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John walks out of the boss area carrying the bosses head. He puts it I his pack and starts to run to a group of level 12 fallen. He jumps up and activate his super charge smashing the ground and ahniailating the group. He runs of again to search for another group.

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((FYI this roleplay isn't like a video game it's like real life just based off of Destiny.))

An Exo hunter walked around and glanced down at Titan before her. Her tattered hood blew against her in the light breeze as she analyzed him. She was known as the stranger across the land, but really all she was was another guardian, even though she wasn't forged from the light as the rest of the guardians were. Her bright blue mechanical eyes shown brightly as the lights inn them light up, show a mild interest in John.

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((Thanks for the heads up lol))

He plowed through another wave of fallen that were unexpededly strong. Minor damage to his armor but that was all. He opened his ghost an sighed. "So whats are next target? I have been killing all these fallen and I need to kill something stronger."
The ghost was still for a moment and then said, "We are being observed, keep your eyes out for anything suspicious. You need to find someone to fight with someone. Soloing all this time you are lucky to have lived this long with your ignorant self."
Heuts away his ghost. "A partner huh, yeah who would partnrr up with me." He got up and started walking off.

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[ yep ]

The Stranger watched him for awhile longer before she seemed to lose interest. She turned back and seemed to disappear as she slipped through the shadows with agility. She passed the other Titan within a couple feet of him, but didn't even stop as she ran past him. This hadn't been the first time she had seen a soloist, but it was probably one of the most reckless that she had seen in awhile.

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"team up haha yeah I don't really need that." he walked farther on I'm stopped to think what if he really needed some neaded back. he threw away the thought yeah he didn't really need that it be too much of a hassle. and he wasn't even good at making friends let alone keeping them. so lost in thought that he stepped on the path of some strong fallen. "I'm not in a really good mood and you just making it worse." jumped up in the air and activated his fist of havec. when he hit the ground none of them were really been damaged.

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None of the fallen had been affected by his attack due to the fact that Ainvi was darting right past and got hit with it, and for the first time she appeared and was practically right under the fallen. Cursing she quickly got her riffle and shot the brains out of the fallen that had been towering over her. Its body body descended on her, pinning her beneath it. After struggling for a bit she managed to free herself and was already prepared to fight, though though shot John a glance that obviously held malice.

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"Woah were did you come from?" he got out his Auto rifle and raise hell. They were a lot easier with a teammate or extra hand at least. But this one didn't really seem to like me very much. "Uhm sorry I hit you but I didn't see you there." he switched to his sniper and jumped to a building and began sniping. Head shot after headshot fallen went down like dead tries that had been pushed over. "I'm John nice to meet you."

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Ainvi didn't even acknowledge John as knives left her fingertips with such grace. She had the insane agility as most Hunters had and she weaved through the fallen, planting bombs as she weaved through them. Without minutes the entire team had been decimated. Once finished, Ainvi went through the corpses and recovered her throwing knives. She glanced at John, but didn't say a thing for awhile. "Attack the enemy next time." She said obviously referring to him dragging her into that battle.

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"Yeah my bad. I do thing before I think a lot. Like attempting a wizard on the moon with no experience. Sure I beat him but took a fatal wound and almost died. Soloing is tough, ya. I have gotten I to some crap that some teams would get decimated by. But I never really understood how people couldn't do the hard stuff alone you know." he puts away his sniper. "We made a good team though. Maybe we should form a team, ya?" He removed his helmet and smiled at her. "I didn't catch your name."

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Ainvi watched him with a calculating gaze. Her lit up eyes held no emotion, but seemed harsh nonetheless. "Stop rambling, I don't do teams." Heck half of the time the Exo Hunter didn't even do the whole fighting the Fallen thing. As he removed his helmet, if she could, she would've rolled her eyes. She strapped her riffle to her back and put her knives away before turning to leave. She had watched him enough and now she was bored with him so she would find a different guardian to watch.

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"Alright then fight me. If I win you join a team with me. If you win we part ways and I won't complain. But turning a team down despite it obviously being a crazy good team. That's just a plain waste and a stupid decision. I said I wouldn't join a team, but seeing what a two person team can do, I would feather have a teammate to fight by there side to the death rather than die alone." he gets out his Heavy and loads it. It was a full clip, thank god it was a Machine gun. "So what do you say."

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Ainvi glanced back at the Titan, though her stride never broke. "I don't fight if there's no enemy and I don't do teams." She replied frankly. "If I were to fight I would be fighting to kill, and until I killed you I wouldn't stop unless you kill me first." She replied gruffly as she continued to walk. She had absolutely no interest in fighting or joining John and it was obvious she wasn't going to indulge him either.

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( hello?)

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(( I don't know where jack is. He hasn't responded in other role plays either ))

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 7 comments Kirigaya, upon spawn, started sprinting to a higher level area. As he got closer, he slowed to a walk. When he was in viewing range of the cave, a group of level 3 Fallen began to shoot at him. It was only a minor annoyance, but he figured he'd have a little fun. Without looking at the Fallen, he pulled out his scout rifle and fired in their direction. 5 shots for 5 Fallen, all of them were dead on the ground. He still had his old touch.

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((I know destiny's a game, but this is more of a realistic version of it rather then a game version. )) so basically no levels and no respawning and such))

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 7 comments ((Okay.))

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