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Please post your finished character here.

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Name: Connor Argos Nightshade
Age: 19
Gender: male
Species: human guardian
Class: Titan


Personality: Connor is a very very smartass guy, but only against enemies. He likes to think every battle is a game. His passion for his team drives him to keep fighting, he loves to be the muscle and brute force of the team. But strip away his armor and muscles he is just a normal guy lookin to run a knife through a aliens head.

History: as a young boy, Connors parents were both Titans. They both died on the field of battle, they were killed by those things we like to call Space turtles. After Connor saw the dead bodies of his parents he ran out of the hospital and that's when it all began.he started training and getting his body in top shape to be a guardian. Something just clicked when he saw his parents dead, he wanted to protect others from this evil and be able to save the from this same fate.

Family/friends: family is deceased and his friends are his team

>primary~secret Handshake shotgun
>secondary~ rocket

Power up:
>fist of havoc

> fighting
> protecting his team

> water
> talking to friends
> being gentle

Biggest fear: not being able to meet other people's expectations of him
Other: none

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Name: John Nightshield
Age: 19
Gender: male
Species: human guardian
Class: Titan

Personality: Uknown

History: Uknown

Family/friends: Uknown
Primary- Auto rifle-
Special- Sniper Rifle-
Heavy- Machine Gun-

Power up:
-fist of havoc

-All range fire fighting
- HAnd to hand Fighting
-Taking hits

-Showing emotion

Biggest fear: Uknown
Other: none

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Woot thanks.

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 7 comments Name: Kirigaya Kazuto
Age: 17
Gender: male
Species: exo guardian
Class: Warlock


Personality: Very intelligent, laughs at acts of stupidity, and will do anything to beat someone who doesn't deserve the title.

History: Unspeakable

Family/friends: Dead/Lost
Primary: Scout Rifle-MIDA Multi-tool
Special: Sniper Rifle-Patience and Time
Heavy: Machine Gun-Super Good Advice

Power up:
Nova Bomb

-Long range shooting.
-Outsmarting the enemy.

-Taking hits.
-Dealing with things beyond himself.

Biggest fear: The unknown.
Other: none

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I don't normally do anima but accepted.

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 7 comments Thank you! You recognized it.

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No, I am not into the anime

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Dartanion (dl3392k12sdus) | 7 comments Yeah anyway!

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