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PaperMoon | 665 comments What an insightful and educational read! I have a nephew whose diagnosis falls within the Aspergers spectrum disorder and I now have a much fuller understanding of what he feels/thinks. Gives me some ideas on how to better communicate with him as well.

Both Emmet and Jeremey face immense challenges and I appreciated that Ms Cullinan did not plumb the depths of pathos and trauma in unfolding the stories for each young man. I did feel that some of the prose/dialogue/conversation sounded a little too 'mature' for 18/19 year olds - particularly when they're trying to reach out and connect with each other despite their own pain. Maybe a little more 'freaking out' and 'behaving badly' IMO ...

That said - this book ranks up there for me together with Ethan, Who Loved Carter, Gives Light and 366 Days; definitely one of my better reads for 2015 to date.

It would seem that this is the first book in what is called the "The Roosevelt Series". So I hope the author will be providing a sequel soon on what our boys get up to. And maybe even give David a full book of his own?

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Mercedes | 373 comments Hi PM!

I liked this one too! I asked Heidi and she said David's story was actually next. And yes it's going to be MF.

PaperMoon | 665 comments How great is that news - thanks Mercedes.

Emilie (neyronrose) | 451 comments I thought this was good. Hopefully it will give other people more understanding about the various disabilities some of the characters had. I liked that the romance didn't magically "cure" anyone, but that Emmet and Jeremey worked hard to manage their disabilities, and both got tools for doing so.

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