Aflame (Fall Away, #4) Aflame question

Rest In Peace
Gesselyn Gesselyn Apr 21, 2015 11:57AM
I'm officially laying this book and the rest of it's series to rest. I loathe this book. Miss Douglas decided to lay our Tatum and the other characters to rest so I think it's only fair that we do too. I still don't know what I read. These characters were all foreign to me. It's as if they were possessed by some spirt cause those were definitely not the characters that I remember. I used to think that maybe her series might end up becoming a movie, but now that thought has ceased to exist. I'm having trouble understanding what Miss Douglas was trying to accomplish here. Possibly allowing people to believe that being a sl*t is okay? We all knew Jared was one but now Tate? What was the purpose of having her hook up with Jared while still dating Ben? Was this supposed to be entertaining? I suppose I'll never know. That said, Rest In Peace "Fall Away Series". I wish I had never known you.



You are so right, i loved this series.. and now i can't even say how much i loath this last book. Wasn't bully and Until you enough? Didn't they already suffer there. PD should just add the epilogue to Until you and then I would die happy

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