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coach carter

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Jesse Adamah | 3 comments Coach Carter
Jesse Adamah
This Book shows strong determination and responsibility for children. How much education is very important? This book Coach Carter is written by Mark Schwahn a great author. He captures a lot we miss in society of Sports.

Ken Carter accepted the job of a basketball coach for his old high school Richmond, CA. He is determined to bring up this school from their problem. The main characters Timo Cruz, Ty crane, Junior Battle and Damien carter. In Richmond high basketball gym where the starting five that were very talented tried their best every time.

Coach carter take the job of a coach at Richmond high because he looks to improve with these students .This school is known for its lack in academics the. HE quickly make strict rule about going to class participate in activities, Also made all athletes sign a contract. This contract said that all players must at least maintain a C and attend all classes and RESPECT all TEAMMATES. He used a variety of ways to progress and and motivate and inspire the team. He later on gets the team progress report in class and there are doing terrible. Coach immediately takes charge he cancels every single Game of the season and completely closes the gym. This makes the team furious and motivates them to get all their grades up. Coach finally opens the gym and the team makes all the way to state and the championships but they didn’t win it. All Students went to colleges but 5 got full ride scholarships.

I think in this book hard work and dedication will pay off. It may take years months or days but eventually it will happen. I think coach carter is very wise for example “ when he closed the gym doors until the kids got their grades up. I think that indicate the reader of how wise and serious he was about his students and this sport.

message 2: by James (new)

James Tran | 2 comments The top section did not include year of publications, copyrights, and how many pages there are. The introduction shows an okay hook, included the title, author, but did not tell us about the genre of the story. It has more than 3 paragraphs, all that shows good details about the story.It supports reasoning about the book but not why people should read it. Did not include who could enjoy the book.

message 3: by Lexie (new)

Lexie Bagby | 4 comments sounds like a very good book if your interested in basketball :^)

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