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Harry Potter vs Percy Jackosn
Anirudh Rao Anirudh Apr 21, 2015 11:49PM
What is better - Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

Harry Potter for sure

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Harry Potter, hands down.
Preference is preference, but quality is quality.

Interestingly, I have observed various adult relatives picking up Percy Jackson books on a whim and being appalled.
The same relatives enjoy Harry Potter, including my grandma who read them in her eighties.
I told them people compare PJ to HP; they're instant reaction, "what are they smoking?"

I can see where Percy Jackson is fun, but it's true that the two series are on different levels.

I love Harry Potter! The plot is great and there are so many twist and turns. I get attached to characters and it makes me emotional and leads me to my childhood.

Percy Jackson is awesome and if you had asked me in fourth grade or fifth I would have answered Percy Jackson because of the humor, adventure, and humor.
But I've gotten more attached HP and after re reading it so many times, I realize how brilliant it is! The details are great and there is no little detail seeing as JK Rowling always knows when to add a twist!

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And for all you guys who say you don't really like mythology, Guess what??? Where do you think Fluffy was based off of huh? And what about Centaurs? And Hagrid, who happens to be a half-giant. (Did I mention giants are Greek mythology?) So next time, think on THAT when you're about to say you don't like mythology.

Harry Potter=Greek Mythology
You= :( Greek Mythology
You= :( Harry Potter

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They are both very well written, creative and are very interesting. In my opinion, there is no better.

Some people may disagree, but I personally loved both series equally, for the fact they had a unique, creative style to them

I like Harry Potter a bit better. I mean it's really close, but Harry Potter is more fun, and kind of more intense. But, again, it's super close.

I love both, but if I had to choose on pain of death I'd say Percy Jackson. However, both series are awesome!

I've read both and like both a lot, but I would choose Harry Potter hands down.

Percy Jackson has my vote I like how the author made the story on a unique and different topic.

I love both but if i had to choose i'd say hp

I love both series so much and it is very hard to choose but personally I would say Harry Potter. I love both and it is again very hard to choose but again Harry Potter. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!

Harry.no contest.

Harry Potter for the win. I basically grew up on those books and I like how everything was more in depth and you really felt that you grew up with those characters and Hogwarts. PJ is still great, and you can never go wrong with Greek mythology, but I felt that the series only skimmed the surface of their characters. All in all, PJ did not make you feel as if you were apart of the series. God forbid we even speak of the movies :)

Harry Potter, absolutely. These books are hardly even in the same class.

Ironically, I have never been interested in witches and wizards and have always been fascinated by mythology. But HP is a much better story. Much more intricate and the characters are more well-developed. Certainly more original.
I had to struggle to get through the first few Percy Jacksons and gave up on either the third or the fourth (I don't even remember which) because I was bored.

Harry Potter wins any day.

Personally I liked the Percy Jackson series more, but when it comes down to it, Harry would kill Percy from a distance casually.

Harry Potter, he can fight from a mile away while Percy has to fight up close. And by the end of the last harry potter book he's grown up. Harry's just better.

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