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Lucid By Adrienne Stoltz

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Paulina Castaneda | 4 comments Paulina Castaneda
1st hour
April 21, 2015
Honors English

Adrienne Stoltz
October 2, 2012

Sloane and Maggie are two completely different girls with same exact name, Sloane Maggie Jameson. Maggie lives in New York City and is an actress. Her father passed away and she lives with her mom who is a work-a-holic and carelessly irresponsible. She also lives with her younger sister Jade, who she cares for as if she were her mother. Sloane lives a normal life compared to Maggie. She goes to high school in Connecticut and has two loving parents, two brothers, and great friends.
When Sloane and Maggie go to sleep at night they dream about each other’s lives. When one girl is asleep the other one is awake living her life. But the girl sleeping feels like she is the one living but knows it is just a dream, the dream is very vivid. Whatever happens to the girl that is awake the one asleep feels it. It has been like this since they can remember. They share a secret that no one can find out.
In Maggie’s life she has dropped out of high school to pursue her acting career and is much admired by everyone she meets. She is the perfect girl and is very attractive. She is actually very anti-social until she meets her only friend Andrew, who is also an actor. Throughout the book it is hard to connect with her because she is very conservative about her emotions and what she is actually feeling. You find yourself skipping through her sections in the book to get to Sloane’s part. The only moments you can actually connect with her are when she talks about her longing for her father.
Sloane’s life is not as quite as extraordinary. She lives the life of a regular teen which is easier to connect with since it is easy to connect to her experiences, although of course the dreaming part. But she is not a boring character she is very beautiful and intelligent. Sometimes it is the life that Maggie wishes she had more stability. She had recently lost her childhood best friend and lover Bill. She falls in love with the new guy who is very mysterious and attractive. As soon as he appears into her life things begin to get weird as the girls grow more attached to each other and cling to their dream. Fragments of Maggie’s life appear in Sloane’s and vice versa.
They begin to question more and more who is real and who is not. Sloane believes that she has lost it and has gone insane. The ending leaves you hanging and asking yourself what happens to them. It leaves you thinking and confused. The ending could be interpreted in many ways. But I would recommend it to people who are into paranormal and romantic genres I would recommend this book to people who don't mind being left in suspense and with many questions.

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Wilson | 3 comments This book, it sounds great! maybe I will read this. I want this to happen to me. Having a dream about being another person but a person that's living in the real world. So question, which one is real, which one's not? or is it that their both dreaming about each other. If one of them isn't real what would happen? but if they're real then are they going to meet? They should totally meet, this should be a PART 2!!!!

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Phoma Amphone | 2 comments personally this isn't a book I would read. I like how the in the story she risk it all for her dream. the story sound kinda confusing to me. but I like the way you summarized this. I would consider reading this book. whats stopping me is the story doesn't really connect with me. the only way it does is that she has a dream. but yea good job.

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Paulina Castaneda | 4 comments In the end only one of the girls is real but the ending is not very explicit. It leaves you hanging. I agree there should be a part 2!

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