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Lovely bones book review

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message 1: by Evelina (new)

Evelina Le | 3 comments The Lovely Bones:
By: Alice Sebold // 2002
Book Review: Evelina Le

In Alice Sebold’s novel “The lovely Bones” she writes about the suspense of murder. The book was published in 2002 but the plot was 1973 about a 14 year old Susie Salmon who was murdered/raped by her neighbor George Harvey when he tricked her to go into an underground room in the cornfield made just for her. Harvey was a lonely man who had the satisfaction in killing, Susie of course was not the first. He enjoys making doll houses and lying. The family didn’t take it the news so well. Her father Jack was determined to find the killer, but the mother Abigail drifts off into her own little world. The younger sister Lindsey bottles everything up inside and doesn’t really know how to express her feelings to others. The last child Buckley was 4 when she died and he doesn’t really seem to know anything throughout the book but he does know she is gone. As for Susie her spirit goes to her own personal Heaven when she accidently touches Ruth Conner’s, which made Ruth obsessed with the death of Susie. Susie would roam Earth and sees how her family/friends react to her death. Her father soon suspects Harvey for the death of his daughter, but he doesn’t have evidence to turn him in. “A fathers suspicion is as good as a mothers intuition.” Later in the book Abigail would have an affair with the detective on the murder case of Susie, Len Fenerman. At the time Lindsey would break into Harvey’s house trying to prove what her father couldn’t. She found a sketch of the cornfield which was evidence but Harvey reported to the police before they could’ve done anything. He then flees town. Susie would meet everybody who Harvey murdered up in heaven. Abigail leaves Jack and found a job in Cali, she returns after 8 years of hearing he had a heart attack. Lindsey was engaged to her boyfriend since high school and they moved into the woods. Jack and Abigail gets back together and helps Buckley throughout his years. Ruth and Ray stands where Harvey buried Susie’s cut up body pieces, a sinkhole where he kept her body parts in the safe, at the same time Harvey returns to the same place. Ruth and Susie felt the same emotion which causes their spirit to switch bodies. As Susie was in Ruth’s body she makes love to Ray her crush before she died. After a while she left Ruth’s body she returned to heaven. As for Harvey he died over a cliff after stalking a girl and getting hit by an icicle and died. In the end Susie was happy in heaven and moved to a larger part of heaven.

The beginning of the book really disgusts me, I watched the movie about a few years back but I did not know Harvey rapped Susie. The book itself was really great, Alice gave lots of detail from beginning to end. Some parts made me tear up and others made me furious. While reading I can see how corrupt the family became and everybody kind of had their own way of dealing with the sudden death of Susie. The book captures Susie in heaven and then Susie when she was alive. Walking around as a spirit I can see how much she wanted Harvey dead and herself alive. I really hated the ending, Harvey shouldn't have died like that. For a guy who killed and raped multiple girls should’ve been tortured, he’s a psychopath who ruined a lot of families. This book made me realize that there are actually people like him out there in the world. Overall the book was good with full detail and emotion. I felt what every family member felt, it was real.

message 2: by Renee (new)

Renee Holder | 3 comments This sounds like a very interesting book. I have never read it or saw the movie. I also believe that Harvey should have deserved something more then the death he got. He should have been caught so the family would have been at ease. I can understand how each family member deals with her death differently. So this is a book that may be fun to read some day.

message 3: by LaKayla (new)

LaKayla | 3 comments I have heard of this book and movie on many occasions, but never really seemed interested. After reading this summary I will definitely read this book! The death of Susie is such a great tragedy, and no one should have to go through it. It did make me realize that people like Harvey do exist, and it makes me so angry! This was a beautifully written review and really captured my attention. I will read this book/watch this movie soon. As for Harvey: I completely agree with you! His death was an easy way out in my opinion, I feel like he should have suffered a lot worse.

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