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message 1: by Leondrej (new)

Leondrej | 1 comments The book “Head Case’ is a dramatic novel written by Sarah Aronson in 2007. Also, this is her first book she has written. The book shows how one bad decision can affect not only your life, but also the people’s lives around you.
The main character, Frank Marder, was a guy in Mooretown who had it all and enjoyed living his life until one reckless night he decided to drink and drive. After drinking one too many beers, one late night, he and his girlfriend, Meredith, got in his car and casually made their way home. The roads were slick and in a blink of an eye the car had already skidded twenty five feet and had already hit an old man before hitting a tree. He and his girlfriend both flew through the windshield but she wasn’t as lucky as him. Franks one bad decision had now caused two unnecessary deaths.
Frank eventually wakes up in the hospital only a head, paralyzed from the neck down. He now needs someone to accommodate him at all times. He needs someone to feed him, to wash him, and also to move his body. Franks life will never be the same because of his unforgiveable mistake. Frank begins hating his life, he can’t forgive himself and he can’t rise above being labeled just a head.
In my opinion, this was a great book in many different aspects. This book taught me that one bad decision can change your life and also the people around you forever. Also, it taught me that you can’t give up when things get harder and that you got to live through your situation. I think Sarah Aronson’s point in writing this book was to explore a character that feels trapped by his bad decision and can’t seem to continue on with his life. She shows the struggles and difficulties in being paralyzed from the neck down.

message 2: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Adamah | 3 comments This book make you think what if this were you. How one bad decision could just change your whole entire life. Frank seems like the ignorant type of man. Who dose not realize or think ahead of him self. Takes things for granted including his and others life! i think that Frank was very very luck to not die. This review was great !

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