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Halfling A Young Adult Romantic Fantasy by Karin Shah Karin Shah

Genre: YA Romantic Fantasy
Page Count: 282

Book Description:
The crippled reject of a scorned people, seventeen-year-old Valayan wanderer Deyna has never eaten, owned, or used anything she didn't scrounge or steal. She's used to life at rock bottom, but when her father sells her to be the annual Sacrifice to their enemies, the winged darklings, she discovers a new low.

Marked for death at the hands of the darkling king, only the discovery that she's half darkling saves her life.

As a servant in the darkling palace, Deyna thinks she's landed on her feet. She has fresh, clean food, a real bed, and people, like young Lord Ahran, the handsome captain of the king's guard, who might actually care if she lives or dies. But all is not well in the darkling lands.

The mysterious Jackal-Wolf is stealing grain shipments and raiding armories. A civil war is brewing, the gods have plans for her, and Ahran may not be exactly what he seems. Will the girl who's spent her whole life running take a stand—even at the cost of her own life?

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