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May 2015 > List of books mentioned in "Among Others"

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message 1: by Lorena (new)

Lorena (lsneal) | 31 comments Mod
Hello EPL SF/F readers! One of our group members was kind enough to point out that someone here on Goodreads has made a list of all the books discussed in "Among Others" - check it out and see how many you have read (and which ones you want to put on your "To Read" list)!


message 2: by doggo (new)

doggo | 8 comments Here's another Among Others bibliography: http://papersky.livejournal.com/50927...

message 3: by Howard (new)

Howard Cohen | 15 comments I believe that I read about 25 of the books in your list. I say "about" because I get fuzzy about some of the books I read very long ago. Read all of the Delaney and the Zelazny Chronicles of Amber [probably just the Corwin cycle]. I've lost track of which LeGuin books I've read.

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