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How could we abate "women abuse" ? The story ended without telling the solution but restricted upto discussing the problem. What could be done to eradicate "women abuse" from INDIA?
Harini Parthiban Harini (last edited Apr 22, 2015 12:04AM ) Apr 21, 2015 11:57PM
Well, since this story revovles around this particular problem on "women abuse", I thought it would be apt to discuss this here. For the same question i posted, here is my idea. This is what i think "better to do" against rapists. I will call this as MISSION: LET'S CUT'EM. It may sound funny actually this mission does evolv from a funny discussion that i had with my friends on "punishing rapists". What we think is Indian government witnessed many a number of women abuses starting from 6 year old being raped to 60 year getting pregnant illegally. Some rough survey showed that each second 2 girls are being molested and for a month, the number goes beyond four digit figures. It's unfortunate thing that though our government is taking all firm actions (!!!!) against the rapists, there are still rapes and women harassment. SO, there should be some other things than those ones which we are following now. "A VERY CRUEL PUNISHMENT" against the abusers. It's just to cut the genital organ which differentiates their gender and is responsible for feeling petty lust. I am not stating that this the best and ethical method to eradicate women abuse..yea, the thing i mentioned is a bit "cruel and may be unacceptable".But at the same time we can not leave them as such, though the rapists who were responsible for the cruel death of nirbhaya were imprisoned and also sentenced to serve in jail till death, there are still rapes and women abuse happening in India . This shows that "potential rapists" are STILL not afraid of law and justice. so , no other things other than increasing the intense of punishments may reduce "women abuse". SO. when police found rapists next time, it's advisable to "cut them"( them, here means genital organ that differentiate MALE ). If one rapist was given this punishment flagrantly, other rapists will think once before committing crime. They may worry that for a pleasure that last for some minutes, is it correct to lose their definable organ?. The wrong doers may/will subsequently reduce in number, If this method of punishment is followed. This may not be the ultimate end but will be a start for good and fortunate future of INDIAN women. Or else, we have to send the women of India to different planet in future just to safeguard them from this brutals, if they are not being punished severely in present.
PS: This is purely an individual opinion and hope this forum has more people who won't take this in a wrong way and support or at least suggest some views to eradicate "women abuse". Ideas may vary but the goal is "eradicating women abuse from india and making it a better country for women to live in " :)

It is difficult to agree with your opinion.Because the trauma that the person may experience after cutting the genitals is too much I suppose.He might as well incline to suicide which is worse than death punishment.Rapists should be punished severely but I do not think that it should be this.

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Harini Parthiban you say "punishing severly", what are the ways you can give them severe punishment? Watching a women being squashed in the hands of lusty bru ...more
Apr 22, 2015 12:17AM

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