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Lauren Oliver
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Before I Fall

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Tianna L.Reed | 3 comments Tianna L. Reed
Honors English
4th hour
Before I Fall
Lauren Oliver
It’s rough being a teenager in middle school. Fitting in, getting people to notice you, being popular, all are a part of life that everyone wants to live. Especially if you are a kid that attends Jefferson High.
If you are a person who likes teenage drama, this book is for you. It’s a mix of fiction, a little comedy, and romance. I would definitely say that this is not a book for little children. Or middle school kids at that.

17 year olds Lindsay Edgecombe, Samantha Kingston, Elody, and Ally. Being popular certainly is hard. But for these girls it comes easy. They never get in trouble for anything and they smoke and get drunk a lot. Well on February 12. That’s Cupid Day. Cupid day is a very special day because everyone can tell how popular you are by how many roses someone sends you at the end of the day. Now with being popular comes great responsibility. That means you can’t talk to anyone that isn't popular like you basically. One rose for Samantha Kingston wouldn't count because it came from her Childhood sweet heart that isn't popular. Well he’s having a party after school on Cupids day. Now when you’re older, everyone is so concerned about if you've lost your v-card or not. Well that’s kind of why Samantha Kingston wants to go. Her boyfriend Rob is going and after they go for a couple of hours they’re going to do it. Well that doesn’t happen because Rob is drunk from too many drinks and kills the mood. Well then that’s when Juliet Sykes aka Psycho Killer comes to the party, fists balled and ready to hurt someone. Everyone goes silent and stares at her. She looks at the four girls, Lindsay, Elody, Ally, and Sam. She calls them all B@!*?es and then they start chanting this chant that they made up from her. It’s from a movie actually. They say “Psycho Killer! Que’est Que C’est” then they all poured their beers on her making her soaking wet. She runs off and cries. After the party everyone is so drunk but they have to go home so they go home and drive home drunk which isn’t a good idea. They’re driving home and Lindsay is trying to light a cigarette while driving and drops the cigarette in her lap taking her hands off the steering wheel and swerving when she sees Juliet Sykes and goes right into the woods and the car is tumbling in the woods. The car is totaled and unable to move. At least that’s all that Samantha remembers. Then the next day, is the same as it was yesterday. It is February 12, Cupids day. As she’s trying to fix things in the past, she runs into trouble. She experiences this for the next week and the last one is the final one. She makes everything better. But the author leaves you in suspense at the end because you have to infer if she died, or if she lived again.

In my opinion, this Is defiantly a book that needs to be read. I absolutely loved it. In some ways I kind of didn't like how they had inappropriate things in it but I guess you just have to be mature about it .the people that may want to read this is teenagers. I loved it and I think others will too.

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Evelina Le | 3 comments Before I fall sounds like an interesting book! It already sounds great with your book review. So did she kill Lindsay or did she die on her own in the woods? She doesn't know if shes dead or not shes just reliving that day Feb 12? I have to agree this book doesn't seem fit for younger children, but overall it sounds good. Definitely will give it a read later on.

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Renee Holder | 3 comments This book seems like a movie I watched called Mean Girls. Except Psycho Killer seems to be the one starting the trouble. But does she start the trouble because she was bullied by these girls? The girls were also in the wrong for chanting that chant. It sounds interesting and gives you some live lessons about the world and what bad things can happen when doing drugs. It sound like a good book to try out later!

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