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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

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Renee Holder | 3 comments The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
by Stephen King
Review by Renee Holder
Year of Publication: 1999
Pages: 264

I have never been lost in the woods. Actually, I've never thought about what it would be like if I were lost in the woods until I read Stephen Kings, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Patricia McFarland (Trisha) is nine years old and on a trail with her recently divorced mother and her brother Pete. As usual, mom and Pete were arguing. Pete was upset that he had to move away from his friends in Boston. Trisha felt ignored and after continuous times of asking them to stop for water, she decided she would go pee on her own. Instead of continuing the path with her mother and brother; she decided she would go forward instead of backtracking back to the trail they were on. She figured she would meet with them on the main trail. This plan, however, would be one of the worst she will ever make.
I consider this book in the horror and suspense genres. Throughout the book, I could almost feel the pain and horror she felt. As she traveled deeper into the woods, following streams hoping it would lead her to oceans or rivers, she got further away from her home. The only thing keeping her alive, in her mind anyway, was her walkman. She used it to listen to the radio. She loved Tom Gordon, a baseball player for the New York Red Sox. The more days that went on, however, she started to lose her sanity even more. She could see Tom Gordon in the woods with her. She knew it wasn't really him, but she didn't care how she looked anymore. She also knew someone was watching her in the woods. It left behind slaughtered animals with blood trails. She knew she was next, and she was just waiting for it to strike.
I believe this book can be read by all audiences. Not only does it describe the struggles of being lost in the woods, but it tells you about the families who loses someone. Never knowing if they are alive or dead. Never knowing if they will see them again, even if it is just their dead body or whatever is left of it in that matter. She didn't know this but when Trisha felt deep fear, her mother knew she was in trouble, and her father was there to comfort her mother even though they were separated. Trisha knew she was going to die in those woods, getting sicker each day. Will she eventually give up and let the “thing” following her in the woods get her or will she survive to see her family again. You’ll have to read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon to find out!

message 2: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 3 comments Stephen King is one of my favorite authors and this book looks very intriguing to me. I love how the review's summary passes on some of the suspense from the book and adds a cliffhanger.I definitely plan on reading this book in the future. The book fits right in one of my favorite categories, suspense. I enjoy reading a summary before the book so that I have sort of a background.I believe this is a great review and has influenced me greatly.

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LaKayla | 3 comments I've never been one to actually want to read a Stephen King book, however this caught my attention! It definitely makes me want to pick this book up and not stop reading until I find out what happens to the girl. The fact that the girl is so young, also intrigues me, how can a nine year old girl survive on her own in the woods? The cliffhangers are great! Who's following her? When did her family realize she was gone, and the biggest question: Is she going to die? Or will she find her family? I will definitely read this book in the near future!

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