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Will Gibson | 8 comments Free E-Books Hurry!
Limited Offer April 20 until April 24, 2015

THE REVEREND VIOLA FLOWERS (A Novel) by Will Gibson. Rev. Flowers’ main challenge as pastor of her church is helping her small evangelical flock deal with a rapidly changing world, which is complicated by the fact that she still might be in love with a man not her husband.
—“Only a novelist as bold and gifted as Will Gibson could write such an honest and engrossing story about a lady preacher, whose story is often very sexy, all the while keeping her and her religious faith as pure as the driven snow.” Sara A. Smith, author of The Blue Candle Burned.

The Hidden Life of Eddie Kitchens (A Novel) by Will Gibson. Edwina Kitchens, the beloved African American mother of her church for nearly 50 years, dies. After the funeral, Edwina’s oldest daughter finds an old trunk in her mother’s attic, and she doesn’t believe her eyes when she goes through all the photos, letters, and photography equipment in the trunk, especially the torrid love letters from China. She wonders how the beautiful young woman in the photos could be her quiet, meek, religious mother. No one in the family knew that when a young woman this saintly old lady from a small Iowa town had gone to New York City as a photojournalist in the 1930s and taken Harlem by storm. This is a story about the search for identity by the daughter, and the surprising life the mother lived as a young reporter in Asia just before the Second World War.
—”This is another instance of Gibson’s bold, adventurous storytelling.” Carol Stein, Editor

Lola & The World of Buddy Shortt (A Novel) by Will Gibson. This is an unconventional story about a beautiful, internationally acclaimed African American dancer named Lola Fleming and a well-known white American race-car driver who share a secret that, if known, could destroy everything Lola has worked a lifetime to achieve. This is not a romance novel. It's a story about friendship and betrayal. It's about Lola Fleming’s exciting artistic life and what happened to it when it became entangled with Buddy's bawdy, action-packed life as a world-class Formula One race-car driver.
—”This is a story about dance, dangerous race-car driving, and what happens when these disparate worlds touch. Magic is what happens, and I couldn’t put the book down. I hadn’t realized before how much theatrical dancing and race-car driving had in common, in terms of skill sets.” Deidra Brown, Professional Dancer.

Estella & Sylvia (A Novel ) by Will Gibson. In this novel Granny Estella is the matriarch of the Caldwell family. She’s just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This is a story about her race against the clock to pass down the family lore before she dies. Her problem is that her family members are too engrossed in their own personal lives to have time to listen to her, and only her fourteen-year-old great granddaughter LaDora is interested in what she has to say. Estella would prefer to share her life stories with her daughter Sylvia, her only child, but the two of them can’t talk to each other, going back to Sylvia’s childhood. Their strained relationship has long been a source of trouble in the family. Sylvia, a good mother who gave Granny Estella plenty of beautiful grandchildren, isn’t totally to blame for their lack of communication. The situation is much deeper than that. It’s this “deeper” situation that this novel explores. And yes, the novel also deals with the miseries of the Alzheimer Disease and what it’s like to be a caretaker, and is therefore of particular importance to readers who have elderly parents.
—”This is one of the most unique family stories I have ever read. I found myself rooting for the whole family.” Frances Blake, Just a book lover who enjoys a good story.

RUNNING WITH MR. BELL (A Novel ) by Will Gibson. This is a novel about trains and the people who ran the trains. For nearly a century the American passenger train bedazzled the world with its glitz and splendor. In the late 1800s railroad magnate George M. Pullman took passenger trains to new heights, and in the process made so many enemies that he left burial instructions that upon his death his grave be encased in steel so his enemies couldn’t defile his body. The enemies he worried about were his disgruntled employees. This is a story about two extraordinary black men who served Mr. Pullman nobly for over forty years as sleeping car porters, and about how that service nearly destroyed both of their families by turning brother against brother.
— “As someone from a large family of sleeping car porters and railroad waiters and cooks, I was so thrilled to come across Gibson’s important novel RUNNING WITH MR. BELL. Every page was like hearing my uncles and cousins back in the day talk about how they helped build the African American middleclass from years of loyal service on passenger trains,” is typical of views expressed by black readers.

A Song For Terri Ross (A Novel) by Will Gibson. This novel is about a beautiful young lady from a small Iowa town whose longtime college sweetheart becomes a famous NBA basketball star, and how this affects her own hopes and dreams. This is more than just a smart love story. It’s also about friendship, family, and the unexpected surprises in life. It’s set in San Francisco in 1982. Terri Ross and Harold Tomlin have lived together since college, and they intend to marry someday. But after Harold signs his big pro contract he begins to change to the detriment of their relationship. It hurts Terri deeply to watch him become a different person before her very eyes. It pains her to hear the other players' wives and girlfriends talk behind her back about how badly Harold’s treating her. “Terri’s so sweet, but for the life of me I can't understand why she takes that shit from Harold. I would've left him a long time ago,” one of them said about her. Then songwriter Peter Shepherd comes into Terri’s life and things begin to change.
—”This is one of the most unique love stories I have ever read. I found myself rooting for Terri’s song.” Fran Jennings, Just a book lover who enjoys a good story.

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