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message 1: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Weber (matthewweber) | 14 comments This is a sad and shocking story that's unfolding right here in the land of the free...

message 2: by Jack (new)

Jack (jackjuly) | 254 comments These have been going on for awhile now. It's the definition of a police state. Scary stuff. As much as I hate Rand Paul's foreign policy it's things like this that get me to his side. This has to stop.

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Weber (matthewweber) | 14 comments I'm astounded that this is happening. Where is the accountability?

message 4: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Raymond | 5 comments The courts have decided that the 4th Amendment doesn't apply to the swine who are being governed. Note also the abuses that the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act encourages. Soon we will have a new Attorney General who was the "Queen of Confiscations" in New York. All I could do was write a book, Patriots Versus Bureaucrats, that offered some fictional remedies for an out of control Federal Government.

message 5: by Henry (new)

Henry Brown (machinetrooper) | 236 comments Jack wrote: "These have been going on for awhile now..."

Yeah they have. At least some people are awake to it now. And whatever you think of Alex Jones, a large degree of present awareness is owed to his efforts.

And of course this is one of many reasons the establishment is devising ways to crush alternative media.

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