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Holes By Louis Sachar

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Wynter Rentas | 3 comments Holes
Louis Sachar

In the book “Holes”, Stanley Yelnats is said to be under a curse. It’s said to come from a long list of his great- great grandfathers and has carried on through generations. Stanley was later sent to Camp Green Lake, which was a detention center for boys without his consent. At this certain center the boys are forced to go out into the desert and dig holes five feet wide and five feet deep for sunrise to sundown. He was sent to this camp in order to improve self-character and responsibility. That wasn’t exactly what he came for, the warden that was running this camp was in search for something. She was using the boys to help dig up the truth and treasure of what lied underneath the dried up lake. Rumors say that what was buried was Stanley’s great- great grandfathers and what was in it was for Stanley. Later along his journey he met a guy named Hector Zeroni “Zero”. Zero wasn’t like Stanley he had a different story, not many people would understand. He never knew what he was getting sent to, he was considered to be “homeless”, and was trying to find his mom. He went through pain and suffering just to find his mom. It was hard for him to do many things, because he could not read. At such a young age it was him versus the world all alone. With so many drawbacks all he wanted was to find his mother and have a family. During this camp Stanley and Zero where each other’s family while they were out digging holes every day during the summer. It was good to see that Zero had a brother figure, someone he could look up to after all he had been through. After all the trouble they had both been through, they both made it out better than they were before. They didn’t just gain a tan, a brother, but they gained something that would last them a life time.

I would recommend this book to all types of reader’s. This book is filled with humor, thrill, and suspense. The language is mild, not as childlike but you are able to understand the further you read. I personally like this book because it shows how blood doesn’t make you family. Zero didn’t have anyone and because of Stanley getting sent to this camp, Zero was able to gain so much. Stanley actually figured out his purpose for being there once he met Zero. Zero had helped make Stanley a better person overall. If you like to read about happy endings and real life events this book is for you.

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Moet | 3 comments I agree with you 100% . But do you think that if Stanley wouldn't have got in trouble because of Zero then, Zeros life would be better or not? Do you think Stanley would have been better without zero ? Is it really fair that Zero helped dig Stanley's holes for him just to teach him how to read. Would Zero would have found his mother? I think you should have put more about the history they have.

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Brian | 3 comments What were some things that you liked about the book? Some things you didn't like? I also read this book and I thought that it was good to. I also saw the movie which gave a visual perspective to the book. I can also relate to how blood doesn't make you family; an excellent observation. I enjoyed reading this book review - it was well thought out.

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