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Casey Hadford (caseyhadford) | 2 comments Hello everyone! I am currently looking for some beta readers for the first novel in my series that is currently titled: The Chosens: Temple of the Inner Shadow.

There are no sex scenes in it. Minor language. I will post my blurb below and thank you everyone!

"Tyler Reynolds never wanted to stand out in any other place than the football field. He didn't want glory or fame, he just wanted to be him and do what he loved. Too bad that on his eighteenth birthday everything changed. A civil war between a special race of humans is brewing and Tyler is right in the thick of it. At least his twin brother, Hex, can relate. Follow Tyler to the jungle world of Diadat as he learns about himself and the role of the Chosens as well as their place within the five worlds. As he struggles to accept his place in this new society, something lurks behind the curtain. Something tells him his new “friends” have more secrets than they lead him to believe and this world of black and white is splattered with gray."

message 2: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (debbieedits) | 16 comments Hi Casey,

I offer beta reading with a content report and notes on each chapter. See my website for fees if you're interested. Thanks.

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