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book review on the book ''the whole sky full af stars''

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message 1: by Shamya (new)

Shamya | 3 comments The book “the whole sky full of stars” is a book about friendship and how some people take advantage of their friends, knowing they could have avoided it. This book was written by Rene Saldana, JR. and happens to be fiction literature.
This story takes place in a small town that over the course of a year is mainly warm out. The two main characters in this story include Barry, and his friend Alby. Out of the friendship Barry is definitely bigger and stronger than Alby, but Alby uses his mouth to his advantage sometimes. Barry is a more reserved person and doesn’t like to get involved in things that don’t have a good outcome. He’s also susceptible to anger, because of his strong emotions. Alby on the other hand he’s the outgoing guy, he loves to talk and there’s rarely a moment where he’s quiet. He also happens to be persuasive, sarcastic, and self-centered.
In this book the main problem is Alby trying to find a way to pay Ciro back for the money he owes him. He eventually sees this flyer for a fighting event he knew Barry could win, he knew Barry could fight because of the incident that occurred earlier that day that involved Barry’s fist connecting with his nose, because of a remark he repeated from Ciro about Barry’s mom. Anyways, eventually because of Alby’s persuasive skills he finally gets Barry to agree to fight in the event, not because Alby told him about the money he owes him, but because Alby told him that it would be nice to give his mom a break from her nonstop working. By the end of the book Alby paid Ciro off, but didn’t hold up his end on giving Barry the money he deserved, instead Barry won Only $100 and a plastic trophy, Alby was betting on Barry to win, and by the end he racked up a good $1,000. In the end Alby tried to give Barry the money but he didn’t accept betting money, they didn’t talk for about a month after that, at the end of the month they made up and were friends again. I would recommend this book, if you enjoy fiction drama books that involve friendship then this is the book for you

message 2: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Adamah | 3 comments I think this book will be great! The way she described this story makes it seem like it going to be a great adventure. Barry seems like a guy you cant trust but id man of his word. He will do whatever he needs to keep his word and his promises. The other characters sound sneaky and mistrusting. This book will be very valuable to read!

message 3: by Tatyana (new)

Tatyana Dieatrick | 3 comments The Whole Sky Full of Stars sounds like a very intresting book. It seems like it can be very emotional between Alby and Barry in the book from your review. Is there a twist in their friendship before the fighting event? Definatly would like to read and to keep in mind. What was your favorite part of the book? Would you read it again?

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