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Girl A and Guy A were childhood sweethearts. Girl A wasn't all that confident, her parents, unhappy with their marriage. Guy A, had a dying mother, but a positive outlook on life. The two gave each other what the other needed. That was, until they were separated. Guy A's mother died, leaving him to move out to his aunt's, and never to see his dear friend Girl A again.

Girl A grew, and eventually got into the college of her dreams. Making friends was hard, that is until she met Girl B (her room mate) along with Guy B (her classmate). Together the three became a wonderful team. One day, however, Girl B insists that Girl A and Guy B come with her to the movies. Neither knew that Girl B was bringing her new boyfriend.

As they arrive, Girl A is stunned to find that Girl B is dating her childhood sweetheart Guy A. The two are overwhelmed to see one another, and neither have changed. But will the two beable to resist their emotions? Or will others get in the way?

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I was going to let you pick two characters, and I honestly don't mind playing two girls two boys, anything's fine with me :)

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So college age?

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And guy or girl?

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Well I was thinking at least 23, and I was meaning you could play both Girl A and Girl B if you wanted, I don't mind. I usually do (for ex.) Girl A and Guy B. But I know some rpers don't like being guys, so I offer to be them most of the time.

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I actually do that too. So I could be Girl A and Guy B..... or Girl B and Guy A.

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I am fine with being Girl B and Guy A.
Do you do character bios?

I usually do: Name/Age/Appearance/Traits

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Name: Alexandria Johnson
Age: 20
Traits : Shy, sarcastic

Name: Maxwell Slier
Age: 20
Traits : Loud, obnoxious, kind

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Guy A
Name: Daniel Harrison
Age: 21
Appearance: and
Traits: Funny/Optimistic/Artistic/Sweet/

Girl B
Name: Alice Gretchen
Appearance: and
Traits: Outgoing/ Caffeine Addict/ Good Listener/ Kind Hearted

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I can start it off if you'd like!

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It had been twelve years since the two friends, Daniel and Alexandria had been apart. Both moved on in some ways, schools, jobs, friends. Alexandria had moved on by going to her long awaited college. This one she had dreamt about for years. She was now a student here, sharing a dorm with roommate Alice, and sharing some of her classes with Maxwell. She had made many friends here, her childhood was just a far off memory now. It had been five months into the school semester, things were scheduled now and classes weren't as threating anymore. The two roommates where as close as sisters, as was the added schoolmate. The three were true friends. And it seemed as if nothing could come in the way..

The dorm room Alice and Alexandria shared was basic/ two beds, two desks, two wardrobes, one bathroom. It had taken five months to get it where it was today. Posters, photographs and letters covered the walls. Music blasted through Alice's stereo, and their little knick-knacks covered their desks.

Alice was sitting at her desk, messaging her new found love, but keeping it hidden from both Alexandria and Maxwell for the time being. She sighed, she was so happy. Peering over at Alex, she smiled, "So any big plans this Friday?" she asked, turning more toward Alexandria now.

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Alex sighed. "Not really." She looked at her shoes. "I have no life." Alex laughed. "No surprises there."

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"You have a life! Just... not a very exciting one. And if you have no life, then I definitely don't. But uh, I was thinking.. would you and Maxwell maybe want to go out some place? I was thinking of going to see that new action film that came out last week, it looks good. And I have a huge surprise to share with you guys!" she stood up, walking over her wardrobe, observing her clothes.

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Alex nodded. "Let's do that." She froze. "A surprise?" She hissed. "Alice, I hate surprises. Maxwell is going to have his camera like always and he's going to take such embarrassing photos. Tell me now." Alex stood up quickly. "Please."

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Alice turned back at Alexandria, and smiled, "Alright fine, you've forced it out of me!" she laughed, sitting back down at her desk. She took a deep breath in excitement, "I have a boyfriend!" she said with such excitement. "We've never actually hung out though so, I was a bit nervous to go alone and when I mentioned bringing you guys he said sure.. so, would you guys come? Pretty please!? I'll buy your tickets and I promise not to be all romantic and junk in front of you two. It'd feel weird. Plus I'd much rather have this "date" be a casual one. Nothing weird,"

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Alex squealed and ran over. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you kept it from me this long. I almost hate you." She gave Alice a hug and did a little dance. "Alice has a boy, a little boy toy." She smirked behind her at Alice. "How do you have a boyfriend without actually hanging out?" She laughed. "Online relationship don't count."

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She smirked at the comment, "Well we've met through friends before, but we only spoke online and through text. He goes to another college downtown so.. it was just weird to travel. And we've hung out a few times after, but never one on one." she paused, swiveling in her chair, "And I'd really like for you two to meet him. I think you'll really like him!"

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Alex laughed. "Still not a boyfriend." She nudged Alice's shoulder and then bounced away. "You don't want me to like him too much." She winked.

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Alice rolled her eyes, turning back to the computer screen, "Phewy to your opinion!" she laughed, "We are dating... enough.." she smiled, "Okay fine it's a bit wimpy but I'll change your mind Friday!" she typed away to the so called "boyfriend". "Well enough about that then, when is Max coming over? Shouldn't his class be out?"

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As if on cue, Max strolled through the door, his customary Polaroid camera in hand. "'Ello ladies." He drawled.

Alex glanced up. "You were saying?" She muttered to Alice. "How long were you listening outside that door?" She asked accusingly to Max.

Max shrugged, "Since 'I have no life'." He smirked.

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Alice grinned seeing Max, "Oh my we all need lives.." she laughed at hearing his comment. "So Max, not sure if you heard all the conversation, but are you doing anything tomorrow? Preferably evening?"

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Max winked at her. "Oh, I heard everything. But no, like you guys, my life is nonexistent."

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"Well this should fill in some of our time then." She said, still smiling over at Max. Moving over toward her bed, she continued, "So get any shots lately?" she asked Max, patting her bed for him to sit.

"I've been dying in that class, I assumed photography would be simple.." she paused, "If you're looking for a very picky class, I recommend this one.." she sighed, addressing the statement towards Alexandria.

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"Really? It's so easy." He laughed. "Photography is an art and you have no creative side, so that works."

Alex shot a rubber band at him from across the room, hitting him in the neck. "Jerk, leave her alone."

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She laughed, "Well it's sorta true. I turned in a photograph of an old man on a park bench... the teacher thought I was very rude. I didn't know why until I looked back at the photo.... apparently the old man was choking. Yeah. Not only am I not artistic, but I'm also a horrible human being." she said, criss crossing her legs as she sat on the bed.

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((I'll be back in a few hours!))

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Max laughed out loud, tears coming out of his eyes. "You-You-you-" He sputtered.

Alex sat there stunned.

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The group was quite loose, this being one of there typical conversation. None really assumed much of Alice's date, nor did Alice really see anything huge about the occasion. But tomorrow would surely unveil a few things.

Friday evening arrived and Alice decided to drive the three of them to the theatre. They'd be meeting Alice's new boyfriend there, and already Alice was nervous. "Oh gosh! I'm so excited!! And nervous... I need a coffee..." she said, as the three walked out of the car parking garage. The theatre sat only a few buildings down from the garage, and the mystery boyfriend would be waiting there.

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Alex laughed. "Oh my lord, chill out. It's just the person who's supposed to love you most."

Max laughed. "No pressure."

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The three walked on towards the theatre, the street lights gave off a beautiful ambiance to the city night life. The theatre was straight ahead, and already Alice could see her new boyfriend. Like a switch going off in her brain, the shy nervous girl was already running to him in a gleefully manner. She smiled as she eagerly hugged him, his face still hard to see from the distance. The two groups walked over, Alice being the first to introduce everyone, "So this is Daniel; Daniel these are Max and.."

Before she could even finish, the lightbulb in Daniel's mind went off as he began to remember. "Alex?"

Alice was a bit surprised, "Uh, yeah. How'd you?.. You know each other?"

Ignoring Alice's comment, Daniel smiled, "My gosh you haven't changed at all.. I mean, you still.. wow." he laughed at his awkward attempt at speaking. "Sorry," he smiled.

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"School." Alex finished coolly, denying her racing heart the chance to leap out of her mouth. "Nice to see you, Daniel."

Max laughed. "I'm Max." He held out a hand.

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Daniel nodded, shaking Max's hand. Alice smiled, and replied to Alex's comment, "Oh really? Wow I'd never imagine!"

Daniel added, "Yeah, we were neighbors way back when." Alice nodded, feeling a bit awkward. Daniel couldn't help but smile at Alex, but had to keep it cool as well. "So uh, you guys ready to go watch the film? I already got our tickets." Daniel said, trying to get his focus off of Alex.

"Sure! Lets get out of the cold," Alice said as Daniel wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

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Alex smiled widely, grabbing Max's arm, who was used to weird behavior. Max patted her hand and got his ticket out. Alex winked at him gratefully and then followed Daniel and Alice inside. Alex was struggling with the fact that Daniel was here, but she kept her cool.

Max tapped her hand. "So what's the history?" He whispered to her.

Alex just glared.

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As the group entered the theatre, Alice offered to purchase snacks for them, "You guys can go get seats, I'm not sure how full it'll be." Daniel nodded and the three headed to door A where the movie was showing.

As they walked down the hall to where the many theatre doors were, Daniel smiled, turning to Max and Alex, "So uh, are you two..?" he asked, pointing at the two of them.

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Alex shook her head, rolling her eyes. "He wishes."

Max scoffs. "Yeah, sure."

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Daniel smiled at the two, "Sorry for asking," he laughed. The three headed into the film room, entering the many rows of seats. A very dim light was on and already some people were in seats. Daniel lead them down in the middle, and due to un fortune, Daniel was seated by Max instead of Alex.

Daniel leaned forward to see Alex; smiling he started, "So Alex, what have you been up to? I've been so curious to what happened to you since I last saw you. God it's been years." he smiled, starting to remember all those good times he had with her.

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