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Ceaser will be played by me)

Please put your character's name/names and what you are wearing


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Artemis, this is only if your character has been reaped. I'm sorry

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Zu Jericho District 10
description (excluding the hat...)

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When do u wan to do your intrrviews?

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Give me about 3 hours then I get out of school.

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Ok *thumbs up*

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Amazing! When do u want your characters interview

We Are The Fallen~I’m sending a raven with blood on its wings~ I don't know probably tomorrow? I can tell you then for sure.

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Danny wrote: "When do u wan to do your intrrviews?"

Tomorrow?? It'll be a sunday for me!!

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ You can do yours whenever you want. Not all of them are being done at the same time.

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Yup, ((brendan, can u help me with interviewing?))

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Sure, just tell me what to do and when to do it.

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Where is what?

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Making ur topic now :3

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I posted ur topic ♪

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I can do the interview whenever but I might comment a little delayed because Australian time zones will have me at school when y'all be asleep and when I'm asleep y'all be awake and doing whatever y'all do

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ I can do your interview once I get to a computer to make the topic.

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thanks, bruh

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ No problem. Give me a few hours.

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