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Hey! Ideas?

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X (cylxin) Romance, horror, and fantasy.

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X (cylxin) Okay. So they are friends from...

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Hm, why not enemies from high school & they share a college dorm and start liking/loving each other

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X (cylxin) Okay.

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Can I be female?

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X (cylxin) Okay!

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Name: Alanna Quirk
Age: 19
Looks: Xenia Goodwin

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X (cylxin) Name: Hail
Appearance:Image from

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Great! Can u start?

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X (cylxin) Okay.


Hail walked outside on a very sunny day, playing soccer with his friends.

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Alanna walks by and sees him and glares at him amd walks over "Can I play?" She said not making eyecontact with Hail

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X (cylxin) Hail looked up and saw her. He raised his eyebrows and laughed.

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Alanna gives him a death glare "What afraid I'll beat the shit out of you?" She says with an eyebrow raised with a challenge

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X (cylxin) He frowned. He doesn't like challenges, especially for girls. Losing- in front of his friends.

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She crosses her arms with a smirk "Thought so" she turns around and falls face first in mud

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X (cylxin) He tried not to laugh, but giggled."Sorry." He said. Hail stopped. Why did I say that? He thought.

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Alanna looks at him with glaring eyebrows "I dare you to say that again you little" she stops proccessing the comment "Wait, huh?"

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X (cylxin) (Sorry)
He shook his head. Why? I must lost my mind. He thought over and over again.

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Alanna threw a mud all "Earth to Hail? I'm waiting for a comeback!"

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X (cylxin) ((All over Hail?))

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X (cylxin) Hail wiped off the mud off him. He was angry, but not showing them.

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Alanna sits in the mud waiting "Ha-ail" she sing songs

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X (cylxin) Hail raised his eyebrows. "What are you doing?" He said.

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Alanna sighs "I'm waiting for a comeback. You always have the best comebacks"

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X (cylxin) "Why you say that?" He added.

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Alanna shrugs "You j-just do" she blushes

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X (cylxin) He felt different now. "Thanks." He said.

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Alanna nods and hugs him "You're welcome" she said wiping the mud all over him

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X (cylxin) 'Ewwwww...' He thought.

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Alanna wipes the mud all over him, snickering. "Bye, Loser" she whips around gigglimg

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X (cylxin) Now he noticed that he was fooled. "I'll never trust you again!!!" He called behind her.

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"Too bad! We just got assigned dorm mates! Good luck" she yells back

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X (cylxin) He sat down, in the mud. "Oh, no." He hang his head down. "No..."

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When he was in the room, she knocks on the door "Hail! Open up!" She says clutching her diary. She secretly liked him

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X (cylxin) Hail sighed. "Okay." He moaned. He opened the door and saw her.

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Alanna walks inside. In her diary she had written about him. She looks around and says ""

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X (cylxin) "Um. Hi?" He said and saw the book in her hand. "What's that?" He asked her, curious.

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Alanna hides it "What book?"

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X (cylxin) He was confused. "That book that was in your hand before."

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Alanna sighed "Its, errrrr, nothing" she says holding it up high which was a bad mistake since he was taller then her"

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X (cylxin) He took it and opened it. "Wait a minute.. This is not a reading book..."

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Alanna winced holding her head in her hands. Every entry was about him

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X (cylxin) He read some of the pages."This is everything about me..." He said.

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"Give it" she cried out lifting her her head "That's private!" The one he was readingv had a thing on how she loved him

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X (cylxin) He stopped and put the book next to him. "What! You like?"

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Alanna sits down crying "I-I do"

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