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What kind of roleplay would you want?

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I don't care. Do you have any ideas?

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I dunno, Fantasy or Realistic?

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Realistic high school? Bad boy meets abused girl?

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Sounds fun. Want boy or girl?

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I don't care, but preferably girl?

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I'm fine with either.

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Okay. Template?

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What kind?

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Oh I dunno.

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Optional info


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Name: Madeline "Maddy" Robotelle
Optional info: Nothing much

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Name: Brandon Rhodes
Age: 17

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So start at going to class?

Maddy covered up her arm with her sleeves and slammed her locker shut.

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Brandon was pushed into Maddy by his football friends. "Are you alright?" He asked in genuine concern, despite his friends mocking him as he did so.

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Maddy glared fiercely at him. "Yes, despite your best efforts.

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"Look, I didn't mean to." Brandon picked up her book that she dropped and handed it over to her softly.

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"Obviously." She rolled her eyes.

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Brandon sighed, leaving something on her stack of books. It was a card with his number. Before she could look up he was gone.

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She gaped after him, her eyes narrowing. She hesitated before slipping it into her pocket and walking away.

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Brandon went to class, his phone on vibrate as he would text during school. He was curious to see if Maddy would respond.

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Maddy texted him, "What do you want."

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"I want you to know I really didn't mean to run into you."

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"Really. That's why you gave me your number, Don Juan."

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"Plus you're cute." Brandon admitted.

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"Calling BS on that statement."

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"Why else would I be willing to text you?"

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"For help on homework?"

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"I have straight A's." Brandon laughed lightly.

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"Or a joke?"

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"You can think that. But the truth is you're pretty."

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"Whatever. I will not play this game."

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"This isn't a game." Brandon insisted.

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"Your dice."

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"What?" Brandon looked confused, but she couldn't see that.

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"Your turn. I'm done with mine. You can roll know."

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((Knock Knock Knock.))

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"What does that even mean?" Brandon asked.

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"Never mind. What do you want again?"

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"To go on a date with you." Brandon said hopefully.

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Maddy froze her texting. And then furiously typed back, "Stop messing with me."

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"I'm NOT messing with you. I just want to go out, and away from my friends. They're jerks and you aren't."

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"Why do you hang out with them?"

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"My parents are their parents' friends. If I didn't, I'd have hell at school and at home."

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"Fine. When?"

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