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Here you can participate in a game of Capture the Flag. Here are the teams: Athena is head of blue team with Poseidon, Hermes, Bellona, Apollo, Aphrodite and Hephaestus also blue, while Ares is heading the red team with Dionysus, Demeter, Zeus, and Hades. The Hunters are also a separate green team. If you choose to use a minor camper, just place that cabin on whatever side you want. Sorry if I forgot one :P.
Here are some characters, but don't forget you can use anyone you want:
Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase--CabinSixGryffindorEOW
Piper McLean
Jason Grace
Hazel Levesque
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano--CabinSixGryffindorEOW
Frank Zhang
Nico di Angelo
Thalia Grace
Clarisse LaRue
Create a Hunter!
Create a Camper!
To have a whole game, feel free to use two characters. In case you didn't notice, we are also using both CHB characters and Camp Jupiter characters in one game.
Have fun! (And if I may say, go blue team!)

Gracie (graciebbooks) | 163 comments Mod
Annabeth stands in front of the blue team with co-captains Reyna and Percy. "Is everyone clear on the strategy?" she yells to the abnormally large team. Ever since Camp Jupiter started participating, games of Capture the Flag have been larger than ever.

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CabinThree_Manchester4 is Piper

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Okay you can post whenever

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After overhearing one of the girls from her cabin state that we should be the pink team instead of blue. Piper shouts "Blue Team Ready!"

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"Okay," says Reyna. "Where should we place the flag?"

Gracie (graciebbooks) | 163 comments Mod
Annabeth thinks for a moment. "How about right outside Bunker 9?"

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