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Midnight Tides Discussion > Book 3 - All That Lies Unseen (Chap 12 - 15)

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Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
This is the discussion for book 3 chap 12 - 15 of Midnight Tides ONLY please! No spoilers for any other part of the book please :D

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Get ready for another super long post no doubt :D

Chap 12 -

We're back with Bugg and Tehol (my favourites :D) and they make their plans about visiting the Rat Catcher's Guild and employing them. They talk of how many undead might be in the city too (at the moment it seems like it's only growing as we encounter more over time).

Brys investigates the earlier mentioned disappearances and finds out that there's thousands in that last year, and the Rat Catcher's Guild are supposed to be investigating.

Bugg goes to a tomb where Shurq and the new undead Harlest have gone and they discuss how the Forkrul Assail may be linked with them. The tomb was built for the Jaghut.
Shurq questions Bugg's knowledge (and so do I - he always seems to have a good or very knowledgable answer and I have to say he knows a lot of stuff that sounds both very promising and very old... How did he learn it all?)
Bugg goes to the Rat Catcher's Guild and finds out about the illusion there (come on - he's just too cool :D).

Then bugg goes to investigate a prisoner which has escaped from the Quarry and there's a female Jaghut there. She says she imprisoned the demon in there that has been freed and Bugg is happy she's the one who has to tame it! (I'm not surprised! He may be knowledgable but dealing with Demons sounds scary to me!)

Brys goes to the Azath and discovers it's dead despite Kettle's attempts and the prisoner speaks through her to Brys.
Brys talks to the stranger as he sees the ruin of a civilisation due to a god vs man struggle. The speak of how Lether is headed the same way... (I kind of think that the Lether are the bad guy's in this book, no one really seems to like them except Brys and even he can acknowledge the failings of the society).
Brys needs to get 2 swords for the stranger to help them escape.

Tehol and Bugg at the Rat Catcher's Guild was so funny I laughed aloud when they first began chatting and there was confusion and hilarity. They;re just wonderful scenes whenever I encounter them and I am glad the Rat Catcher's Guild came around to the idea of working with them.

Brys chooses two swords from a special treasure trove for the stranger. They're cursed however (not sure that's a good thing to give a stranger but hey ho Brys, you do your thing!)

Finally we have the very ominous “crossroads was reached and then, inexorably, a path was taken.” due to Brys not telling ceda that Kettle was undead - that sounds bad... or maybe good... who knows?

Chap 13 -

We see Udinaas as he watches the rather awkward sex between Rhulad and Mayen. Then Feather Witch starts crying and they have a bit of a spat outside about tattle-tailing and survival.

Then we see Saren and Hull as they meet the new Emperor and basically war is declared! (yay! It's what we were all expecting and hoping for by this point, right?)

Eberict is with Saren and offers her a job which she turned down (or basically did in her body language and lack of a 'yippie' and he was too dumb of ignorant to accept it) and they talk about freedom.

Hull joins with the Edur in order to strike back against the Lether who betrayed him before. He tells Rhulad about all the military tactics of the Lether.

Udinaas has to deal with Rhulad's spasms as he battles with himself and we discover that the sword gives him power over the Andii Spirits. He's (Udinaas) been 'elevated' according to the other slaves he works with but I'd say it's not a very enviable postition to be in! I didn't like Rhulad alive and I most certainly don't like the crazed and scary version of him now!

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Chap 14 -

Bugg is sent for to see a body which was killed by a monster. He finds that is'a a D'ivers god called 'the pack' and Bugg thinks it's mostly harmless (for now) as it's waiting for someone/thing to arrive.
He goes to kettle to see what else has escaped the Azath and notices how her heart has begun to beat and she feels again.
Kettle then tells him that the 5 are almost out! (Presumably when the 5 get out - which I expect them to - there will be a LOT of chaos and revenge if Karsa was anything to go by!)

Brys learns about the war and how Hull is on the other side of it. e is worried as the Queen has split away with her troops to go fight already and he worries over Tehol's safety.
(I think the one thing I do enjoy a lot about Brys is that he cares a lot for his family and that's pretty evident throughout the book so far).

Rucket (Chief Investigator of the Rat Catchers Guild) and Bugg chat about the disappearances and guess who it's attributed to?! our friend Kettle and our enemy Eberict.
I did appreciate the Bugg also saw through her disguise - he's fast becoming awesome-r if that's possible!

Shurq, Ublala and Harlest plan on becoming pirates and they're sent to find out about the debts of the royals by Tehol. (It seems funny to imagine two undead and one very tall and broad figure as pirates - I'd be scared if they attacked though!)

Then we discover that Kettle is indeed has a Forkrul Assail soul inside her and has the possibility of it awakening more (which would be bad as they would have to kill her!) She shows that the Nameless Ones were involved in her being chosen (weren't the Nameless Ones in House of Chains somewhere? I think they're holy or something??)

Chap 15 -

Saren and Buruk travel together until they see mages razing the Edur villages. Seren is upset by the mindless slaughter and she believes all the Edur to have died (which I doubt somehow - that would be too easy...)
Buruk then tells Saren he loved her, and knocks her out with a special tea until she awakens and finds he's hung himself. (I can't say I truly gave a damn about Buruk until the point where he said that she had his heart, but I didn't see him imminent death coming - ah well! I think maybe it's more of a motivation for the continuation of Saren's story than anything more?)

Trull looks on the blaze of his old village, all of the Edur are on the move, and they have allied with the Jheck. They have demons everywhere in camp who are going to fight for the Edur (right now their chances are looking good to me!)
Trull leads troops to kill a scout and they see a bridge which is actually one of Icarium's time mechanisms (well he's been everywhere it seems hasn't he - but I suppose he's had a long life!)

Wither tells Udinaas more about the past of the Letherii and how T'lann Imass killed them. Udinaas doen't really care until he learns he's above thousands of them.
By this point poor old Udinaas thinks he;s gone insane (classic) and imagined everything, but Feather Witch comes in and shows that she;s been lying the whole time (yep, told you she was not to be trusted) and he's not dreamed it all.
They go to another world where they see Rud who is apparently Udinaas' son which came from his rape by Menandore earlier. Rud is a draconic soletaken (which, let's be fair, sounds incredibly cool and rolls right off the tongue!)

Then we see some of the Lether who think they've spotted all of the Edur troops, but they soon realise there's a lot more than they first thought and they need to surrender.

So far so good. I am loving the Tehol and Bugg storyline which includes Kettle, Shurq, and Ublala (some of my other favourites atm). I am also enjoying seeing Trull's inner struggles and it's easy to see how he changes over the course of the book.
Brys is still my least favourite, but his story too is becoming more interesting, and now that Udinaas and Feather Witch are back on good terms I may come to like their storyline a lot more too.

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TS Chan (tschan) | 159 comments My heart aches for Seren, truly. Between Hull, that silent exchange with Trull, and then Buruk.

Anyway, some thoughts

Bugg - he gives out similar vibes as Quick Ben in the sense that you really wonder who and what he really is

That awkward sex scene - I am not sure what to make of the black humor here, especially re the part where the hold coins started to pop out when Rhulad got aroused. WEIRD!!

Feather Witch - she was annoying me a bit like how Mhybe annoyed me in MOI. There seemed to be some improvement there with the way she's treating Udinaas, so fingers crossed that it gets much better.

The whole Menandore raping Udinaas and now he has a son he met in a dream scene at Mekros city .. Really weird as well.

Kettle!! The Nameless One??!! Yes this was referred to many times in House of Chains.. What?? How??

peggylovesbooks | 36 comments I know I haven't made any comments till now so here is some of my thoughts.

I had to stop in the middle of chapter 13 to make this observation about Feather Witch, I do not like her character all that much, hope she redeems herself. Mayan it seems to be playing a game, I thought at one point when she was made Empress she didn't care for it, but the wedding night was like we get to see the real side of her that was hinted in earlier chapters.

I really like Bugg and Tehol, Kettle is kinda freaky. Does this story takes place before the other books we read (if I am wrong please let me know) Is this the same tower they talk about in the first book in that everyone says is haunted.

I am hoping I can get this done by the end of month, it has been a slow reading month for me.

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