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X (cylxin) Hi

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So what kinda role-play?

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X (cylxin) Do You mind.....
Romance or Horror?

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Romance preferably.

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X (cylxin) So I am the girl or boy?

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I don't care.

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X (cylxin) Do you mind being the boy?

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Nope! What kinda romance? High school, fantasy, college, etc?

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X (cylxin) High School

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OKay, plot line?


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X (cylxin) Okay

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Popular boy transforms nerd girl?


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X (cylxin) Lol okay.

Appearance:Image from

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X (cylxin) Okay. Can you start?

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Axel slammed his locker, picking up his backpack and shoving his buddies.

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X (cylxin) Rain walked in, after a rainy day, feeling bright and happy.

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Axel laughed at something his friend Paul said and then turned, running straight into someone.

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X (cylxin) Rain didn't see that he is heading for her and then started to walk to his direction.

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Axel laughed it off, passing Rain before Paul nudged him, asking, "What are you going to do about Laynie bailing on you and switching schools?"

Axel shrugged. "I'll just have to replace her."

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X (cylxin) She stopped and saw them. "Hi." She said.

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Axel hesitated. "Hi." He said, brushing her off slightly, wondering why she would talk to them.

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X (cylxin) Rain turned around, stood and looked at other people talking to each other.

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Axel rolled his eyes. "If I have only this selection to pick from, I'm screwed."

Paul punched his arm. "I dare you that you can't take a perfectly unacceptable girl and make her prom queen."

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X (cylxin) She stood up again, walking to her classroom and carrying her backpack.

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Axel pondered momentarily. "You've got at deal," he said, shaking hand with Paul.

Paul laughed. "You get Rain." He snickered, running away.

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X (cylxin) Rain saw her classroom until her friend stopped by.
"Hi." She said. "Hi." Rain said back to her.
Rain's friend walked away and talked to her friends.

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Axel gaped after him. "Not fair." He yelled and then went to his next class, which he knew Rain would be in.

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X (cylxin) (Sam?)

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(Not braining today sorry!)

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X (cylxin) (That's okay. Me too...)

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X (cylxin) Rain opened the door to her class and started to walk in.

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X (cylxin) (:) )

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X (cylxin) (0~0)

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X (cylxin) (:D)

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Alex sighed and then went to the next class.

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X (cylxin) She looked around her class.

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Alex waved at her.

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