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Harry Mazer
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Heroes Don't Run

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James Tran | 2 comments Heroes Don’t Run
By Harry Mazer
Reviewed by James Tran

If your grandparent were in WWII, then they have been through a lot. The book “Heroes don’t run” by Harry Mazer made I realized that being in the military at a young age would be tough and risky job. A boy by the name of Adam Pelko wanted to join the Marines and was told no by his mother, but joined anyways. This story is about a seventeen year old boy joining the Marines helping out in the war, during 1944-45. The story is told by him, Adam, and what he’d been through after boot camp.

Harry Mazer, born on May 25 1925, is an American author and acclaimed for his “realistic” novels. After attending Bronx High School of Science, he served in the United States Air Force as a sergeant from 1943-45 and received an Air Medal and the Purple Heart because he was shot out of his B-17 Bomber. After that he was inspired to write historical fictions. Returning back to the U.S, he graduated Union College and earned a BA. He had many jobs before, such as railroad brakeman, switchtender and as an English teacher.

This book takes place in Bakersfield, CA during WWII around 1944. Seventeen-year old Adam Pelko, who witnessed Pearl Harbor, wanted to join the Marines to honor his father, who died during Pearl Harbor, and grandfather, who served in WWI, but his mother had said no. He made plans to visit his grandfather and try to get in to sign him up, after long weeks of work and thoughts he finally decided to sign him. 7 months of boot camp where he trained, made friends, and learned he finally got back home reuniting with his family and met a girl named Helen she is serving in the naval office. When he was back on duty he was sent to Okinawa, Japan and there he manages to live with the help of his comrades. After finding out that his friends from boot camp had died, he fell into depression. A mortar shell hit above Pelko and some people next to him, luckily he live because his CO, commanding officer, sacrificed himself to save him. At the Naval hospital in Hawaii where he was sent he had to go through physical therapy for his leg. There he met with his high school friends, who were currently also serving in the military. Months have gone by and the war was over, he had returned to his family and fulfilled his promise he gave to his mother.

Adam Pelko, the main character, is the reason why this book is relatable towards all the people during this era. The way he thought and talked is the reason why I was so interested in this book. Not only did he join the military, he made the reader, such as me, feel what it is like during the war time. All the struggles just to get signed at a young age and all the work you had to do to achieve the goal, his determination was a great aspect toward him in the story.

I believe this book is a historical fiction book, because it tells a story of a made up character but it was set place during a real event in history. If you like historical fiction with a little mix of romance, then this is the book for you. It tells a story of Adam serving during war, and finding someone at home for who he can fight for and come back to. I enjoyed reading this book; it’s a fascinating story about harsh times before and during WWII.

Don’t get me wrong, but this book is amazing but the only thing I wish could change about it is making the story longer. The story is short but it packs a great story, but things that could be added are adding more to the story. It has some of the “what if” factors to it that’s why I wanted it to be longer, to tell more of the story. Other than that, I think this book is worth reading if you’re interested in these types of books.

Overall this book is a great book; I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in historical fictions. Even though it’s short, it tells a really good story. The story has lots of excitement and emotion, so most of the time the story would build up and then go to something emotional.

message 2: by Lexie (new)

Lexie Bagby | 4 comments history with a good story line. sounds like a great book :^)

message 3: by Mykayla (new)

Mykayla | 4 comments This book seems realistic it takes you back in time where there was World war II.

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