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Summer of Secrets

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Mykayla | 4 comments " Summer of Secrets By Paul Langan, Copyright 2004 by Townshend press 142 pages

This story is about Darcy and her family, her family hasn’t been the same since her grandmother died. Darcy had been having nightmares since her incident back in the summer when a boy name Brian almost raped her but luckily her father saved her. After her grandmother died her mother’s mood had changed, she wasn’t herself anymore. Darcy and her father was the only ones who noticed her mother’s change. Darcy mother was always tired after work, she had little conversation with them, at the night Darcy could hear her parent arguing, she didn’t want her father to leave them like he did when she was very little. Darcy had a few secrets she had been hiding that been stressing her out. Jamee her younger sister didn’t even notice the change in the house.

Jamee began going out with Cooper's brother Desmond and Darcy did not like that because for one her boyfriend moved away after his father was diagnosis and Darcy was left lonely during the summer. Jamee was confused because she did not know why Darcy was acting like that because for one Cooper was one of Darcy's best friends due to this conflict it added to more tension in the house. Brisana darcys friend thought was pregnant and had been stressing about it an later finds out she’s not. At the end Darcy finds out her mother and father had hiding a secret from them, her mother was pregnant and that’s why she was stressing so much. Brisana darcys friend thought was pregnant and had been stressing about it an later finds out she’s not

My opinion on this book is that it kind of relates to real life crisis. There are many females who have been raped or almost got raped and have nightmares. The book makes you feel like you’re in Darcy’s shoes. The pain she went through to find out the truth and to let her secrets out to her friends and family. I think people would like this book because it suspenseful and it relates to real life.

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Shamya | 3 comments This book "Summer Of My Secrets" seems pretty interesting, because it does relate to real life. I also like that it does seem like a very suspenseful story. just from reading your review, it seems like the whole book is constantly adding more tension to the problems of the characters in the story. It seems as if almost all the characters have a secret from everyone else in the story.The only downfall i see from reading this book is the it seems sad in the beginning the kinda levels itself out by the end. Other than that, I think i would read this book.

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