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message 1: by Emily (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:54AM) (new)

Emily | 2 comments who are your favorite characters in the books and why?

I like Ginny a lot. She is very strong and hardworking. She is very brave. I also liked Sirius a lot. Fred and George were always favorites of mine.

I think my favorite character would have to be Snape, though. He was fascinating the whole way through the books, and I thought that his life was very interesting. I was so glad to see that he was a good guy.

message 2: by Alien (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:54AM) (new)

Alien  Citizen | 14 comments Ditto on the Snape love...I have to admit however that Snape was not completely good either. He treated Harry and friends quite badly at school and only protected him because Harry was Lily's son. Initially we saw that he did not think much of throwing away the lives of Harry and his father. Now we know that James was a prat, git, jerk, what-not, but condoning murder is just not okay. And Snape was hanging out with the folks who were happy to kill or otherwise abuse the very sort of person he so loved...."mud-bloods" and muggles. Much of the strength of Rowlings' writing lies in her ability to create multidimensional characters most of whom are neither all good nor all evil. If you meant to say however that Snape's story was your favorite, then I would agree with you whole-heartedly. His was a tragic and compelling story...he could have been a character in Wuthering Heights perhaps. Note: By the end, I did truly dislike Dumbledore.

message 3: by Jillian (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:55AM) (new)

Jillian i certainly agree with you on almost everything you said....except Dumbledore! How on earth could you not love Dumbledore?! If I felt I could pick a favorite, which I certainly cant, it would definitely be him. Dumbledore's flaws and mistakes which shine predominantly in the last two books only makes him more loveable. The perfect, wise, light-hearted, Grandfatherly-Dumbledore was wonderful. And the love he seemed to generate towards Harry is, what I think, gave Harry most of his strength. Dumbledore's power came from his humble nature and his extreme intelligence as he seemed to represent the height of human goodness. However, he was even more likeable, I thought, when we find that he wasn't perfect, that he knew it, and that his past had plagued him with sadness and self-doubt. But despite the pain from his past, he still managed to always put others first. Don't be hard on Dumbledore...

message 4: by Danyelle (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:55AM) (new)

Danyelle | 4 comments I LOVED the twins. They made me smile ALL the time, and there was somthing about them I just loved. I really liked Hermione as well. I saw somthing in her that is in me--the geeky-know-it-all. I just really like how at the end she let it all go! got dangerous ;) hehe. I really enjoyed Snape as well; his story, his personality, his SECRETS!!

message 5: by Diane (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:55AM) (new)

Diane (dianes) Fred and George were my favorites too. They always made me laugh.

message 6: by Lix (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:55AM) (new)

Lix Hewett (lixhewett) I have three favourite characters plus two, um, honourable mentions. The honourable mentions are the twins -- they never fail(ed) to make me laugh.

Now, there is Hermione Granger -- all the Ravenclawism mixed with a Gryffindor spirit -- and how amazing she has always been, and her book obsession, which has always resonated with me, and how she might seem so mature but she still breaks down believably.

I love Sirius -- I love how he faced everything and how he is so consistent in personality, in such a way that all of his mistakes make so much sense and even make me love him more. His story is just beautiful and I felt he was sort of ill-treated in the last book (although not as much as poor Remus Lupin).

And then there's Severus Snape, whom I don't like as a typical "good guy" -- I actually love how complex he is, and how selfish his reasons for sticking to Dumbledore's side were, and I really believe he was brave in fighting not Voldemort, but all those Muggleborn-hateful ideals he had been friends with. It's not easy to fight for something you're not very convinced of. But I'm not going to talk about that here. :)

message 7: by Bonnie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:55AM) (new)

Bonnie I'm sure this is going to sound stupid, but my favorite character is honestly Harry. I do have a little crush on him. In the last two books especailly he grows up and starts talking and interacting with people differently. This might sound weird too, but i think the main characters in staries like HP never really have a personality, because it was meant for the reader to live through the character. Harry has his own personality and that is part of the reason why he is my favorite.

message 8: by Ashley (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:56AM) (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) My favorite character out of the whole series is Sirius Black. The reason why is because of his love for Harry and his loyalty to the Potters. I hate that he had to die in the 5th book/movie. It would be one hell of a good ending if he survived throughout the whole series. Hey, I'm a sucker for happy endings..lol.

message 9: by Lara (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:57AM) (new)

Lara | 3 comments

I'm going to regret this once it's out in cyberspace...but my favorite character is Ron Weasley. To me, he's so real and experiences the coming of age in such a believable way that I just could not help favoring him. I also liked Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. I guess I pull for the underdogs.

message 10: by Rachel (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:57AM) (new)

Rachel i think this is a really hard question. there are quite a few characters that i literally love and other characters that i think are so well written. hermione has always resonated with me and i love how she changes throughout the novels: beginning as this shy bookworm, then growing into a courageous, independent woman who kicks butt at every turn. but then there is harry, who is so perfectly layered and who so amazingly grows into himself at the very end, that i cannot help but see him as the true owner of the series, and not just for the title... i also really love krum, he just makes me giggle ("her-my-nee").

as far as well written though completely un-likeable characters, i would have to go first with voldemort. he is so incredibly scary and heartless, yet when we see him as a youth i cannot help but admire his intelligence and talents. by the end of the books i am both frightened by him and sorry for him, because he will never win in so many ways... second to voldemort would be snape, bellatrix, and dolores umbridge. the motivations behind those three characters are just so believable and you really love to hate them. and yes, i hate snape...he was very brave, but he was also a total dirtbag and lost lily all by himself.

message 11: by Sfdreams (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:57AM) (new)

Sfdreams | 4 comments This is shocking, to me most of all, but I think out of all the characters, I resonate most with Luna Lovegood and to a lesser extent, Neville Longbottom. I also liked Dumbledore a great deal, and still do--his faults and weaknesses just made him stronger. He's like a father/grandfather figure to me.

I see Luna as very intelligent, loving and kind. She may be perceived as "loony", but she is very self-assured, and doesn't care what others may think of her. She is also very loyal and determined to do what is right. Neville is clumsy, but good-hearted and brave.

In the beginning, I resonated with Hermione--the shy, geeky, bookworm. But she is somewhat priggish, and that turned me off. I also related to Harry the outsider and his fierce loyalty, and Ron the normal, lovable goof. And who could NOT like the twins--full of fun and mischief! They were the me that I always wanted to be.

I think JK Rowling wrote a series that has a variety of well-fleshed-out characters. There is bound to be at least one character for anyone to relate to.

message 12: by Jayme (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:04PM) (new)

Jayme | 13 comments I have a few favorites, I love the way Snape was written. I loved to hate him, and even in the end I thought he was brave, but disliked him anyways. Sirius was great also. I actually really liked Ginny. I was pulling for Ginny and Harry from the start. I think I like her because she kind of reminds me of myself. She hates to be stuck behind, and she grew up with brothers so she can hold her own. I just really like her. And of course I like the Trio, Harry expecially. He really grew up in the last couple books and I like the way he starts to think.

message 13: by Diane (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:06PM) (new)

Diane  (dianedj) My favorite character is Hagrid. He deeply loves the children, and took them under his wing from the beginning. And of course there is his love of all the animals.

message 14: by Ranata (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:07PM) (new)

Ranata Clark (thatchicknata) The Trio, Harry, Hermione and Ron. I like them because they work well together and they proved that they would be lifelong friends when Ron and Harry rescued Hermione from the Troll in Year 1.

message 15: by Angel (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:07PM) (new)

Angel | 5 comments Wow, that's a hard question to answer!

I really liked Sirius Black. He's probably the guy I most would have wanted as a life partner if I lived in that world. Too bad he was killed off so soon!

I tend to relate to Hermione, because she's smart and likes books, as I do. However, she is also quite bossy and gets impatient (and I guess maybe those are part of me, too), so I wouldn't call her my "favorite".

Luna brings out my maternal instinct.

Victor Krum bring out....well, something else entirely! hahaha

message 16: by Diane (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:07PM) (new)

Diane  (dianedj) Angel, if we are talking about "life" partners, I'd choose Sirius too ... I imagine him to be very sexy, and a bad boy....Kind of a dark haired version of Russell Crowe : D
(I'm not into the movie versions, so i don't know how Sirius was cast in the film)

message 17: by Rachel (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:07PM) (new)

Rachel ooh, diane...you need to watch sirius in the films. oh yeah... ;)

message 18: by Diane (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:07PM) (new)

Diane  (dianedj) hey Rachel, thanks for the tip!

message 19: by Libby (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:08PM) (new)

Libby Johnson | 3 comments you guys all go for the surface characters.

my absolute fav character would have to definately be Dobby. he is such a simple character, yet adds so much spirit and variety amongst the others. he is so precious.

Dobby, a free elf.

message 20: by Patricia (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:08PM) (new)

Patricia Elzie-Tuttle (theinfophile) (theinfophile) | 7 comments Oy, I've so many favourite characters!

First of all, I loved Winky, the drunken house-elf and I really wish that she and S.P.E.W. were included in the films.

The Weasley twins are also favourites of mine, how can you NOT love them, you know?

I'm absolutely head-over-heels for Bellatrix Lestrange. I just think she is so well-written and I adore Helena Bonham-Carter in the role.

That said, however, Molly Weasley is AMAZING. She's the one character with whom you DO NOT MESS. She's a raging mama bear, as evident by Bellatrix's last mistake. Notice how most everyone in the great hall backed the f*ck up when Molly started dueling. It was like, all fun and games until she got into it and then all hell breaks loose.

message 21: by Kerry (The Roaming Librarian) O'Donnell (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:12PM) (new)

Kerry (The Roaming Librarian) O'Donnell | 4 comments It was indeed hard to have just one favorite in these stories b/c they were all so well written and complete individuals, but I do have a few who stood out for me as well.

First, I love Hermione, simply b/c she's a strong female character who doesn't back down and doesn't apologize for being right all the time. She doesn't dumb herself down or give in when she really believes in something and I don't care if that makes her seem stuck up, b/c that's what makes her a great character.

Second, I love the twins, Fred and George, not only for their comic relief, but b/c they were so bluntly honest throughout the whole series. No one made me laugh more than those two.

Also, Neville has a big place in my heart. I love that he became such a rebel in the end! From the very first book, you could just tell there was something special about him.

message 22: by Mike (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:13PM) (new)

Mike D. | 7 comments Ooh, tough question. I feel so close to every character. I really like Ginny and Hermione, though. I also loved to see what Fred and George had to say.

message 23: by Courtney (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:14PM) (new)

Courtney  (cocorenato) Hands down my favorite character was Sirius. Throughout the books I found myself becoming protective of Harry, wanting him to have a safe haven and people in his life that loved him. To me, Sirius best personified this during his brief time in Harry's life. It broke my heart to see him die. I know many of the other characters truly loved Harry, but Sirius seemed more of a guardian (appropriately) and parental figure than the rest.

For similar reasons I also have a soft-spot for Luna Lovegood. She has such a tender, gentle personality, but demonstrates that she is fiercely loyal. This is a paraphrase, but in HBP there is a line pointing out that only Luna and Neville responded to the call when Harry activated the DA signal. That always stuck with me, and made me feel so relieved that Harry had them in his life. Add in her quirky-ness, and I think Luna's a beautiful spirit.

message 24: by Andrea (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:14PM) (new)

Andrea | 7 comments I love Remus Lupin. He's one of the few good teachers Harry ever has, constantly saves his life and understands people's dislike of his malady without hating them for it. He tries to leave his wife because he loves her so much. A man of stronger character would be hard to find. You will be remembered and loved Remus!

message 25: by Peter (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:17PM) (new)

Peter DiCicco | 8 comments So many characters to choose from, but of the kids I'd have to say Luna Lovegood. I love that she can be her own person (and believe in such wonderfully ridiculous things) so confidently, and she seems to take things with such ease. Her Quidditch commentary in Half-Blood Prince was probably my favorite Quidditch match ever, and my heart just went out to her in Deathly Hallows when Harry saw all the paintings of them she'd done in her room.

message 26: by Reza (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:17PM) (new)

Reza | 3 comments My favorite character is definitely Severus Snape, only if we don't consider the book seven.
After reading the book seven I was so angry about the story which Rowling has written about Severus and the fear that was shown in him...
I think J K rowling ACTUALLY killed this character in book 7!!

message 27: by Tara (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:18PM) (new)

Tara (tara_n) | 83 comments I don't think I can pick just one favorite. As time has gone by and the books have come, I keep adding characters to my list of favorites.

I love James and Lily Potter based solely on all of the memories of them and stories other characters tell about them. I love how compassionate Lily was when she was a student at Hogwarts and how big a troublemaker James was. I think James and Lily are #1 on my favorites list.

I also love Luna, Neville, Mad Eye Moody, Mrs. Weasley, Dumbledore and Tonks -- of the good guys. In the bad guys -- Bellatrix! I love Bellatrix! I just love how she never flinches at anything. I think that was seen when Hermione is being tortured and Bellatrix and Narcissa are present, Narcissa just didn't have it in her to be evil the way Bellatrix was.

Okay, I have to admit, I love Voldemort! There is something about a well written villain that just makes me smile, and he's definitely one. Plus, I love Ralph Fiennes so that only adds to it.

message 28: by tabitha (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:18PM) (new)

tabitha farrar (Tabi08) | 25 comments My favorite characters have to be Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Dumbledore. they are my favorites because they all get along together. Dumbledore and Hagrid take care of Harry and Ron and Hermione like Harry for who he is and stick by him no matter what. I didn't like Snape all that much but was happy to find out that he was on the good side

message 29: by Jen (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:18PM) (new)

Jen | 3 comments I agree that there are so many fantastic characters - isn't that why the world responded the way it did to these books?

I love the twins and Molly Weasley, for being Harry's surrogate mom and her fierce love - I actually whooped out loud with the whole "Not my daughter you bitch" thing in Hallows.

message 30: by Peng (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:19PM) (new)

Peng | 317 comments from the moment i read the first of the series, i rooted for Harry i almost wanted to adopt him just to free him of the dursleys! it's like everything he feels i emphatised. I didn't like the second book because he was miserable in it having the school suspect him as the heir of the slytherin. my favorite in the series is the 3rd book because he was so happy in it he met his godfather & have hopes for a happier future (but we all know he really can't live with sirius because of the protective charm he has with the dursleys). my second favorite is albus dumbledore & i truly believe everything you've written about him being all that he is. i just love his character i almost wished he didn't die but harry would be dependent on him for answers he can find out for himself.

message 31: by Meghan (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:34PM) (new)

Meghan | 686 comments This is really hard. I like the three heroes, Ginny, Dumbledore, the twins, The list goes on and on.

message 32: by Mary (new)

Mary | 53 comments George and Fred, definitely. They were funny and mischievous, sure, but they were also brave, loyal, kind, and actually really smart. George is also my favorite twin, because he's just slightly calmer and more carefull than his brother (they're both so similar, George is the one who says, "OK that was fun but this is where we stop.") and a little more like me.

But I also love Dobby because he is so sweet and innocent and trusting and has all this unconditional love for Harry, that it just amazes me.

message 33: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Fritz-Champine (fritzybobitzy) | 5 comments Again...it's so difficult to pick a favorite character. All of them (well except a few select Slytherin) had funny lines or important moments in the books so it's hard to pick really.

message 34: by Kiona (new)

Kiona (shesageek) | 3 comments Luna Lovegood. I relate to her on a certain level that I don't with other characters. She reminds me of myself as well as how I wish I could be. She may in strange & have unusual ideas/beliefs. But she's confident in the things that make her different.

Ultimately, that confidence is what made others tease her because she refused to conform. #teamluna

message 35: by Annie (new)

Annie Wang | 12 comments Snape because he knows who he is and what he wants to do in life. He is like the one person who isn't trying to disguise his character or his personality.
(and he comes up with rules like no library books outside the castle just to get people in trouble)

message 36: by Cecilie (new)

Cecilie | 7 comments Neville: In the first books I pitied him a little, but then I just liked him.
Fred and George I just thought funny.
I liked Luna too because she was so... special

message 37: by Brianna (new)

Brianna | 45 comments I have so many favorites. First, I love Harry, because he's so loyal, brave, and strong. I love Hermione, because she's such a smart, strong, Aand book-obsessed, and I could really relate to her. I love Luna because she really doesn't care what others think of her. Neville is amazing, because he's loyal and brave, and Ginny is a wonderfully strong female character.
I also love Sirius for his recklessness, and his loyalty to Harry and his friends. Dumbledore was a fantastically brilliant character, who was smart, and also made mistakes. Finally, there's Lupin, who managed not to hate those who were prejudiced against him, and he was a great teacher.
That was a lengthy list, but the amount of great characters is just one of the many things that make this series so brilliant.

message 38: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay | 23 comments Hermione and DUMBLEDORE!

message 39: by Jill (new)

Jill (aprilfool87) | 3 comments The trio are interchangeable as far as greatness goes. And the bond between them saved the world. They're perfect together, life-giving hallows.

message 40: by Jorge (new)

Jorge Garcia | 27 comments My favorite character is Ron. He is just the kind of friend I would have. For me, his actions are the most believable. It's the character I find the most interesting.
I also love Lupin and Professor Mcgonagall. Although Lupin's actor in the movies makes me dislike the character a bit, and Macgonagall's actress in the movies just makes me fall more for her character.

message 41: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Neville Longbottom and Gilderoy Lockhart. Neville because he's kind of a hapless loser but every so often manages to do something really fabulous, and Lockhart because he's sooooo funny.

message 42: by Brianna (new)

Brianna | 45 comments I love McGonagall in the movies. :D.

message 43: by Merida (new)

Merida (MeridaWaleczna) | 8 comments Hermione, Sirius (I love him so much!) and Lucius Malfoy. I also like young Tom Marvolo Riddle.

message 44: by britt (new)

britt | 3 comments Lupin and Tonks. NOOOO! WHY?!
Fred and George. NOOOO! WHY?!

message 45: by brooke1994 (new)

brooke1994  (formerlynarnian525) Jorge wrote: "My favorite character is Ron. He is just the kind of friend I would have. For me, his actions are the most believable. It's the character I find the most interesting.
I also love Lupin and Profess..."

Ron's my favorite too.

message 46: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (lunaluv934) | 45 comments Luna. No doubt Luna ;) She's loyal, sweet, quirky, wise, kind, caring, smart, open minded...and most like me!! :D I don't think she came out enough in the films tho...It was a little disappointing...

message 47: by Gabriel (last edited Nov 12, 2013 08:33PM) (new)

Gabriel Martin | 5 comments Good no Umbridge so far.

Reading the early books I though Draco would have a moment of clarity and grow Into a truly multi layered character that would become a friend of Harry's
By book 6. Instead he was used as dumbledors elder wand switch-a-roo plan and never developed as I would of liked. My favorite none main would have to be Arthur and Molly as a pair.

message 48: by brooke1994 (new)

brooke1994  (formerlynarnian525) My other favorite characters: Percy Weasley, Penelope Clearwater, and Hedwig

message 49: by Donna (new)

Donna D Newman | 2 comments My favorite characters are Snape, Sirius, Dobby, Ginny,

message 50: by Ella (new)

Ella (ella_hp394) | 2 comments Personally my favorite characters are Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Severus Snape. Honestly I have noticed that everyone has hated Draco. In the beginning I did but seeing his character throughout the whole series I just grew to love him. I love characters have such an interesting background. Like Draco was brought into this family with death eaters and he no choice but join them. Under all of that darkness I do believe he was a nice guy.
Hermione was also was one of my favorite characters because she was so nice and was always there for harry. She was so selfless. I also liked her bossy side. How confident and smart she was. I love how nerdy she is.
Lastly Profesor Snape. I knew I liked him from the beginning and I had always wondered what his background was like. J.K Rowling made it seem like he was the antagonist during the beginning. I just had this feeling something was missing. Maybe he wasn't all that bad of a character. When he died I just understood why he did what he did.
Also I liked Fred and George Weasley. They were just funny and cute.

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