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Jeffery Lee Radatz Jeffery Apr 22, 2015 10:01AM
I have yet to read this book, but I read in the USA Today that this book won this year's Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Has anyone read this book yet? That doesn't mean I want to know about the book. I want to read it myself...I just want to know your thoughts about the book! I have a new to-read list about reading Pulitzer-Prize winning books. I have read a few of them--and I know I have a long way to go, but please, your thoughts on this one> Thank you very much!

The beginning is will definitely arrest the reader's attention with the hauntingly beautiful descriptions. Truly is magical even in the darkest of times.

The best book I read this year. Loved it from beginning to end. Wonderful characters, beautifully written, amazing story.

I love WW2 fictions. My all time favourite was The Book Thief and Code Name Verity. And now this one. There is something about this book that you will keep on thinking about weeks after you have finished reading it. I was mostly angry about futility of war and its effect of innocent children. I highly recommend the book.

No question about it - I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. The author only spent 10 years writing it and you can see throughout the whole story his knowledge and passion for the characters and events. READ IT NOW! :)

I too like to read pulitzers. That said, I'm often disappointed when books that get a lot of hype just don't do it for me. ie Pillars of the Earth, the Alchemist, get the point,so I tend to shy away from the overly popular reads sometimes. This one got me though!! 5 stars for me. Loved it!! Yes, it!!

I loved this book - it's subtlety is misleading. The message is so profound.

I don't have any real interest in War fiction and the only reason I read it was because it won the Pulitzer. I'm glad I did, as I found it very immersive, convincing and interesting of what life must have been like in those times.
I don't know if you should do this but I compared it to last years winner (Donna Tartt's, The Goldfinch) and to me All The Lights We Cannot See will not have the same lasting impression as The Goldfinch did. It's worth reading all the same.

Patty Read, I feel totally the opposite. The main character in Goldfinch was so self-absorbed, I suppose because of the trauma he experienced. But he did no ...more
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This is one I've recommend to several people. It has WWII, Paris, a mostly unrequited love story and more!

Hope you enjoy and will look forward to your thoughts.

Although I did enjoy this book, it was not one of my all time favorites.

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Jeffery Lee Radatz Again, I want to thank every one of you for your thoughts!
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