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message 1: by Denver -writes poems drinks wine-, Built of Broken Pieces (new)

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 147 comments Mod

Hello everyone! I'm Denver, I'm sure a few of you all know a bit about me! But here's a little overview:3
I'm 21, in college for an English major, going to be getting my private pilots license, enjoy Ghost Hunting as a hobby, and am a psychic for higher (truth. it's not fake people). Some of my favourite books are Paper Towns, Dirty Pretty Things, The Big Crunch, and, as of late, an autobiography by a comedian!
I enjoy helping others with their problems (part of the whole psychic dealio) so if you ever have any, please do come to me<3 I like kittens and the colour purple. Stonefield is my real life otp! I hardcore ship Slexie from Grey's Anatomy (RIP bbys) and Game of Thrones is one of my favourite tv shows, as well as Ghost Hunters.
I'm currently going to two different schools (my university, and flight school) so I'm often busy, but I'll always have time for you guys, since you're all so absolutely lovely<3


message 2: by lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ], The Thief Princess (new)

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 323 comments Mod
Hello People!

Ok, so, as you probably already know, I'm Ronia, and, as you also probably know, I'm a co-mod of this wonderful group here! I adore Marvel superheroes, and one of my favorite Marvel creations are the X-Men! My two favorite X-Men are Nightcrawler and Gambit! Other things I love are anime, manga, cats, reading, and fangirling! My favorite ship would probably have to be Chaol and Celeana, but its always changing! I love helping people out, so if you need anything let me know and I'll help you ASAP! Also, I LOVE collaborating with people, so if you have any ideas, I'm always open for more collabs! Also, my life is basically GR and Tumblr, so I'm almost always available for questions!

So, in summary;
I'm A Weird Fangirl! Yay! Peace out!

message 3: by juno., doodlemod (last edited Apr 21, 2015 10:26PM) (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 144 comments Mod

The name's Juno. I'm (as of now) the newest mod of this amazing group, and I hope I can help y'all out!

All you need to know about me is that I'm 15, I doodle lots — too much for my own good, actually — and I'm in the weirdest collection of fandoms possible, from anime to TV to movie to books. (view spoiler)

I also love worldbuilding and making characters that don't fit into said world. I have so many ships it's almost unreal, so bear with me if I ship everything.

My mod title is doodlemod! :)

message 4: by Hayley, Theatre Nerd (last edited May 20, 2015 01:53PM) (new)

Hayley | 78 comments Mod

Hello everyone :)
My names Hayley, I'm 17 and the latest mod for this group.

Things you may want to know about me:
I'm a theatre nerd and go to drama classes three times a week and have shows every few months.
My fandoms are Disney, Anything Marvel, Harry Potter, Les Miserables, Anything theatre, Criminal Minds and Once Upon a time as for ships I ship differently for different fandoms- for Les Mis and marvel it's nearly always slash through I do like Natasha/Steve or Steve/Peggy. For Disney- canon couples. Harry Potter- it changes regularly.
I'm from England and that's all that's interesting about me, other than I have an avid interest in mythology. Any questions please ask :)

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