoping she didn't offend Bex with her choice.

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Bex was relieved, to say the least, when her best friend immerged from behind one of the curtains, she had a couple of outfits in her hands. There was something going on though, because she could see that Celeste was on edge about something. But she couldn't exactly ask about it right then, not in front of the girls. She stepped aside so that Celeste could lay out the other two outfits, both of the Selected girls were looking the clothes over with wide eyes. They had to pick one for Adeline, just one, and it looked like the young girl was having a hard time picking which one. Finally she asked if she could try the floral outfit on, "Yes of course," Bex rushed over to a dressing room to get it ready, she figured that Celeste would gather the clothes up for Adeline and bring them over for the Selected to try on. It really was a gorgeous outfit, so she hoped it fit the younger girl. It would be one that would show off her figure, and well to be honest it looked comfortable. And how could you have fun without being comfortable?

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste was looking towards Bex when Adeline actually spoke, saying that she wanted to try on one of the outfits that Celeste had gotten prepared. That alone made Celeste's mood brighten up a little bit, just because she was still doing something right. "Sure thing, sweetie," she said casually, picking up the articles of clothing and heading towards a dressing room. Celeste spotted Ivory taking Adeline's bag for her and sitting down on the plush love seat that was on the side of the room facing the changing rooms, the blonde looked nice there, and her smile made Celeste wished she could be on whatever sort of happy pill Ivory was taking. Shaking off the thoughts of Jack and the blonde girl, Celeste followed Bex into the dressing room and placed the two pieces of the bathing suit on the small, long table located inside. "Why don't you try on just the bathing suit first and we'll see how that fits." She suggested, turning her warm eyes onto Adeline and smiling softly, stepping out of the dressing room and gesturing for her to go in.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Adeline couldn't help but smile as she followed the two stylists towards the dressing room, this was all so exciting and the prospect of getting all dressed up for Oliver was giving her butterflies. "Okay," Adeline replied, stepping into the changing room and holding the bikini out to look at. She threw a smile at the two women and then drew the curtain closed so she could get changed. There was a mirror in the room with her and as Addie slipped on the bikini she couldn't help but be grateful for the extra sit-ups she'd done in the weeks before coming here. She was almost afraid to say that she looked good, it had been a long time since she'd been truly happy with her body but standing here now in a bikini that did everything for her Adeline couldn't help it. She tightened the cord around her neck and flicked her hair out of her face, the loose curls falling around her shoulders. It even gave her something of a cleavage! There was a smile on Adeline's face as she cautiously peeked her head out from behind the curtain, somewhat self-conscious about the prospect of being that undressed around the three of them. Still she gently pushed it aside and gave them a nervous smile, holding her hands out in 'what do you think?' sort of gesture.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments The young Selected stepped into the dressing room and shut the door, Bex walked away a few steps to give her a semblance of privacy, plus she wanted to whisper with Celeste for a few seconds. "What has your panties in a bunch?" She whispered, though she was trying to joke, there was a hint of worry in her tone, she couldn't help it. She was going to inquire more, but the curtains were thrown back and a slightly nervous Adeline stepped forward in the bikini, and it fit her like a glove. The smile that crossed Bex's face was not forced, it was all natural and she was practically beaming, "Ms. Adeline it fits you so well, I think its the perfect fit. Prince Oliver will certainly..." Bex tried to be casual with her words, "Appreciate the outfit." That wasn't too sexual, right? Knowing any guy though, well they wouldn't be able to take their eyes off the young girl if they had a lick of sense. Bex looked to Ivory and Celeste, to see their reactions and opinions of the bikini.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Celeste kept on her smile when Adeline closed the curtain, but only because the other selected was there. If it had just been she and Bex, she would already be spilling the details. And though the slight blonde girl had already wandered over to the racks of clothing and was flipping through them, Celeste had to keep her mouth shut. Just until the girls were gone. She did let out a deep breath though, and couldn't help but smile as she looked at her friends curious face "Oh, you're gonna love the story I have for later." She told her honestly, giving her a look that said her encounter with Jack wouldn't disappoint. Then Adeline sneaked out from behind the covers, and Celeste smirked; again, she'd make a perfect choice. The bikini took the girls assets and showed them off, from cleavage to a nice booty. "Lady Adeline that bikini was made for your body. The prince won't be able to keep his eyes off any part of you." She stated as if it were a fact, one hand on her hip in a sort of pose. But as soon as she was finished making sure the bathing suit was absolutely perfect, she was moving to one of the tables again, gesturing to the tank top and shorts combo that she'd laid out to go with the outfit "Do you like this one for over it, or one of the other ones we've laid out?" She asked in a polite tone. But one could tell that Celeste was very used to being perfect at her job.

Ivory grew a bit bored when Adeline went to put on the bikini, and he stylists room was home to racks and racks of clothing, so she decided to explore. The pale skinned stylist gave her a of as she stood and walked over to a rack of day dresses, so she thought it would be alright. Flipping through the dresses, Ivory felt a little more than disheartened. What was she doing here? She wasn't s princess, she wasn't even a lady. She was a sad little girl from Dakota that served beer and bad smelling food to gruff men in a pub all day. She smelled like filth whenever she got home from work, and only after half an hour of scrubbing did she feel whole again. She wasn't the type that could wear such dazzling dresses, made of silk and dotted with what she suspected were real pearls. She had scraggly hair that never liked to be tamed and freckled skin that always looked the same. But when Adelaide pulled back the curtain, Ivory was careful to tuck away her sad eyes and small frown, and instead she beamed over at Adelaide in the bikini; now she looked like she could be a princess. Her hair was a beautiful mingling of caramel and honey brown. Her skin was a wonderful tan color, and her eyes were perfectly shaped. In the bikini, she looked fabulous, and Ivory made sure to show her happiness on her face. "Oh it's lovely on you Addie!!! The pink flowers on it just look fantastic against your skin; you're practically glowing." She chirped, grinning from ear to ear at her friend.

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) ((Note: The timeline is a bit screwy because Oliver is everywhere.))

After the stroll in the gardens with Lily, and a food fight and then unexpected bath with Azalea, Aarav, and Kris, Oliver had had a very busy morning. Yet he still dragged himself to his room for a proper bath and got dressed for his afternoon date with Adeline. The prince wore blue drawstring swim trunk shorts and a loose white button up shirt that hung nicely on his frame. Sandals fit on his feet to go with his beach look, and sunglasses had been propped in his currently damp brown hair. He entered quietly, moving slow, which was revealed to be a lack of sight. As he moved into view, he had his hands over his eyes, stumbling in, his other hand in front of him. "Is it safe to enter?" He called out, cheeks red from the idea of catching any of them indecent.

In his grasping effort, his hand found its way to the top of Ivory's head, on her daisy flowers. Moving his hand to grasp her shoulder and steady him, he spoke, "Ivory, is that you? What are you doing in here? Oh no... I didn't plan a date with you too, did I?" Honestly, from the end of those meetings, his head was still spinning. If he double booked a date, it wouldn't have surprised him. Hand still clasped over his eyes, he was too gentlemanly to peek. "Adeline?" Oliver called, "Are you in here? Is it safe to look? Blimey, please say yes, this is totally disorienting. I could be talking to a wall and a coat hanger for all I know."

Okay, so his senses were better than that, he knew he wasn't alone and that they were in there. Still, Oliver always looked to make them laugh. He nodded vaguely in greeting towards where he assumed Celeste and Bex would be. He knew them well, he'd often come down here begging help with choosing a tie or a shirt. "Ladies. Having fun?" He greeted the two others in the room, though he was still blind and his nod ended up more towards the wall than towards them.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Adeline felt her cheeks grow warm as the other girls showered her with compliments. She'd never felt like this before, never truly felt beautiful. And yet now, in the presence of three new acquaintances and her date with Oliver looming she suddenly felt as if she truly had a chance with him, that perhaps this could be her cinderella story. She chewed her lip and gave a small twirl, taking a look at herself in the mirror. The stylists had chosen well of course, the bikini flattered her subtle curves, enhanced her bust and made her appear almost womanly as opposed to the girlish charm she usually exuded. Tucking a loose caramel curl behind her ear Adeline turned to grin at the other girls, "I'll take this one," she said with a smile, following her gaze to the outfit Celeste had laid out. "Oh no, that's perfect! Thank you so much!" With a beaming smile she picked up the other two garments and was just about to make her way back to the changing room when she heard Oliver's voice echoing through the stylists room. Adeline gave a slight squeak and hastily ducked into the changing room, laughter threatening to bubble from within her.

"I'm in here, cover you eyes!!" she called out to him, her words dissolving into a light-hearted chuckle as she slipped on the other garments. "Just give me two minutes!" Adeline hastily adjusted the top and gave herself a once over in the shorts and t-shirt combo. Her hair had all but fallen out of it's previously coifed style, falling loosely over her shoulders in it's natural tumbly curls. Adeline looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, eyes too bright, cheeks perhaps a little too pink. But she looked happy, and it had been a long time since she'd felt like this. Elated and prosperous, enthusiastic about what was to come. She took a deep breath and placed a hand on her chest to steady herself before slowly drawing back the curtain and looking into the room. Adeline couldn't help but chuckle as she spotted Oliver, hand over eyes gesturing vaguely about the room. She wondered if the stylists would let him see her just yet, was there more to do? It seemed almost unfair as she got to glimpse him. Oliver looked gorgeous, dark hair tousled in a way that made her want to run her hands through it, smile touching his handsome features. Adeline felt her heart flutter, she longed to be alone with him, just the two of them truly getting to know each other. She could feel the nerves coming back, coupled with the excitement of the date to come.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Ivory had easily tucked any sadness away; hiding emotions was a skill she'd acquired at age three, she was a master by the time she was fitted so sloppily, plopped like a silly rag doll in the middle of a great palace. She simply smiled at Adeline as she wandered around and got her outfit, it was all easy enough, but she, as well as Celeste and Bex, made it look so wonderfully amusing that it made Ivory want to giggle. Her head turned when she heard Oliver enter the room, and that giggle slipped form her lips when she noticed his eyes covered. His hand patted her head, then her hair, and lastly her shoulder, and she shook her head "No, I'm just here with Adeline..." She said, her voice sounding whimsical and sweet. But she knew when she was an extra, and this was one of those times. "Here, come on." Ivory said, and took Oliver by the wrist. She led him over to the couch "sit here and cover your eyes until she's ready." She prompted, then waved to Adeline and the others. "Have fun," she quipped before jaunting to the door. Her hand twisted the glistening golden knob delicately, as if it may break, and then she was gone.

Celeste rolled her eyes at Prince Oliver. The whole innocent boy thing was cute, for a time. But what did he think they did in the styling room; parade around naked? Enact secret pagan rituals in the nude? People changed behind the curtain, and he knew that. But she could never really tell if it was an act or not, so she tried not to sound too annoyed when she spoke "We'll let ya know when she's ready, lover boy..." She said, grinning at Adeline. The blonde girl took her leave, but she barely noticed. Adeline looked at she and Bex expectantly, and Celeste knew what she was thinking. She beckoned for the girl to follow her and crossed the room to where all of their makeup and hair things were set up; shining irons and colorful products ranging in height and size, each with an distinctive purpose that would amaze the naive prince sitting on the couch. "We can put some braids in your hair if you want, or some light makeup. We have setting spray, so it won't come off in the water. But it's all up to you how much we do." She said, her fingers nimbly grabbing small hairties and light pallets of eyeshadow, small brushes, a wand of mascara, a large bottle of salt spray and a small pencil of brown eyeliner. She didn't have to use all of them, but putting them together would certainly put the finishing touches on the whole ensemble. Of course, Bex was much better at the makeup than she was, but she could put in the salt spray and do the braids; that she could manage.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Adeline was gorgeous, the bikini was made for her and Bex nodded her head in agreement with Celeste and Ivory, "You look wonderful milady." She exclaimed quietly, but it was an exciting manner for Bex. A new presence entered the room and it was like the whole place was thrown into chaos. Oliver was there, and everyone was in a tizzy it seemed, "Hello Prince Oliver," Bex called out shyly, before heading over to the stylist table with Celeste, she grabbed a color palette, ready to put makeup on Adeline, if she wanted that sort of thing. The two stylists looked expectantly at the selected, letting her take charge and tell them what she wanted/expected. It was her date with Oliver after all, so she had to make the decisions. Bex was nervous because of the princes appearance, but she was like that when any royalty was around, honestly. But Oliver was adorable and she couldn't help it, she was nervous around men in general.

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) "Thanks, Ivory." Oliver murmured as the blonde led him to a seat. Sure, some mind find it a bit ridiculous that he shielded his eyes. Yes, he did know that she was probably behind the changing curtain. But it was just how Oliver was. Some rooms were taboo, like the Women's room. Some, when women were in it, were off limits pretty much, like the stylist's room and the bath room. He was raised to be a gentlemen, and so he kept his eyes covered. However, when he heard Adeline's voice, his smile grew, along with his excitement for their date. "I'm going to look now so... I hope you're... decent." The awkwardness in his voice was unmistakable. It was part of his slightly geeky, adorable charm/

Lowering his hand, he blinked, and his eyes set on Adeline. Oliver was used to seeing pretty girls. He'd seen girls in gowns, girls in bikinis, girls in casual clothes. He'd even seen a girl stripping, once, when Basileo Ezzelini dragged him to a strip club, though Oliver left after ten minutes when he tried to pay a girl to give him a lap dance, red faced. Yet now, looking at Adeline, it was different than the other pretty girls. She wasn't just some giggling girl hoping he'd ask her to dance at a party. She was his date, possibly his future wife. That was... earthshattering. His jaw nearly dropped and he stared at her, blankly, as if he'd lost the ability to form a complete thought.

That is, until he heard Celeste and Bex offering to fix her hair and do her makeup. "No!" Oliver suddenly cried out. As all eyes turned to him, his cheeks turned red, and he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "I-I... I just mean... She doesn't need it. She's perfect." His eyes flickered back to Adeline and he repeated quietly, almost shyly, "You're perfect... *ahem*, I mean, you look... beautiful."

Trying to get over his own fluster, he hurriedly said, "S-So, are you ready to get going?" In truth, while he loved spending time with stylists, he could not wait another moment to start his date with Adeline.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Adeline felt the blood rush to her cheeks as Oliver's dark eyes roamed over her. In the soft light of the stylists room her tanned complexion took on a rosy hue, pink on gold and glowing as if lit from within. She couldn't help but meet Oliver's gaze, to follow those dark eyes as they looked at her. Adeline wondered how easy it would be to get lost in eyes like his, so immeasurably dark they put the night sky to shame, the kind that made you forget about the world around you. For a moment Addie wondered how someone with his social standing could look upon a girl like her in such a way. She was no princess after all, no lord's daughter or famed socialite. Adeline was simply herself, kind, gentle and feisty all rolled into one. But even as she stood there with Oliver's admirable gaze on her, those doubting thoughts returned, what if she messed up? If he didn't like her for her? If- and then as if reading her mind Oliver spoke and all but plucked those thoughts from her head. Perfect was the word he used, a simple word but one that spoke volumes and one that made the nerves disappear in an instant. No one had ever used that word to describe Adeline before. Why would they? Outside of the palace she was a wild, imaginative soul who rarely went near a hairbrush. And now, well now according to Oliver she was perfect. The strange thing was that she believed him, that in those dark eyes and that honest expression he truly meant what he said.

A soft smile broke through her resolve, any attempt at maintaining the delicate poise her sister had spoken of shattered. Adeline wasn't about to be some stiff, expressionless doll, she wanted Oliver to see her for who she truly was. Her lips parted in a slight chuckle as Oliver fluffed his words. He was sweet and she appreciated the sentiment, the possibility that he was nervous as well made the prospect of what was to come less daunting for her. "Thank you," she told him, "And Bex, Celeste you did amazingly!" Adeline assured them with a grateful smile. With that it was almost time to go, she slipped her feet into the delicate sandals that the girls had provided for her and took her place at Oliver's side. "Of course," she told him, "I honestly can't wait," and that was the truth, the nerves had been replaced by excitement for what was to come. Wear a swimsuit he had said, Adeline still wasn't sure exactly what that meant, maybe sailing or swimming or simply a walk along the coast. She didn't mind what they did so much though, Adeline simply wanted a chance to get to know the prince. Their talk that morning had only given her a slight insight into what he was truly like. She wanted to see the real him, quirks and all. "So do I get to know what we're doing yet or is it still a secret?" she asked, dark eyes blossoming with curiosity as she looked up at him.

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) Oliver knew she would ask that question, and as soon as she did, he grinned. He glanced towards Bex and Celeste, knowing they could spread the gossip of the fantastical date he had planned. "Well, I suppose I can indulge your curiosity." He told her, letting loose a laugh. "You mentioned when we spoke that you'd never been sailing. Well, my family owns a sail boat, or a few, I should say, and I thought we'd use that. I also came up with a few things for us to do while at the beach. Though I do have a question." His eyes gleamed with excitement, "Are you afraid of sharks?"

Oliver had done a lot in his young life, due to his family's almost unlimited resources. His family made sure he could experience anything he wanted to. This selection, this time he got with these girls, was another chance to do so. He had been snorkeling and scuba diving but never had he been in a shark cage, dropped down into a shark infested area. So, naturally, that was exactly what he booked for them to do. "Don't panic but I booked us to be put in a shark cage... Adventurous first date, right?" He laughed, nervously, as if she was worried she wouldn't like the date idea. "We don't have to do that, of course, we could just sail and swim and enjoy the day. I packed sunscreen, beach towels, a cooler of cold drinks. I have plans for our lunch. We have plenty to do so if you don't want to go scuba diving in a shark cage, I understand." Taking her hand, he squeezed it and gave a smile, "If it helps, I'll hold your hand the entire time." Putting on the charm just by being nice, that was Oliver.

He studied her, watching her reaction. Though in truth, anyone looking at him might have just assumed he was staring, which he was. Adeline was the kind of girl boys stared at. At least, Oliver thought so. Yet somehow he knew, even covered in mud and sand and dirt, she'd still be just as beautiful. Then again, many of the girls held that same quality. However, it was Adeline he'd chosen for this first date. It was clear he'd put some thought into this date, agonizing over whether he would scare her off by literally putting them down in the ocean with sharks. He considered doing something simple, a lunch date or a walk in a park, but he couldn't. Adeline was special, and he wanted to give her the kind of date not many people got to have.

((This might suck but I tried! I'm just excited for them to get to the date, lol.))

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Adeline couldn't help but smile as Oliver's features split into his familiar grin. She liked the way his face changed when he smiled, he seemed younger somehow and more at ease, a far cry from the figurehead they always showed on tv. Adeline liked this Oliver - he was so much more than just some royal entity - sweet, kind and ultimately very human. She leaned closer as he finally disclosed some information about the date. Her mind jumping ahead to possible conclusions before he'd finished speaking. Adeline was practically glowing with excitement, her dark eyes perhaps a little too bright as she listened intently to what he had to say. And then he asked a question that took her completely by surprise, Adeline arched one elegant brow and fixed him with an incredulous look.

"Sharks?" she replied, wanting to be certain she'd heard him correctly, "Well I've never met one face to face but yes...probably a little," her answer ended with nervous laughter and Adeline clasped her hands together in a habitual gesture. The nerves were back but this time they were all but forced away by her own excitement. She gave Oliver an easy smile. There was nothing wrong with a little fear after all, if anything it would be a chance to see Oliver in a completely different light. And Adeline was all for trying new things. She wondered if Oliver had ever done this before or if it was a new experience for the both of them.

Adeline shook her head as Oliver started to back track a little, talking about perhaps doing something different. She could tell he was just as nervous as she was, concerned that maybe she wouldn't like his idea. Adeline reached out and placed a hand on his arm, giving him a reassuring smile. "Oliver, it's perfect," she told him and she truly meant it. "Besides..." Adeline went on, "I quite like the idea of seeing you in a wetsuit," she gave him a suggestive grin and tugged gently on his arm, eager to get going and show some sharks just what she was made of. As he took her hand Adeline felt the butterflies in her stomach start up again, she intertwined her fingers with his and squeezed back. His hand was pleasantly warm in hers, it felt right somehow as if they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. "You won't hear any complaints from me," Adeline grinned, he could hold her hand all day if he wanted.

She met his gaze with a knowing one of her own, looking up into those dark eyes as he looked down at her. It was clear that Oliver had put a lot of thought into their date and Adeline found that incredibly sweet, her heart was practically bursting with gratitude now that he'd reeled off their itinerary. And frankly Addie couldn't wait, the adrenaline was already getting to her, a heady combination of excitement and fear for the day to come. She gave Oliver a dimpled grin, it wouldn't be long before she'd have the sand between her toes and they'd be getting ready to head off out to sea. "So, shall we get going?" Adeline asked, throwing one last thankful glance at the stylists before giving Oliver her undivided attention. As far she was concerned, nothing could go wrong, today would be perfect.

Sυммer Rαιɴ || Wrιтιɴɢ ιѕ α cαllιɴɢ, ɴoт α cнoιce.  (SummerRain15) "Besides... I quite like the idea of seeing you in a wetsuit." That was the last thing Oliver expected Adeline to say. He had not considered that she might be bold, and her words turned his cheeks and the tips of his ears bright red. "R-Right, we should get going." He echoed, laughing nervously. Oliver wasn't just a prince, he couldn't be calm all the time, and now he very much resembled a boy going on a first date. Pulling her along by her hand, he waved at the stylists and off they went, through the palace until they reached the driveway, where a limo awaited, and two black jeeps full of guards. Clearly they would have some protection on their date.

((This is super short but I'm going to post a long starter on the beach and then you can reply to that. ^_^ It's gonna be great.))

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