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Michael (mkindness) | 537 comments Mod
So, what did you all think?

AmberBug com* | 16 comments I loved the characters. I particularly loved the details - how irritated he gets looking at the drawing (done by a child) on his coworkers cube, "primitive drawing of a sun and mound of grass". You HAD to laugh at him, even though by the end you also felt bad for him.

Also, knowing that the Author works with movies made the book make a little more sense. Karlsson works with the dialogue and descriptions very differently, which could be disliked by a reader (not expecting that or open to reading that kind of style). I often found myself able to visualize things VERY well in my head, which is rare for a book so short.

Speaking of short... I really don't think the book would have worked if it was longer.

Jaymie Aucoin | 1 comments I read the whole book with the voice of Dwight Schrutt from The Office in my head. Added a whole other dimension.

Chickadee424 | 2 comments I need to know if the room is real or not! When the book ended, I said out loud, "it just ended?!?"

I really enjoyed reading this book. I love how full of himself the main character was, and really how socially inept he is.

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Michael (mkindness) | 537 comments Mod
Chickadee424 wrote: "I need to know if the room is real or not! When the book ended, I said out loud, "it just ended?!?"

It's totally up to the reader. When we discussed it at sales conference, there were people on both sides of the debate, and everyone was very vehement that the room was real, or not real!

Personally, I don't think the room was real, and when he faded into the wall at the end, he was entering a permanent fugue-like state. Bye-bye Bjorn...

Chickadee424 | 2 comments I like that, Michael. I agree that the room isn't real because no one else could experience it, and our protagonist had enough mental issues that I don't think he was a trustworthy representative of the reality of the room.

after reading what you wrote, I can picture what happened after he went into his final fugue state...

Suellen (suvata) | 42 comments I agree that the room was not real. I did find it interesting how productive he was when he entered the room. Poor guy, too bad he couldn't get himself into the "room state of mind" without actually needing to stand in the hallway with his head on the wall looking like a fool.

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