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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Sells | 3 comments I began to read it some years back at a friends. Its a futureworld where certain humans developed telekinesis and fly their ships by moving a beam of wood that the ship has embedded in its structure. There are also black skinned genetically modifieds that can live in space naked. I can remember that the protagonists ships name is Dineen. The Psi class live in super tall towers that they mustfly up to. I've been looki gfor years. Any help is appreciated.

message 2: by Melanti (new)

Melanti | 333 comments The portion about using telekinesis to fly spaceships and the tall towers sound similar to Anne McCaffery's Tower and Hive series.

I don't recall any beams of woods though, and the closest I can come to Dineen with that series is the planet Deneb.

There's enemy aliens of some sort, but I don't recall what they looked like.

Justanotherbiblophile | 1767 comments Does NOT sound like the Talent series by McCaffery, as suggested by Melanti. There is one correspondence; 'fly spaceships with TK'. No wood necessary for the TK. No vacuum-enabled black GMO-men. No TK-accessible-only towers.

I know of a couple other 'fly ships with TK', but none that match the other portions of this query.

Cumbling Michael (CumblingMichael) | 166 comments The author Paul S Kemp has written a number of stories set on the world "New Dineen". However, they're mostly sword-and-sorcery rather than SF. Strangely, despite his being a fairly prolific writer, Goodreads doesn't seem to have any record of his books. You could Google his collection of Dineen short stories, "Ephemera".

message 5: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Sells | 3 comments This book was written in the 80's ... Another detail is that the psi's propel glass marbles at things hypersonically. The last chapter I read was where the protagonist submerged his ship in a lake to hide it but found that the seals failed and waterlogged it.

message 6: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 39287 comments Mod
Kevin, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

message 7: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Sells | 3 comments Still looking

message 8: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35138 comments Mod
Kevin, around what year did you read this book - early/late 1980s, early 1990s, etc.?

Can you tell us more about the main character - his job, skills/interests, family/friends, main goals & challenges, etc.?

Is this a full-length novel or a novella/short story in a science fiction collection/anthology? For older adults or young adults (teens)?

Asia (semi–hiatus) (booknerd117) | 205 comments Are you still looking for this book? Or did you find it?

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