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P.G. Woodhouse books

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Curly Chronicles Hey friends, any opinions on P.G Woodhouse books....

Cindy They are simply wonderful!! The perfect antidote to the stress of modern life. They are hilarious, with wonderful characters and ridiculous and thoroughly touching situations. Every page he wrote had at least one unforgettable turn of phrase or hilarious predicament. He was a genius!!!!

message 3: by Teri-K (last edited Jul 02, 2015 06:47PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Teri-K Puja wrote: "Hey friends, any opinions on P.G Woodhouse books...."

I've enjoyed Wodehouse's novel for years. I do think some are better than others; I especially like his Jeeves books that take place in England. But I've enjoyed some of his non-Jeeves books, too.

You have to be able to enjoy silliness to like these books. They aren't satirical or clever, just absurd and funny.

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